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In this lecture we will kick this course off with our first method and how it works. This is all about affiliate marketing and building a following with which you create a personal relationship by educating them and referring products that are congruent to your prospects needs.

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English [Auto] All right my friend. Here we are. Method number one. Let let me start off this method with a quote. Isn't it sad how much more life has to offer than the conventions. We live in. Let me explain this. Let's say we have one more thing which we can possibly make. When it comes online marketing we take the black one. So here's our money. And most people will tell you something like this. Good news. They call themselves or even There are people who call them who they say there are no gurus but they behave just like one. So I'm sure you know you are here. You're right here and you're very sad right. Very sad because you want to make money. But there are always people around here. They tell me Hey I'm wrong and right because what it's cool when they tell you is they want to convince you and my friend I'm the guy who can teach you how to make money. Well in fact they all they're saying is I'm the guy who will make money off you. So and that's what I mean by conventions. So when you're here you want to be right here right. You want to be right over here you are very happy because you've got the money right. That's what you want to do. So how how do you master this. OK. Because these people here they will grab you. As I told you and they will push you back. He wants to have the money and these people I call them conventions. The quote is above. So conventions means even people who try to tell you this Hetu this. They teach this in a way where you are just another marker. All right. So we get to the core of affiliate marketing and the second and you will understand why. But this is the conventions we're drawn to in this online money making business and this analogy comes in a great example for life as all these other conventions were part of living. But this right here all this space is what I ask. All right. And all this face is what I'm hoping for and what no one no one seems to be around except to you my friend and Vic and I and a few others but very few people. All right. And when you master getting into these categories then your head is digging. You're the top 1 percent of marketers out there. All right. So there are always people who are consumers and people who provide it doesn't mean once are providing we don't consume more. When you consume and you don't provide. I'm just saying given we have like a niche in which we are moving in like let's say Dog training is a pretty common one. All right. So there are people who consume the horses and there are people who make up horses. Of course dog training. What are we talking about here is products people make products people consume. Right. And back in the day when the Internet was not so much around there were only physical products right except to some few CDs. But with the birth of the Internet digital product boomed. All right. And especially nowadays the market is growing and growing. Right there's thousands of digital products out there. So these providers will say all right they make horses and order well help people good providers and to make money right there. One might argue that of course find your customers. They will then actually spend the money. So then they have the course. We sell products with method number one without ever creating one without even owning the product we're selling. And we keep a certain amount of money. We're just called a commission. You heard of that right. Commission is very common but with digital products those commissions are not like around 2 percent or 3 percent almost 50 percent 70 percent. All right. So that's a big game right there. So it still means you're affiliated with the product. OK. So we are affiliates the following will happen. Our job is clear for. So let's stick the training course. All right. Our job isn't a simple everyone can get in. All right everyone. Our job is to a number one right to make a commission. We need to sell something. So we need to find the stuff we sell at first. Once we find that we. All right. So when you sell your doctrine or is it trying to be an affiliate for that does it make sense to promote that to an audience that's like fully pumped up and I'm talking about fitness all in don't really care about dogs problem. Right. So you're one nationals OK. Audience will most likely buy the product. OK. So if you don't know where to start. But we have to find an audience that's interested in the product we promote. And then if that's the case the audience will most likely buy the product. So given the doctor of course just for example it costs seventy seven dollars and a commission of that on that is 50 percent. Three dollars and fifty cents per guy who buys that product through our league. All right so what is the job. What does the joblessness get. Now many people think that promoting something means getting traffic All right many people think they have a product and if they manage to get a lot of people in front of that product. All right it's day by traffic because the best traffic you need to you need to pay for. Of course they think once they do that that's that's their promotion. That's your that's a marketing and that's what marketing is about. All right. We want to maximize the convergence. It's a difference if you say I have twenty thousand people coming to my prom. Right now these people could be interested in anything. All right. So let's say that only like 300 of them are interested in doctrine. And like you don't market that much you just pull them to the author page says page. So that's about 1.2 percent conversion rate right there. So you have like three to six sales. OK. Now three to six times. Thirty eight point five dollars seems like a good amount of money right. Well guess what 20000 visitors focusing around $15000. When you do the way you do it like Damages are there's cheaper ways. But my point here is it's not irrelevant what kind of people you put you promote to and it doesn't it is not relevant how you market. All right we need to market right. We will get to that my friend. OK. So you've got the concept right. We are being silly. That's one method. Number one is about Wi-Fi products. We find an audience who is interested in niche product design. In this case the operating and that we promote to that audience an audience likes will most likely buy the product. That's the whole premise of method number one. All right. So here are three ways to do affiliate marketing how the amateur is doing. How typical marketers do it and how we are going to do it my friend. All right method number one that's the amateur's So which is what they do. They have an author and they send this traffic straight to the office. So there's nothing there's traffic awesome traffic. So given you're on Facebook scroll around. All right. App pops off. You click on