Is Amazon FBA Dead In 2021? Too Competitive For New Sellers?

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English [Auto] Is Amazon FBA dead. Is it too competitive to compete with other sellers and actually get started and generate significant income every single month through Amazon. The answer is No. And I won't explain rationally and logically why so. Fifty five percent of all online sales may in the United States are made on which is huge. Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world and where a lot of people don't take into account is that Amazon is a reflection of the market. OK so if a product doesn't sell on Amazon it doesn't sell well online just at all right at least in the United States and Europe and Canada et cetera. Right. So if Amazon is a reflection of the market like what exactly is a market. Well there's a lot of different definitions of a market but a market consists of one very important thing and that is a human being's unlimited capacity for wants and needs us as human beings. And you can think about this for your own life right. It doesn't matter how great we get it doesn't matter how much money Mark Cuban or Warren Buffett make they always want more. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I'm just stating. And you can see this for yourself that us as human beings have an unlimited capacity for wants and needs. OK so we're always looking for more products and services to satisfy those unlimited wants and needs. So my logical equation here very very simple is. So this must be an infinity symbol by the way. If we have an infinite number of wants and needs there will always be an infinite number of products and services to fill those needs. You see how that makes sense. And this isn't just a theory. This is a fact. And this makes sense right. So there are constantly new products being launched every like brand new products never seen through the world being launched on Amazon every single day. There are markets that are extremely competitive and I'm going to teach you how to avoid those markets not to get into them right. And they're very very obvious. I'm going to show you how to get into extremely low competition products and set yourself up to reduce risk as much as possible and set yourself up for success as much as possible to generate per product. At least one to two thousand dollars per month in profit and this is exactly what I've done and I'll teach you how I've how I've done that. OK so this all sounds really great but let me go and show you a real example on Amazon. So I've typed in the term wine stopper on Amazon and I'm going to use a tool called Healing 10 which is basically a tool that shows us data regarding sellers on Amazon. And again I have videos going in depth of how to use this tool how to get it all that kind of good stuff. But look at this. There are wine stoppers just plain mites offers that are generating forty five thousand dollars in revenue per month. Nineteen thousand dollars per month. One hundred and thirteen thousand dollars per month. Twenty three thousand dollars per month and so on. Right. Huge opportunity. You know all of these sellers even those making seven thousand dollars right or even three thousand dollars are making money selling wine stoppers on Amazon. That's just one example. Right let's look at another one. So I typed in the term kid's slime. OK so kids slime again now by the way I'm not recommending any of these products. I'm just showing these as examples. So look for kids slime there are there are products making twenty five thousand dollars per month. Fifty thousand dollars per month. Eighteen thousand dollars on twenty seven thousand dollars per month. Twenty four thousand dollars per month in revenue. I mean this is crazy. And honestly I can go on and on we'll just do one more silicone baking mat. You may have never even heard of Silicone Baking Mats. Well there's one seller estimated making three hundred fifty thousand dollars per month although again this tool estimates so that might be a little bit higher but still silicone baking that's making twenty four thousand dollars a month. Twelve thousand dollars a month. Twenty five thousand eligible. Fifteen thousand dollars a month. And it goes on and on if you look at so many categories. So there's plenty of opportunity on Amazon Amazon is not dead. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of sellers just like me and you who are making a substantial income selling products on Amazon and you can to demonstrate exactly how to do that. OK. So all that I ask is that you stick with me throughout the course I promise I'm going to share every single step of of how I launch new products. And by the way I'm launching in the next two months of the making of this video. I'm going to be launching two to three new products which I estimate will generate one to two thousand dollars or more in net profit every single month for years to come. So there's plenty of opportunity on Amazon. It is not dead at all. It's just getting started. And I'm really excited for you. And let's go ahead and get into the next video.