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In this lecture, we will discover the idea of selling your photos and videos to others.

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English [Auto] Hear my friend is Gregory awesome that you are here awesome that you're checking out method number 17. Wow. We have only three more to go with this one. And after that we have only two. And then that's it. So I hope that the method so far we're very you know eye opening in that way. I hope that it wasn't too obvious that I brought you some new information in this newsletter and also left the four part video course of course. Was cool that you met the number 17 which might have been a bit you know strange to me because I know the artists that it's hey how do we do that. How do you become an artist that gets paid in a online marketing world and you would maybe ask me Hey I'm not an artist I'm like you know I don't want what I'm supposed to do what I want to do I have my market today because my black one is somehow you know just got wasted because I wrote too much over the course of all these videos and let me tell you this method will blow your mind if you make a lot of photos make a lot of videos or just one of them or may make like to make soundtracks or sounds or you know experimenting with all this kind of stuff so photos videos sounds even after effects if you're into that. In any case if you like or any of that stuff this method is for you. Because I will show you something. So the basic point is of this method is what you do is number one create Koreas Hawken some photos videos Sahra photos yours know it's etc. so sanitized and all that stuff and then instead of creating them and putting up a huge you or you're not just saving them for yourself what you can do is you can sell the copyrights for your footage for your photos for sound effects for after effects projects on to anyone. OK. That's the whole point. You put it on the Internet and say hey you can buy this stuff. This is my price. This is the price for this video clip. This is the price for this photo. This is the price for this sound effect. That's what you can do. My son and this is really awesome. If you're one of the people who likes shooting photos or or you know you don't have to be a professional. You can you can use your own you know like ideas or the art or even sometimes iPhone or something you know like like a mobile phone for us. We'll do we'll do the job. Of course it can raise too much money for a single photo of an iPhone conference to a professional photo. But still you can sell the copyrights OK. And that's the cool part about that. So what you can do. There's two ways to do this from pay to home to us. Number one. Number one is build a web site. We talked about how we do this right now. We'll show you well the website about your persona or some as a hobby photographer. You can also be a professional photographer or film maker maker satirises sound design whatever. And then you can have your page read you tell by. Pay and then all you tell them OK contact me me via e-mail or something. We have mail. Send me an email and ask me for the price for certain content if you would like to purchase for you to use in a commercial manner. OK. So they can contact you if you tell them OK this minute what was 10 seconds long. I want 50 bucks. And you can use it in your commercial production if you like. OK. Now this is the first why this works but it's very very complicated. You have to set up your own web site. You have to get traffic to the Web site. You know you have to mail these people. Not so cool right. I will show you though how you can do this if you like me too is what I would do and what I do myself because I like shooting movies and stuff. You go to a Web site to network where people can create accounts for totally free for totally free my friend and I'll upload footage just like to YouTube and video and sound and pictures and everything set up an account and put a price point on everything you decide. And then just wait. And then you can go in and purchase on that others can purchase and you can purchase other stuff of others as well. Others can go to your page and look hey I'm looking for that cool beach shot this one beach saw a shot this guy or just cool beach photo or this cool photo off the whatever of the Eiffel Tower or whatever. And then this guy will not contact you you could be asleep. This guy will just purchase and this network will find your account. OK of course the network takes a cut ok but it's not that that you can make any money set because the network rips you off the network. Does the platform it's not that kind of in network. But first of all it's a platform. It connects this whole thing to be like a security check out data and you can buy it instantly without having to contact the owner of the footage and then you have it. OK. You have the rights. OK. And this is really cool. Once you put it up it's totally passive income you never never ever have to worry about it. Just checking on your. Who has bought your stuff you know. And how how much of it. What is popular OK. What kind of things can I shoot next to upload. This is really awesome. And I will show you this platform in great detail which is called Pong for my friend. OK. And I will show you on the computer. OK. Now the basic premise of this. You get right create creative content or if you have a great set of copyrights to those two two others for you to use. OK. Now my friend there's nothing to explain about it. I would say let's get right to the computer so I can show you how you can put this stuff to work.