that. You read the author. That's how amateurs are. And that's not marketing that's true. Many people think that traffic to getting traffic is marketing or promoting. Now that is advertising traffic is called advertising. OK that's not marketing. So you don't want to do it like this. This is like I did it when I started out then I started to get better. This is how most people do it my Or they Remarkables they have they have traffic and they they have something which call landing page. And once you go through that landing page they send you to an off the OK. That's what they do. Well what's what this makes better than this right here is simple. They have a landing page. If you don't know what that is a landing page is a Web site like Hugh saw when I explain to you why you put in your e-mail address. So it's basically a Web site where someone states something someone someone claims something and you can put in your e-mail address and subscribe to a newsletter or get something for free or something. All right. That's what a landing page is about. So what they will do they will get traffic given they promote doc training. They will say something like learn the easiest way to treat your doctor to do X Y Z. Right. Or train your dog to sit in 20 minutes put in your Mather's something like this. And then once you put in your mattress they will send you straight to the office. All right. But they have your e-mail. That's. That's a promise. All right. Larry Page is an e-mail. E-mail address covector so that they can send more promotions or something else to that e-mail address afterwards. Sex all fronts. All right so you don't lose the traffic that doesn't bite. That's the whole point. All right. Well you do base you have hundred visitors one percent conversion to people buy one hundred and ninety eight people I've gone lost lots of people going to a landing page half of those people putting their e-mail address you have a hundred people on your list. Boom. Only two people why. However you have 98 other people who didn't buy but are interested in this niche. All right. That's the landing page for us. Now let's get you how we do how professionals are professionals. We help the and by helping you. Like literally when we when we help people active we send them to offer you. I will explain that to you. All right. So this offer needs to be related. When you help the people like I'm helping you right now or we take doctrine you have them you give them a free video where you explain something. And then at the end of the video you tell them hey if you like this video and if you want to find more about it I made a course actually. And you can click down in the link the link down below this video and it will take you to my product and you can check it out. There is a money back guarantee so if you don't like it you get your money back. Well give it a shot. I hope you will you enjoy this video and you like my partner. All right. That's that's quite how we do it because you're again what you're not trying to sleaze the money out of people you're not trying to push push push by these bodies by as were just mentioning the opportunity that they can find out more. All right. And automatically people will like you more. OK. And then the conversion rate conversion rate by the by by the way is conversion rate conversion rate C R is the amount of people use that by divided by the amount of people who get to your site. Right. So when people buy are your conversion rate is 2 percent. True and if people come to a landing page I'm sorry to your answer and 2 percent is a conversion rate on the sales page for people Bob. OK. So for people buy out of 200 people their conversion rate is 2 percent. All right so your conversion rate here is about 1 percent your conversion rate here is maybe about I don't know maybe 2 percent when it comes down at best. This my friend. 5 percent to 20 percent. All right. Don't scale on traffic necessarily but scale on your market. That's what marketing is not this. This is advertising. This is advertising with the Web site or sleaziness grabbing people's the mentalists marketing myself. OK. So without making this video too long you all right. So how do you do that. All right. You collect these email addresses as well and you help the people and then you do the following. You want to e-mail these people. And there's a common message in this session because people think hey you're talking about passive income right there. How is that that that I have to you know those people that's work. Well Piers you create an auto responders. So you create a sequence of e-mails which will be automatically sent out to the people who opted in in on your landing page. All right. So you have people who put in their e-mail address. Now you're out responder. Yes. You set up like an e-mail sequence of let's say 10 days and on day 1 they get you either one day to get that number to the system that's our responder does that automatically for you. All right so you set it up once and you don't have to write emails manually. OK. So when Bob comes to your Web site on Monday and decides to put in his e-mail address he will get e-mail. Number two on Tuesday. OK. So when I don't know auto comes to your landing page on Friday you will get e-mail. I'm with you on Saturday while Bob gets e-mail number three four five six. Number six on Saturday. All right so it's shifted. OK. So it's like you don't have to do anything anymore. All right. You set up as you set it up once and then you get to go. All right. Number six you want to promote products in your e-mail in your e-mail sequence in your niche that are genuinely help people. And then you believe in. And at best that you use it yourself. So you can show them what it's like to use these products. All right. So you want to be genuine really genuine. Don't just promote for the sake of making money and promotion because that will screw up your relationship. The best way you do email marketing is marketing with emails is billing it relationship. That's what I'm trying to do right now. So once you set up your autoresponder and you find that product and you wrote the emails you gave them some value for free of course also not promo every day give them value for free. So it's good if you know a thing or two about your niche. Then you can start advertising. You've done the marketing part. Then you advertise so you buy traffic that will go to your landing page and then you watch him on Mongolian. That's that's how great this method is. All right you put in the work once you you do all you can. The best you could be the best person you can to your subscribers and you will see results passively. OK. OK. Now don't let jump to your computer and stick with me till the end. Method number one because I will show you an amazing tool which combines langue pages in our response so you don't have to buy hosting don't buy it have to buy a domain name. You have this network which is primarily an auto responder Buche but which will host the landing pages for you as well. All right. So let's jump onto the computer and let's start with state number one finding a product and your niche.