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In this lecture, we have a look at building niche websites that include backlinks to products you promote through your affiliate links. And the best part, we do this by leveraging search engine traffic which you won't have to pay for.

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English [Auto] All right my friend will come to method number three I'm excited you made it so far. And I wanted to ask you how you like to use her so far. I'm really excited about all of this you know all the people who are giving me their feedback about the stuff we talked about so far. Math is number one and number two. And of course also the four hour video course on marketing and in my opinion one of the most powerful businesses you can build. You know I just wanted to get your feedback and if you have any questions my friend please don't hesitate and contact me on Facebook or e-mail me. Reply to my e-mails. I will get back to you as soon as I can. And because I want you to succeed my friend. OK that's the whole point of all this stuff. We we we we make in the trainings we go through here. So anyways my friend called you made it so far. Method number three. Let me tell you something. Method number three will be not based on number one or number two at all. OK. So just in case which I hope you don't. But but I I think most likely you don't but you just in any case you didn't like method number one or two or you know if you if the stuff I talked about so far didn't resonate with you because you know you are afraid of all this marketing and you know all the list building and Traffic Generation and all that kind of stuff. If that's too intimidating for you. If that's something you don't want to get your hands on yet or you want to learn it or try something else first then this my friend will be just for you. Number three as you as you already read in e-mail it's zero investment business. OK. Zero investment business don't get me wrong here. What I mean by that is of course there will be a little little very little investment. OK. What I mean by zero investment business is that of method number three. There's no investment. I would just I and the right investment no investment in traffic pay and no investment in you know our responders stuff. That's what I mean by by by zero investment. OK. That you won't have to power your business power house. Bye Bye bye. You know sending traffic over and over again and paying for it. And you know paying for your responder services and all the good stuff that you probably make maybe you don't like it. OK. I would recommend you do engage in method number one and two or only one you know. But I can't force you to do anything. I'm just presenting you different kinds of methods to make your life right. And you can choose whatever you like the most you can choose multiple ones and see what works best for you. OK. I just I'm just a present. I'm just providing you. Ok cool. That's what I mean by zero MSM business. OK. So what what is this whole concept about. What does mean what does it say. Well let me give you this instead of e-mailing our promotions or e-mailing a certain list of people over and over again. What we do is we put our affiliate things our promotions our own recommendations on the website. OK we put it on the website instead. So the whole concept is on no e-mail marketing but Web site or blog below it. Now before we get any further let me tell you this with this method with this method you won't be able to to to to gain or attain authority or or trust as fast as email marketing or as consistent because when someone comes to a Web site this prospect is this visitor has to come over and over to that website in order for him or her to you know get the feeling of trust in legitimate stuff on your website. OK. Which is not necessarily what we aim for in this method. OK. So we don't we don't master all the conversion side of things. We talked about in the video a number three in the four hour video of course but we will kind of go so quantity in this one not for quality but for quantity. I myself I'm not that big of a fan of this but nonetheless I think it's just as fair to share this stuff with you as it is to share the stuff we've already talked about. OK. Because maybe you like this more. Right. I don't personally but that doesn't hinder me from teaching you this stuff right. Oh. So there's no marketing but website building was OK. Don't be afraid to build web sites. It's very easy. In fact I will show you on the computer later on. OK. Don't let this intimidate you it's easy. It's way easier than you think. OK. So we build multiple Web sites multiple Web sites which are every single one of them is built around bell around specific niche which targets a handful of progress. So we built multiple websites let's say five. So every single one of those websites has a topic a niche which is the the whole thing. This web site is about. OK. On the left side there are two articles and also product reviews where your affiliate link will kick in. OK so you build web sites and write some articles and also reviews for products that are in high demand and or search on Google. Right. People want to view and read reviews about certain products they would consider by buying before they actually buy. OK. They want to have a review of someone who bought the product. Now here's the deal. I myself always stand for and would always recommend to buy and use the products you promote yourself. Ok so I'm not a big fan of promoting stuff. I don't