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Leadership: You Can Speak Like a Leader

Leadership: You can project authority and confidence and demonstrate leadership every time you speak

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English [Auto] What is the goal of your presentation and your speech by the way throughout this whole course. I mean he used the term speech presentation talk PowerPoint almost interchangeably. I really mean anytime you're speaking to two or more people and sometimes even one. And it's not just idle chit chat. It's not just at the watercooler talking about last night's game. You're trying to communicate something very specific. So the first thing you've got to do if you want to be an effective speaker you've got to have a specific goal. It's like that in any other aspect of business or in life. You're not going to succeed unless you have something specific in mind. It can't be just getting through it alive or not looking like a fool that's too low of an ambition. So you need to have a specific goal in mind. It could be getting that sale getting that contract getting hired getting budget approval. What is it you want people to actually do coming up to you afterwards asking for your car for more information about your service or your product or your business getting funding for your startup. What is your goal you need to have a very very clear sense of exactly what your goal is then and only then can you figure out what to say. OK so let me just cut to the chase the number one problem. Every single one of my clients has everywhere in the world and I work with people from six continents and every kind of country every kind of language. The number one mistake everyone makes is they dump way too much data in their speech their presentation is sort of here's everything I know on this topic here's everything we've done for the last quarter. Here's every sales figure for every week for the last two years. Here's a PowerPoint with 29 bullet points per slide and it's 72 slides. So if you want to just hop right up to the advanced level now and not spend years and years and years of trial by air all you have to do is this one thing and that is eliminate the massive massive massive amounts of data. Most people try to convey in their speech. Here's what I recommend. Brainstorm what every single message point you would like to convey to this audience then put it in priority and narrow it down to the top five. Now I'm a big believer that any time you're giving a speech you should really focus on just five key ideas five messages. Why is that. It's because I actually test audiences all over the world. Here's what I found. Every time I go to an organization to do a public speaking training or give a speech in front of a large crowd I always ask people say can you think of the best speaker you've seen in the last year Plass past five years now now can you tell me every message point you remember from this fantastic speaker. Not that they were funny or they walked around the stage a lot. But I want to know how many messages do you actually remember from this fantastic speaker. Now sometimes I ask this question. People say T.J. I don't remember anything but he was funny. Sometimes people remember one message he usually two sometimes three. Every once in a while someone will remember four messages and once every six months someone will remember it five messages from the best speaker they've seen that year or perhaps their lifetime. Now all the many years I've asked that question that people I've never actually had. Anyone remember more than five points five main messages from a speech. So that's why I urge you to focus on just five points. Now interestingly the very same people I'm training in person who say they can only remember two or three or four or at most five points two minutes later they're getting up to give their speech. And sure enough whether they have seven points on the first PowerPoint 18 points on the second nine points on the third and how he said whoa wait a minute you just said the best speaker you've seen in your life. You remember three or four or five points and now you're trying to convey 72 points in this presentation. Oh yeah you know but T.J. My audience is different. Our corporate culture is different. Now it's not. You just proved it. You're part of your corporate culture and you don't remember more than three four or five points so if you just follow this one tip you're instantly going to get to have very advanced status as a public speaker as a presenter as a communicator. And emotionally it's hard to do because people feel like gosh T.J. I will tell people every single thing we do. Smithers here might say that something in Janet might complain that I was a superficial Herald over here will complain that his pet project wasn't mentioned. You know I'd better play it safe and just dump all the data and tell everything and put every point in there and then everybody will think I'm smart. Now you know what everyone thinks when you do that T.J. is really boring now. Let me just check my e-mail. That's the only thing people are thinking. So when you dump data that's the real sign of a very very insecure speaker. Because what you're really saying is I'm afraid people aren't going to like me and think and smart. So I'm going to have to tell everybody everything I know. And then they'll respect me. That is complete utter nonsense. Too many people think of his speech as an opportunity to get a giant wheelbarrow and sort of go around their office for two months gathering facts gathering data points gathering old PowerPoint slides from other people. That's the day of the speech and they kind of wheel that wheelbarrow into the conference room and they just start dumping. And well look at the time there's not much time. I better speak faster because I get so much data out and it simply wears out the audience it numbs them. You're not impressing anybody. You're not making them feel you're smarter. All you're doing is boring them. Let's go back to our initial criteria of what we're trying to accomplish we all comfortable confident people understand us have people remember our message so they can take the actions they want. Well if you bore people to death in the first few minutes they're no longer understanding anything you say. They're certainly not remembering it because they're not even paying attention. So how in the world are they going to do what you want them to do. If they checked out long ago you know what you're not even going to accomplish your first goal of looking confident comfortable relaxed because chances are you're kind of you know related to a script or you're looking at a bunch of slides. So you're really not could accomplish a single goal. So that's the great irony. People say will teach I need this PowerPoint with all these bullet points and that type PowerPoint and tie a PowerPoint with lots and lots and lots of bullet points. I'm not anti using notes. I am the anti having sheets and sheets of paper filled with lots and lots of bullet points people say T.J. I need this skill as a crutch for me. And I tried to politely tell them a crutch keeps you from falling down and hurting yourself if you're injured what you're doing isn't keeping you from falling down it's actually causing you to fail. So don't tell me it's a crutch. It's really a weight that's bringing down your presentation. So that's my challenge to you and this is your first homework assignment you've got to come up with a topic for a speech. The first thing I want you to do is write in one sentence. What is it you want your audience to do now. It's a little bit different if you're a student and you're giving a book report on the classic. It may be what you want to do is motivate your other students to think this book is so fascinating that they want to go out and read it. It doesn't have to be about getting more money or getting a direct sale but you should think of motivating your audience to do something. So in one sentence I want to know what your goal is for this idea. I don't mean your goal of I want them to think I'm smart. Your Goals should be something you want your audience to actually do. Then I want you to write down every message point that you could possibly think of and then put it in priority and narrow it down to just five. That is your homework assignment come up with just five message points a message point is not a big theme with 72 subplots. Message point is just one idea. It should be something with one subject one verb one object. It's not a long run on sentence with. However is there for buts it's just one idea. Don't be greedy. Focus on one idea at a time and you should have simply five I want you to type those up on your computer. Write it on a piece of paper but it's critically important you have this degree of clarity because without that you're basically absolutely destroying your ability to communicate successfully you need a roadmap for your presentation. You can't drive from Los Angeles to New York without AGP and without a road. Typically just follows streets wherever they go. You'll end up with all sorts of nooks and crannies and you just never get anywhere. You need a roadmap for your presentation it needs simplicity. It's going to be easier for you when you're giving the presentation. You know who else is going to be easier for your audience. They need something easy for them to to follow. So that's your first homework assignment. Go ahead do it. Write down five ideas and you need to eliminate the stuff that is only important to you. But is it important to your audience. You need to eliminate the fluff. You need to eliminate the nose to nose and keep the hat in out what is it that you absolutely positively have to have your audience. Understanding and remembering so do that right now.