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How To Startup Your Own SaaS (Software As a Service) Company

Build The Next Breakthrough Startup SaaS Company - Bring Your Idea To Life

05:58:06 of on-demand video • Updated February 2019

  • Do market research to come up with a software idea
  • How to get very specific coming up with your idea
  • How to come up with a brand name
  • How to stay organized using Google Drive to build your software
  • How to find and work with a Joint Venture Partner if you choose to
  • You will learn how to hire a developer using freelance sites such as Upwork
  • How to pick a programming language for your sofware
  • You will learn how to setup trials, and payment systems for selling your software
  • You will learn how to find the right design and layout for making the right impression
  • Use "beta" user feedback to improve and fix issues prior to launch
  • Record training content for your software users
  • Properly market and launch your software to the massess
  • How to setup long term support and grow your software over time
English [Auto] OK so in this video I wanted to talk a little bit about why you should find a joint venture partner and this is something that's always been a big one for me and it's really been a huge part of my success online. But just about anything I've done know when it comes to doing online courses launching a business together you know just working together in any capacity this has been a huge one. So what I'm actually going to do in these upcoming videos is this video we're going to kind of walk you through the reasons why you want to joint venture partner. Then I'm going to give you access to jump into one of my courses that I have. It's 100 percent free. We can learn about some of my past successes and failures with joint venture partners. And then I'm going to give you an idea how I was able to do a joint venture partnership with my partner Paul James when I wanted absolutely and kind of show you some ins and outs of like where there were benefits how that all work together. So let's kind of talk about why this is something you should strongly consider or your own software is the biggest benefits of a joint venture partnership. In my opinion is that you can really match your skill set with a partner. You could be really good at specific things like let's say as we've gone through this course you know one of the things that I talked about or I will be talking about is actually building a sales page. So at some point or another you're going to need to build a sales base for your product. Maybe you're not very good at doing like copywriting or actually building the sales base. Maybe you're not very good at like graphics are doing logos. You know it's very possible that you could bring on a partner that has some skills and this is kind of the way I look at joint venture partnerships you really want to find people that can add to your skill set. You don't want to be like training someone like an employee. You want to look at people that they have skills that they can bring to the table and you have skills that you may take you a little bit of time and effort to go through some people you know I've found that I started talking to a person at one point and they were so motivated seemed like they really had this big idea for a project and I could just tell it from the way their personality was and the way they talked and just where they were at in terms of their own skill set that I probably would have been teaching them more I would have been training them. They were kind of like green in some ways you know pretty new. And I really didn't want to work with someone that wasn't going to really help bring me up. You know I didn't want to be teaching them everything it didn't really make a whole lot of sense to me. So you really want to look at people that can bring something to the table and I think that's really really important. Next biggest benefit in my own on this may not be a benefit in your eyes but I think it's a huge thing is that you're basically doing 50/50 on everything. So if you're working with one other partner any development costs you know in my case with every Luly we spend $2000 on development. So I only had to pay a thousand dollars because that was my 50 50 split. My partner all pay the other thousand dollars. This also applies to marketing. Growing the business you know if you were to go run a Facebook ad and you decided to spend $100 then you'd only spend 50 because you're only putting in half of the cost. And this really just makes it so much easier to be a little bit more willing to kind of test things out you know get your development costs off the ground. You know a thousand dollars so a little bit more manageable than $2000 those people and I know some of you that could still be quite a bit but definitely a lot more doable. You know if you've saved up some money and you're willing to invest in the real business like this. So that's kind of a way to look at this. Again you could bring on even more additional partners and you're going to work with a couple of people and your Casca split into a third. The other big benefit is that you could tap into a new audience of people and combine your marketing efforts together. So this could be a partner that has an email list of existing people. In my case Paul had over thousands of people on his email lists that were already interested in you know some of the things that we were working on together like Evidently and we were able to go out there and market to his email list and get a lot of people to buy it because of that. So that was a huge benefit in my case where I also had my own with my own audience. So I was able to bring some of my own people. Not quite as much as Paul but you know the way I kind of looked at it was he's not as much big on say like creating the content or working on the actual software in this case it's very possible they are watching this course because you found us through a joint venture. Maybe I did this all for another partner and they had an email list that they were able to you know get this and you guys can actually get you to see it. So that's kind of a way that I look at this that you want to be able to offer something in return and also get something. You also see a lot more motivated working with someone who has the same goals as being able to actually start working with somebody that you can just come in and you know they're able to kind of see the vision of what it is you're trying to build. They're interested in it using bounce that motivation or another it makes it a lot easier to get things done. You also have opportunities for future growth doing other projects. You know maybe you bring on a partner and you launch a piece of software later on down the road you decide to do something else. If you decide to go get some clients you know doing s or maybe decide to go launch an online course just like this could be anything. There's always potential new projects and if you work really well together with someone and there's always the possibility of having more future projects I have people that I've watched businesses with and I still stay in touch with them. Some of them I don't necessarily always continue to work with but there is still the ability that maybe like a year down the road from now maybe I get this new cool thing that comes up and I say hey you know maybe I should team up with this guy. We did something in the past. I know what their skillset is. There's just so much potential there to be able to do more. So that's kind of what I wanted to emphasize in this the next video in a walkthrough gives you access to my joint venture partnership course and that's something I highly recommend you go through if you are serious about getting a partner. It's 100 percent free as well.