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How to 'Jump Start' Your Career to Get The Job You Want!

Take proactive control of your career – define, find and secure the job you really want, whether it's advertised or not.

12:02:24 of on-demand video • Updated December 2017

  • Take proactive control of every aspect of your job search.
  • No longer be reliant on advertised jobs or recruitment companies.
  • Understand how the job market really works (it has very little to do with your CV / resume).
  • Smile in the face of rejection through the development of a winning mindset.
  • Plan your career and clearly define the job you want.
  • Put together an impactful CV / resume that gets attention.
  • Uncover / create opportunities in the 'hidden job market' others never see – before they're ever advertised or placed with recruitment firms.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile that stands out and use the platform proactively to unlock opportunities.
  • Take control of any interview situation from start to finish, irrespective of what you're asked.
  • Approach employers with a message that gets their attention even when they're not hiring.
  • Network both online and in person with a renewed confidence – know what to do and how to do it properly.
  • Handle any offer negotiation professionally to secure the best terms possible.
  • The course content is regularly updated to reflect changes in technology and best practice.
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