know what it does for people because I'm just you know my wife and my business is just not you know resonating with this idea. But you can also do this if you want to. OK. I don't I don't like this idea. But still I'm going to tell you about it because maybe that's what you want to aim for. OK. But please please do me a favor and don't trick people. OK. You can promote products you don't know about. You don't own or use yourself. But please don't try to trick people just because we want to make a quick buck. OK. I would really not advise you to do this. All right. So let's move on. Let's move on in this method so let's say that our wonderful Web sites is built around gardening. OK then you will research a bit on that topic gardening and you will want to post a few articles or all right just some basic knowledge you have gained through your research and yes you will have to do a bit of if you will have to get into the topic if you are not familiar with it. The best is of course if you build websites around things you know about OK if you're a big sports fan then you can build a website around sports about Irma's specific sport and promote products which are made in that nature OK for those kind of customers. So you will go to click Patmore whatever marketplace you choose to go. Maybe JBU zoo and find products that are exactly in the niche. Your website is about. OK. That's the whole idea behind this method. OK let's move on. So as I said you were you writing articles on that Web site and we target a specific niche and hassle of products maybe 5 forefronts which will be promoted on that Web site. OK. This is this is the whole deal and we build multiple of it. OK. So what going to do. Then after once we set up our websites is the third point in method number 3 which is we optimize the websites for search. Okay. So all it comes down to is we built those Web sites right. We both those Web sites and this thing makes this kind of claim possible. This third part of this method makes it even possible. There we go the process of spending for traffic or spending money for traffic. Because what we will do is we build these Web sites. And then we optimize them so that they can be easily found in google. Once someone searches for a product which is featured on your Web site right. Or the product or product plus review. Right. Our goal is that your website will pop up on the first page just Google because 90 percent of people don't even go to the second page. Once they did they search for something right. That's the whole goal. So you build multiple websites around a certain age where certain products with certain affiliates legs in it and your job is to optimize this website so that when people search for the products or the review of a product or about a niche in general they find web sites. OK. So this whole method. What it comes down to is they take it as if you will by real realistic. OK you buy a house you buy a house or you build a house. In our case we built the website and then you rent it out in cash in passively. Right. And we cash in passively by people finding our left side and clicking on the feel for things and buying a product. You promote it and featured on the Web site. Right. And this makes this method a real real passive income business because you want to set it up you won't have to take care of the website you set up an optimized for Google and more. Right. Does it make sense to you. Well let me let me give you this. Before we jump on the computer the Google search engine optimization I'm not a big fan of this because this is only valid until Google decides to change their algorithms. Right. So. So when when when you optimize it and Google decides hey tomorrow I'm going to change my my system on how people can find pages. You will have to do the work of optimizing it for the Google search engine again. But still if you know if you if you found yourself confused or intimidated or overwhelmed by the whole idea of method number one and two we talked about so far about the e-mail marketing and promoting psychology and all this you know all the stuff that requires work. But as powerful if that's something which is too much for you for the beginning maybe you're a newbie and want to try out some some some other things. OK. This is definitely something you could consider doing. Right. Because it's easy it's easy. So my friend there's nothing more to this method than than needs that we have no marketing but Web site building. We build multiple sites around the specific niche ones that were targets and which targets a handful of products right by reviewing them by writing articles that we set it up on the Internet and optimize it for Google search in that there we have our website right. And you can bet five 10 20 40. And the more you build of course the more passive income you will potentially make. Right. So that's the whole concept the concept is very simple. So as I said if you find yourself overwhelmed with the concept of number one or concept number method number two and method number one this might be something you would like to consider. OK. So my friend there's nothing more to it. I will let's say we jump on the computer and I will show you how you can put this at work right how you can how you can implement this stuff and make you make money off of it. And the great thing is with this you could make money tomorrow if you do the work in replies you could. OK. So there's nothing more to say my friend I would say like jump onto the computer and I show you how you can implement this stuff.