How to ask questions with ARE YOU? quickly and correctly

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  • Improve your listening ! Learn all native English speaking pronunciation
English welcome to your course How to understand native speakers the course that will teach you all the secrets and tricks to speak and understand like an English native speaker In this first module we are going to talk about something fundamental the word: you we all know the word you but when we speak quickly the word you will change in sound it will change to a YA like a HIYAA like a karate chop so let's go first fundamental basic thing if you want to speak English fluently is about questions with the verb TO be maybe obvious maybe simple but if we compare you are and are you - change the word order a lot of languages do not change the order the difference in statement speaking normally a fact and a question many languages simply say you are? you want? you need? maybe your language is the same English is not, you must change the word order are you? here for example all of the verb TO BE you must change the word order ok but you must get this we are interested in questions with are you? and remember listen and repeat , participation is a big essential part of this course that listening repeating and training are you = areya are ya? ok? now for example it could be a simple adjective are you? are ya ok? are ya busy? are ya? are ya interested? are ya ready? are ya free to meet ectera or of course it could be with the present continuous question: what are you doing what are ya? what areya doing? why are you buying it ? why areya buying it etc are ya , this is the sound we are interested in