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One of the most powerful tools that every Shopify owner must have in his/ her disposal! Big guys on the very top do not wan't you to know their secrets! This site will let you to legitimately enter world's  most successful Shopify stores in on the planet, in any niche! But that's not all! I will show you a secret legal code you can use to instantly see their best-seller #1, #2, #3 and so on!

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In this tutorial you will learn how to find best-selling item for your droppshipping Shopify or any other store.

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  • In this tutorial you will learn where and how to look and find best-selling items to add to your Shopify or other store. The shortest way to store profitability is to duplicate other stores success and that's exactly what you will learn here.
English [Auto] All right ladies and gentlemen today we're going to talk about my IP dot m s but we're going to talk about more than that because the general purpose of you learning how you can go and instead of free went in the wheel you can go and duplicate the wheel. And when I talk about the wheel I'm talkin about hot selling items that are the shopify on their short selling and that you are desperately trying to get your hands on but you don't know what these sell in on in many cases may be you know partial information. You know what the best sellers end for you because I assume you appreciate this course. I appreciate that you came and you have very limited budget. You cannot waste a lot of time and money looking for hot selling product so you need to start with some knowledge and you will need to know right away without wasting too much time. This is what sells. This is what I'm going to sell. I'm going to take it. I'm going to copy ethically from this hot and successful shop of five stores and I'm going to try to sell it and sure enough if you tried to do it you're going to be more likely to succeed. Now you have to understand that Shopify is a big store is every store. But in this case a Web site Web site has its own IP address right but since Shopify this time homes about 120 active individual small Shopify stores like if you have a Shopify store you'll have an IP address. We can actually get legally we can get an access to all of those Shopify stores and we're not interested in all right. We are here to go and check the best absolutely best Shopify store in the world on the very top. And not only that hopefully we can go in a store and hopefully somehow really learn how to find their best sellers because if you have a limited budget and you go to the most successful Shopify store in the world they have hundreds of maybe a thousand items you're not going to be like. OK. Let me try to sell all of the sites in the end of year number two or number three on the law for sure. Well works. You're not going to do that. You're going to find the best seller item right away. Go to adult express find same or very similar item. Try to copy try to put it to your Shopify store. Try to run some ads Facebook adds to it and sell it generate quick income so when you look at this Web site. And that's what it is. My IP dot M.S. not dot com but dot m s very unusual name for Web site you already see that right. He and my friends I have general Shopify IP address. And if you don't know or you'll forget I have a little sticky note here. And if it says right here you see as a Shopify IP either but you can always Google. You will end up with this number and you'll go to who is little cop. You put in here and you just click search right. And basically we come to the same screen where you're going to have general information about Shopify that includes its address toll free number. They obviously out of Ottawa Canada. They're going to have the first mention of this store on this Web site that 2013. So it's a relatively new company not even seven years old. Let me tell you a little note because I generated a quarter million dollars on Shopify but because I've been with Shopify for a while and I can tell you this is one of the best if not the best e com platform in the world. It allowed me to make my brand to build my brand and build my email list. I'm not saying anything bad today about Amazon and I'm not saying anything bad about eBay and other sites. Obviously people making a lot of money on their sites. I was in Amazon MBA myself but only Shopify allowed me to build my brand and build my email list. It goes beyond the scope of this course. But the first question when you're going to sell your store hopefully one day the first question broker or potential buyer going to ask you. Do you have an e-mail list. And how big it is. And Shopify let me build very impressive e-mail list of my customers and I have my own bread. I had my own brand. Now we're going back to Shopify because our purpose now to go and see this Web site best visited website. Best performing Web site. So we're not going to waste any more time now in order to glue to this individual store. We have area here that says opposite sides on IP. This is very important a little thin but we click on that. It's a small but important thing. And right away walled up in a blink of an eye you're going to have this impressive. This is pure gold false. Very impressive list that list. Forget about number one. That's like Shopify main site. It doesn't really mean anything but started with a pop up dot com. Number two and number three this is the most visited Web site Shopify Web site in the world now even though we don't see that this store generates so many millions of so much money. And this store generates so many mail and so much money we don't know that information. But the fact that they're very high in their list almost automatically mean that making a lot of money while he cut adoptions. I don't know if you'll follow them. I don't. But one thing I heard about Kylie Jenner that she became the youngest billionaire in world history. And yes Kylie Jenner has her shock and it's right here. Kylie cosmetics. Right here. We're going to we're going to look at right now. Obviously folks you're going to help a lot of time. You can go to each and single store and you can do it and investigate what is selling and