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English [Auto] In this video I created an exercise for you that I think is pretty fun. It consists of two parts and in the next video I'm actually going to run you through and test your ability to use this for the next 30 days. I want you to document your life and don't worry if you don't want to wait 30 days. I've kind of done it. I've kind of done some of it for you so you can just cheat here a little bit. But they did is that for the next two days you would document your life and all the big services you use. You notice during your day do you use are you doing. Are you doing commuting. Are you doing learning or are you exercise. Are you doing you know you're going to the gym. What are the men you know. Are you a parent. Do you have things for your kids like babysitting tutoring. What are the major things that you come across during the day and then what would like you to list them. Because I don't want to take 30 days for you do it on your own time. But I've kind of gone ahead and I've done it for you right. You search for things you look things like your restaurants that you like any services that you like. You take blueberries maybe taxis you maybe get a monthly subscription of anything renting recycle you get it whatever is the big major service that you get. And what I would like you to do is combine your ideas for anything. I took three different ideas I took some very very basic things. Laundry something happens all the time. Florestan flowers if people like that and wedding planning and I'm going to walk you through the examples I did for the first two and then the exercises are going to be for you to create the wedding planning business ideas around that. And then I'll show you mine because if I scroll below I'll show you mine that I came up with and you and I we're going to compare and see. Maybe you have someone that I didn't choose or you know maybe our choices overlap. So let's see. I'll just give you the examples soap laundry. What are the businesses around that. Of course. Get it done for you. You can go you know there's already a lot of laundry mounds to do your laundry but there's no you know there's less people who come to you and do your laundry at your premises. So the Hoover is laundry people who provide services by going to you and you can literally get one to come to you now. Not scheduling in advance but somebody to come now or Starbucks. That's the Starbucks model is equivalent of a laundromat where you can go and get it done for you or you can go to a laundromat and you know just get your laundry done and the Starbucks model you can actually open a laundromat. It's a proven good business but it's a boring business but it's a proven good business nonetheless. Now there's a lot of education. OK. Can make little mini courses little books coaching literally on how to best do laundry like people everyone at some point in their life has to learn that sometimes they learn it from their family their parents but sometimes they go on Google or YouTube and they look at it so you can create all kinds of things and teach people how to best most efficiently cheapest way use best materials nontoxic all that stuff. Now it's not the best business idea out there but it's a business idea. Also a laundromat just opening one I already mentioned that the new underwear. Right. Like then you want new stuff each month each month if you don't want to clean your socks you don't want to clean your underwear. Fine. So just throw them away and get new ones sent to you each month. Right. Like just you know the razor club or whatever it's called. Basically you just get new new new basic underwear send you each month and you throw away the old stuff or maybe not each month but like maybe you do those. But it certainly will solve your laundry issue because you don't have to wash it. You can just throw it away and get new ones. Then there's this weird business models right. You can sell used underwear and it's a weird one. I know but there's actually a thing. It's like a thing online that I actually used to have a client that that was their business. They used to sell used underwear and it worked weird. I know I'm not saying you should do this but it's an idea idea. It's only an idea. Don't get scared now. You can also make a laundry based gadget for example maybe you can take a shirt and run it through some kind of a little contraption and it folded nicely. OK. Or some kind of a just little thing that helps you fold shirts or a sock twister so that you don't have to spend too long twisting the socks and all that getting confused by it. So a little gadget. OK so those are just ideas that I kind of combined with common beside common ubiquitous services right. OK. Another one. Now florists some thing that's unique. OK a yelp for florists only where people provide more elaborate flower based reviews. Now if you hiring a florist or somebody to do a flower arrangement you can get that 1999 model for florists just having florists submit their designs and compete and you pick the best ones you can open a flower store. You can actually create a little formula or maybe flower nutrients that the plants need so that they can stay alive longer in your vase when you buy flowers. So instead of lasting for a week or two they last for two months three months four months. Amazing. You can teach people how to do creative flower arrangements on their own. You can have nature walks workshops around flower places or parks and you can even have a YouTube channel talking about the subject matter HOW TO MAKE them what kind of different flowers there are a ton of topics. So there's a lot of businesses you can do just you can take a subject matter and boom put all these impose all these other twists on the general subject. Now let's do something that a lot of people like wedding planning and for your exercise you create maybe five or 10 hopefully 10 different business ideas you can do around business planning being a business planner is one of them. That's a good business actually. And nothing wrong with it traditional business to come out of business. But the other nine would be a twist on this wedding planning idea. And in the next video I'll show you my ideas and you hopefully will have yours and you will compare. Now please just take a moment and do this exercise and actually create your new wedding planning. Cool unique ideas or just different twists on this traditional model.