What is Thick Painting?

Ruth Collis
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Lecture description

Thick painting is using paint that's very thick to make some fun stuff, like...

  • Swirling to make 3D flowers
  • Thick impasto tulips
  • Broomstick sized flowers
  • Press to make squishes with intricate lines all done in about a second
  • Use of cake tips to form sculptures
  • Make starfish texture
  • Trace templates to dry and transfer to a painting.

Dry on different layers to make a 3D rose. The fragmented looking glass bits look sharp but is really flexible paint. I will show you how to make a Simple Sculptural Rose.

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How to Paint a 3D Simple Sculptural Rose

Use Cake Decorating Tips to Paint a Simple Sculpture Made Out of Literal Paint.

53:52 of on-demand video • Updated March 2019

  • Create a Simple Sculptural Rose using thick paint.
English [Auto] Hey there are RiscOS and I love using Think paint. I've been doing a lot of testing. I have some exciting results that are showing. Let me show you a little bit of what that painting is. The painting is using paint. It's very thick and applying it in a variety of ways to make fun stuff. You can swirl it to make these gorgeous 3D flowers. Or you can knife it on to make the thickest impostor ever seen in history as a via rushed on to make fun happy tulips or think totally be by using a broomstick squish to make jelly fish and get perfect intricate lines with no work. Squeezed with the tips to form sculptures to add to a painting. Texture to make starfish trace templates to try and transfer these fun things to a painting. Or try on different layers to make a rose which is what I want to show you now. So I made this painting here some Joe roses and this is kind of a favorite of my own people. They're really kind of like this. This is right here is a literal one inch high off the surface a lot of people like this meaning to you because you can squeeze the cane. It's totally Flack's of all and all these fragments here look like sharp fragmented glass but it's not it's really flexible. Kate it's pretty cool. And so I want to show you how to make the Simko centaurs simple sculptural prose to automatically unlock your certificate and of course make sure to check each picture as complete by clicking the button as shown here.