How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Shine as a Leader

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In this lesson Lorraine shares ways that you may be getting in your own way and how to get out of your way and succeed. She shares ways that you can be a stronger leader.

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Succeed, Influence and Inspire as a Woman in Leadership

Earn Respect, Manage Politics & Negative Comments to Become a Strong & Influential Female Leader!

01:38:06 of on-demand video • Updated July 2018

  • Develop a progressive work environment
  • Earn the respect of those you lead
  • Handle and manage the stereotypes around women in leadership positions
  • Manage negativity and bias by replacing them with positive perceptions
English [Auto] When you are aspiring to a leadership role as a woman one of the first pieces that I would say is be who you are. Don't try to be someone you're not. You're not a man. So why try to be a man when you're trying to get those top roles really be comfortable with who you are and sharing what you know and getting there and going for it on your own accord on your own work on your own merit. So try not to pretend to be somebody you are not or something you're not. Because eventually that will cut catch up with you if you think about it. How can you live every day putting on a persona of being somebody else really what you want to do is be who you are be happy with who you are and then let your work speak for itself let who you are speak for you when you think about it when you really think about it. We anybody human beings can set goals and any one of us can achieve what every goal we set for ourselves. There is nothing in our way. We just have to have the drive and the commitment and go for it. What defines a leader what does every leader have. Every leader has a follower. There always has to be somebody that you are inspiring. You're setting the vision your setting the purpose and you're giving individuals and your followers that that North Star that gold to go after and really great leaders will help others to achieve their goals. They will find the strength in individuals they will pull out the best of the best and they will help a lie. Everybody on their team to achieving that vision that really is leadership to me. Now what is it that gets in our way. I would challenge you to think about it. I would really challenge you to think about are you getting in your own way. Are you your limiting factor. I remember what I said. None of us have limits. We create the barriers ourselves. So I really think back to earlier on in my career even even as recently as five years ago you know when you see a job opportunity or a new role that you want to go after. I remember sitting back going through the details of the jobs that I can do that. Oh but I might not be able to do that yet I can do that. I'm a little bit nervous about that one. So the natural inclination is to go to the stuff we can do. What is it that we're missing. And we want perfection before we go for it. And when I chat with my male colleagues and say well what about this role they'll go through all of the different things that you know. Yeah I got this. Yeah I got this note. You know I can figure that one out along the way I got this. I'm going to go for it. So why is it that we create barriers for our selves when when they just go for it. I think we need to sit back and reflect and remember goal we set for ourselves. We can achieve. It's up to us to think about the positive. Think about what we can do to overcome the challenges and remember some of those challenges are really in your own head and they're not barriers that have been created from the outside in.