look for their best sellers but the rumors are that Kylie Jenner store generate more money than any other Shopify store. And she is very close to the top anyway. Thirteen position between number two and 14 doesn't really mean much. All these guys they have enormous stores right. So let's start with. Number one the most visited store call a pop. This little thing you see as I scroll down you'll see this icons small icons. And when you're like hovering over it it says go to Web site call up pop dot com. You click right on it. And you end up right here takes a little time to load apologize for that and we're going to end up here on color up pop the Web site so we know that it's a cosmetic store. No question about it you might be in cosmetic if you're a woman you're probably more excited now just looking at this. Most women would be and if you're a man with Oh well now you might be excited and maybe more outside either whether you care about cosmetics or not you have to understand one thing. This is the most visited shop a five store in world history and as my mantra likes to repeat it doesn't care what you like. It doesn't care what is your passion. The question is to ask yourself Is it something that other people would buy. And if your answer is yes then absolutely you can try selling it. I'm not absolutely telling you that you have to start to sell cosmetic you know right away but this is something to think about right. It doesn't have to be your passion but if you know something about it it's not bad for women maybe it's easier easier. Right the logic question you see all the scientists and could be hundreds or even thousands on items on this site and you're welcome to look through it. But the purpose of my course not just to tell you that here is a Web site. One of them was the most visited actually Shopify store in the world. But since you usually only source is very limited. I would like you to know what is their best seller. Because how many of you agree that it's much easier to copy a best seller versus copy all items. It saves only little money a little time. If you want to copy a best seller right now obviously this is your right. This is their Web site. You find a check to make some changes here. I can't you see you see I can't but I can I can copy these right. And then I can go into and you in the hall hopefully write and I can paste this website here and then we'll try to add something else to this Web site. Right and that's going to be like the most beautiful thing in the world because like in very very short period of time we'll be able in fact to see the best seller and this is what I copy. I'm gonna open my sticky notes for a second. Right. And we will you will see here right. You will see. Forward slash collection forward slash all question marks sort on their school by equals best and a dash of minus selling this is what I just added after the Web site. Be careful. There should be only one forward slash here. Right. And then I just press enter. Right we're going back to the same Web site. But now look what happened. All of a sudden ladies and gentlemen I have the most visited item in Shopify history for now as of today as a wash to solve them. 2018 2019. Now. Sorry. And then I have here best selling item number two here. I have this selling item number three here. I have a best selling item number four number five six seven eight. Use your imagination. Use your imagination. So now how can you take this lip gloss. I'm not big expert on those but I know that if you have an item I can find similar idea. I cannot find same item because it's a brand name right. But it doesn't have to be same if it's very close. You okay before going to our express and try to find a similar item. Of you look at the price six dollars you would say How on earth these people making money we click on the item and the answer one of the answer are going to be volume value. My friends they sell thousand or maybe ten and hundred thousand quite possibly of this lip gloss and they upscale their customers and meaning you have to sell your customer to it goes beyond the scope of this course. People add this lip gloss to their shopping cart legal to be offered couple items that closely related almost irresistible or for that customer are going to have a hard time to reject. And look at this. Look at this huh. So now we know think it's very common for women but we have to agree. I don't know much about him. But my guess is that not all women in the world like him I mean depending on situation I see my wife who in pink every once in a while. But there are different colors. They all he and flying colors in a set. All right. So obviously under different circumstances any woman would like to use more than bin. So then you can go and buy the whole set for 80 dollars right here and then are they probably going to even try to sell you desire for something else even if you buy a set. This is how people making money. However going back to this glass just single loss know that you know this is the most visited item in Shopify history and we know we can go to our express right we try to go to Alex press here. Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for that. So now because we are on our express right now. And I would like to say something like lip gloss right. Because that's what we're looking for right. We just seen the hottest selling item on Shopify and we're going to search for it and we're going to be presented with a couple choices. Right. Couple of choices it goes a little bit beyond the scope of this course but always always look and sort items based on number of orders because it's very important. So once you have that we click on number of orders we look a little bit we're not gonna spend too much time here now but let's just look at some of the items right. For instance we click on this one and so we know he said dollar ninety seven we know it has four points seven out of five star feedback and this is very important. I do not trade. Come on get it. Come in. Go a little lower than that. I do not see it coming in for any item by any means go the low four point seven because you're going to have a lot of problem with customer service and people are going to accuse you of selling crap. It's not true that Chinese items sold Chinese items are crappy