How to Handle Negative Comments as a Leader

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In this lesson Lorraine shares how to best handle negative comments for the best result and in order to gain respect from your team. She shares a specific experience she faced and the lesson to learn from it. 

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Earn Respect, Manage Politics & Negative Comments to Become a Strong & Influential Female Leader!

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  • Develop a progressive work environment
  • Earn the respect of those you lead
  • Handle and manage the stereotypes around women in leadership positions
  • Manage negativity and bias by replacing them with positive perceptions
English [Auto] While I'm at it I thought I'd share just one more story with you. I remember when I was appointed as general manager for the very first time as general manager and it was for a nuclear ballet company. I was absolutely qualified for the role in I think back and my boss at that time pulled all the staff together we were having a town hall meeting and he was making the announcement about my appointment as general manager and his words were I'm announcing Lorraine Weizman as the general manager of this company. Immediately followed by Am I completely crazy. Appointing a woman as the general manager of a nuclear valve company. You can imagine how I felt at that point in time in front of my team. Here he was making the point. He's here I'm here and he completely lost his mind immediately what's going through my mind is this guy joking. Is he trying to make light of the situation. Is he wondering what other people are thinking. Is this something that would normally be said and I'm going through my mind thinking how do I react. What do I do to keep this situation together right now. I stood there with confidence. I assumed he was joking. I didn't take it personally at that point in time. I stood with confidence. I knew I had the role I knew I was the right person for the role. And I let it go. And very quickly eiter knew the respect of the team the trust of the team and I went on to many other general management positions after that. But that was how I started. I have a choice I can make the best of it. I could just move it along and show that I was the right person and I definitely was the right person to lead that company at that point in time. So the lesson learned from this situation really was try not to react immediately try not to overreact to somebodies comment. It might be their insecurity. It shouldn't be yours. So not to internalize how he reacted in this. In that situation it really is about how you react in that situation. Put that job to one side. Put that thought to one side. Your confidence your respect is what's most important. And that's what I learned from that situation. Let it slide let it slide and deal with it in private if you choose to deal with that in private. Deal with it in private. Don't deal with it in the public domain. Deal with it in private one to one with the individual who's making the comment. If you're truly uncomfortable with it. But for me I just let it go.