The "Plato o Plomo" Deadline

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English Personal Productivity Training: OK so I want to tell you the parable of the plateaux Lomo deadline and Poggio a plumber comes from actually a truck Criner Escobar and he's been made famous a lot through multiple movies. Pablo Escobar was one who used the phrase plothole a plumber when he went to the government officials and the police officials within any town or district that he was looking to take over and he would come to him and basically the dead of night unspoken right in their bed you hear the click of a gun to your head and you'd go plateaux promo Manyata and that basically translates into letter silver tomorrow tomorrow morning and you got to make a choice tomorrow morning. Are you going to get shot and killed. Or are you going to take this bag of silver and you know do what I say. And if you do what I say you're going to get a lot of money. And if you don't you're going to be dead and we'll get the next guy who does. So that is pretty ruthless application of a mindset when it comes to human interaction. But when it comes to getting tasks done and in human interaction it's absolutely cutthroat. Brilliant. And that's why I love using plothole plumber deadlines which I've in a bad translation way converted into gold or death. That's what it is basically. You know what do you want. It's either you're going to do this idea or this thing by a certain deadline. And I set it up by usually having something in line like I have 30 days away. I have you know these plothole plumber mini deadlines. I have one two and three usually before the fourth big finale one. And for me it was writing my book and I had it divided up into 30 days 30 days. I'm going to have a complete book written. I'm going to have all of the knowledge from every Guru that I've ever learned from. And it was going to have a real good spit shine in kind of Russell and what he's taught me and really I redid all the images I wrote 60000 words all in 30 days. And I did it simply because I had a promo or a plateau promo deadline that idea of being able to say gold or lead what you want. And it became this idea where I understood it was gold for me every day that I let this thing go past that 30 day mark I was killing myself I was killing my business and my growth. I mean if I had this established way back when I would have had six figure businesses built probably in 60 to 90 days the things where people say yeah it's possible if I knew what I knew now and you know I had the the the kind of grind that I know because they set plothole promo deadlines. They call it that but they said it like that because they know what's possible they know what's feasible and they go within those realms and they say I'm going to do all of this hard work and it's got to be done within a certain day or else or else that's how it is. That's as simple as it has to be. It's got to be cutthroat ruthless ruthless isn't being a terrible evil person. Look up that definition Ruth less. It's just simply being able to make decisions that are so logical that they apply right to what the end result needs to be. If the end result isn't what it needs to be then that is cut off like fat. If you're not putting in some sort of work into that plateau pomo deadline guess what. Something you should be working on. That's what plothole promo deadlines do. I wasn't on Facebook one single day. I didn't have one friend I talked to that single day during those 30 days. My wife didn't even see me much during those 30 days. That's when a plateau promo deadline was to me. That's what it is to you. It's ruthless it's cutthroat. And that's what you need to succeed. That's what you mean for productivity. And if you're going to be an entrepreneur someone who works for themselves who's going to be the business owner who's going to wear the pants. I don't care if you're male or female that's what the whole idiom is wearing the pants getting the brass steel getting the ability to just hold everything inside yourself and on yourself on your shoulders. You got to have a plateau upload deadline and it's got to be one that you set every single time for yourself. I go through in everything that I do there's a plateau with deadline. There's an overall big one that I'm set for and it's got to be inside your ideas too when you're going out. When you plan something. What's your plothole promo this month for 30 days 30 days from now. What is that big thing that you've accomplished. I wrote a 60000 word book on myself. I had everything done to cover all of that. All done 30 days. But that's what it is a deadline. And if it wasn't done by then that I called it dead it was dead to me. There is nothing about it. So of course I'm not going to give up. I put 29 sweat and tear days into it. You bet your sweet honey on day 30. I was up for 24 hours straight to finish that book because I wasn't going to let it die. Guess what day 30 was done. And you yourself can complete tasks as insane as that and even more because I know you're worthy of even more. You have the ability to achieve even more. You just have to challenge yourself and set it are you willing to set that led deadline. Are you willing to achieve gold or are you able to do set that plateau or plumber deadline today. Personal Productivity Training: And you'll see what you're really made of.