quality but once people start to sell four point five and below four point two and four point zero then you're going to end up with a lot of pork. Well you don't want to do that now. Let's look for a second edition of the seventeen thousand ninety two. Let me ask you if this vendor sold seventeen thousand of this lip gloss we just saw a similar very similar labels on the most successful shop of five store in the world. Do you think you'll be able to sell a couple of these things so if this Ukrainian man I haven't sold cosmetics but if this Ukraine 52 year old Ukrainian man generated a quarter of a million dollars by doing the same same research going after big guys learning what they selling and copying those things to my Shopify store do you think you could do same I think so. I believe in you now we would go back a little bit you know because we already see this Web site right. We will go back to my Shopify I'm sorry my IP does that mess we go to Shopify stores because I already know someone you would ask me this you know I understand it's hot selling item but I'm not into cosmetic maybe I'm your man maybe you have a slightly different fashion right. Even if you know that you potentially can solve them so it's solved upon Sullivan of this lip gloss. You don't feel comfortable doing that. It's not to you so Vic can you show me something else. Can you show me how to search different needs. So for goodness sake I feel comfortable I feel more in my skin and I tell you whoever you are you'll pay money for my course. I said No problem. We see a small thing here that says view all record right here. You see view all records and we just have to click on that we click on that and oh will this green in here for shampoo ladies and gentlemen. We have to confirm that we have human beings. We are real human beings. I'm a Ukrainian but I'm a human being too. All right and we get on this very important screen. You have to see this very important screen and you see here it says fall apart. Web site name will soon say we go off to fish and Nick's right. We assume that any Shopify store fish and Shopify store going to have the word fission inside and actually where it goes beyond the scope of this course. But it's a very good idea to include your key word of word of interest into your title if you want to do SCA roll ultimately. So what do we do. We just type fish in right here right. And then we do search right here search. We click on search and now my IP the m s. Luke going to fish no pun intended for fish and store right. And we have again the was visited shop of five stores that sell fish and supplies. You can go to each and every one of them just for fun. We would go to Grizzly fish and we click on Web sites right. We open it up gavel close some this green because we don't need them anymore. All right. We'll get here and we right away right away ladies and gentlemen. We see that they sell in sunglasses polarized sunglasses. It's quite hot items when it comes to fission so we see that they sell inefficient glasses fission a real inefficient accessory if you don't know much about fission or even if you do you think why on earth they sell in only three categories in this store and they are so high on the list and as someone that generated a little money on Shopify I can tell you right away because he sells it sells and if people find items that are selling very well what is the reason to go and find something to add to a store something that doesn't sell that. Well I would rather sell 2 3 4 5 10 folds that something that already sells right so we'll remember we're going to repeat the same test again. You said Vic they sell so many items so many sunglasses. But what if I know what you want to know. Absolutely hot seller item that they have. How to find out. And you should remember how to find out right. We cannot make changes here but we copy their Web site right we got a copy of their web website. We don't need lipstick anymore. Right for now we just go to a Web site. Right. And remember what a sticky note says right here that there is magic edition that we need to add to Web site to find out. Are the best seller. We click enter and there we are ladies and gentlemen. We have right here. We have the best selling item. What happened to be professional polarized fish glasses. No name. I do not recommend to sell any brand name or violate any license. We just sell it on Shopify general items no name. And they want us to believe that this item for retail for one forty nine ninety nine and they offer it for very little compared to right. Twenty nine ninety nine do to our Express. Let's see if we gonna have any luck in finding similar sunglasses all right. So we're gonna hear we go to Alex says they have this item before and we just say sunglasses here. Right. Because that's what we're looking for. We have sunglasses here look at this no the same camouflage case the same glasses available in full call as you can see here and you can go to this store and find more varieties of the sunglasses. Now remember that item has doesn't have to be exactly the same. But this is pretty much same item. Look at the score. This is what we want. Even though eighty eight orders doesn't sound too much but with four point nine you are safe to go. And this is a reputable company because they work with this company before. So now if we go back to efficient store it just means that you making 20 dollars minus whatever you spend on Facebook or whatever advertising you do you're making twenty dollars and waterboard hundred forty dollars hundred fifty dollars retail value. Yeah right so ladies and gentlemen you'll just learn just within this 20 minutes you'll learn my p dot Hamas Web site that is in my opinion one of the most powerful Web site for duplicating your will of success. Remember you don't want to reinvent the wheel. You always want to duplicate. We went to this Web site and we learn how in no time. Literally within one day we can go to the best Shopify stores in the world legally copy the items because they don't sell license broader. We are free to go to our Express and we can copy. We can make a description. We can play store Shopify store. We can effectively store to Iran Facebook adds to this page and we can start making money. So thank you very much for your attention.