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Want to stay informed on what is hot and what is getting hot? These 3 websites will allow you to be better informed than most of your competitors. Identify hot items earlier and add them to your Shopify store ahead of your competition. When it comes to trends you must be in the know!

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In this tutorial you will learn how to find best-selling item for your droppshipping Shopify or any other store.

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  • In this tutorial you will learn where and how to look and find best-selling items to add to your Shopify or other store. The shortest way to store profitability is to duplicate other stores success and that's exactly what you will learn here.
English [Auto] All right ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this module in this module we're gonna review three more slides where I could go sometimes and look for hot items. I have a sticky note here at this sites. This site have unusual names. I have to admit you know first sighted SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Dot com. Second site is this is why I'm broke. Dot com. And dude I want that dot com. This site like I said they somewhat are more expensive then and quite frankly there are some very expensive items some on this site. Nevertheless these sites are very sensitive to what is hot right now. And of course some people using Google Trends. Right. So this site's more in depth on some cool stuff that are just coming out in jars in the very beginning stages right now from becoming popular so I guess you can go on and try to keep yourself informed about the trends and maybe if some people try to prevent this trend meaning that they want to go ahead of their popularity they want to find something that just before it become extremely popular. So if they have a product on their Shopify store and on this site that first site we know SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Dot com. We have right here. Best off that's what usually I recommend you go you look like the most popular item and then you can of course search by category but when you start just crawl through here you will see that prices obviously you see that some prices like I told you a little bit more expensive. There is nothing wrong. I have to tell you. Nothing wrong about selling more expensive items. If you sell a hundred dollars of course item chances are you're not going to be double or even triple. Not to mention tripling your money. But say if you say sell a hundred dollars I mean you're going to make 40 dollars or 50 dollars profit. To me it's a good deal. I was selling items like that. I was selling 120 hundred fifty hundred eighty dollars item and I had actually I generated more revenue on less volume because that items already very expensive. So just because items are more expensive do not be afraid. Under no circumstances to sell it. But I just have to mention it because some people you know try to scare you know not to go into items there is obviously serious items for every wallet as they say. There are obviously items said good quality. Now you and I want to know how to find good items even on Al express as long as we look at feedback. So that we were talking already about a couple items from cat any obvious ticket which is extremely popular. A lot of people having cats may be me and many more people have killed the dogs because they're relatively small animals friendly animals and not just say dogs are friendly to. But it gets you know that small. Right. And especially if you don't live in your own house you live in apartments and in metropolitan areas fat cat maybe to a certain extent. And very easy to maintain the bark is still extremely hot. Knees with literally hundreds of millions around the world and every day I remember people getting cats. And now we have this cool item that is not cheap. It sells for forty six. You noted that we on Amazon. Right. And it's quite common for take up my money. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY TO ADD TO BASICALLY query rout you to Amazon because the item itself is sold on Amazon and in Amazon we already know that we when we hover over feedback right we have it on the stand and this is very good quality items. He has a 4.5 I would say 4 points 3 almost 4.5 stars is not cheap but this is the item that obviously for some people not everybody not everybody that would put their cat in this capsule but it became very popular and all people sold probably they made some vendors made millions and million dollars. This is not necessarily a new item has been out there for a while but seems like its popularity still remains strong. Right. Still once we know it's hot obviously we'll look ahead. It's interesting that now we know shut up and take my money tells us that this is popular all right. And then we have Amazon in addition to that telling not that it's a popular item. So what we need to do right. We just need to go and look for capsule pet travel backpack. Right. We remember how it looked. It had a couple different collars. We're going to be scroll and we already see things like we already see. But remember we're going to do exactly same way as we've done before. Every time I encourage you you go and look for something you click what you click order. Right. You want to sort everything by orders because then you know this is not a when and a sold two or three items. This is not some kind of shady new owner that you know you send your money to and you'll never see anything back. This people right here they prove themselves right. So let's look at it is a product exactly matches. You know the item that we see on take my money right. Show up and take my money and Amazon. I'm a little hesitant to say Shut up. You know it's rather unusual name. Like I said you know it's a little bit I feel like I'm a little bit rude when they said that but I apologize ladies and gentlemen. That's basically the name of the site. And anyway we see here for four points down right on the scale you know one out of five stars. So this is very high level and taking into account that this particular vendor pet food house. Right. They sold two hundred sixty seven. So it's enough. It's a good number right. So you know we received good feedback. And now ladies and gentlemen I remember like I told you before right away we know this is very nice. This site has good picture that you can use. Right. Very nice picture. So marketing is all you need to do is just you know cut and paste this images into your Shopify store. This is not obviously a licensed product. We ethically take in the images of Frank and we have the whole five colors here. What is it big big plus because why. Because people are different. Some like being sold like yellow I like red. Obviously this is a product mostly for women not just saying that man cannot carry their can't. I'm sure they do. And and we found that price so the price is here twenty four eighty five. So it's not it doesn't seem that this is like you have a significant margin profit margin here. But nevertheless you can definitely measure make money on this backpack and you can market it. You have already a reputable owner we know that the product is is is pretty hot I'm not going to do a side by side but that's again. Right here. You know the product that we seen on the L.A. express let me remove this side so we go back to our 40 seats so it's almost two times more here and there is some room I mean to say you would make 10 15 dollar depending also on volume that you sell it. If you have a large store but something you can't start you can definitely look for a little bit different design. But this is exactly the same design right. So we know that's going to sell because it sells in other places. Let's close Amazon and I'm going to try to open the sticking out the second side. This is a site that tried to just copy the name. See if it's going to if I'm going to be successful in doing that know and we'll try to go to a site. This is why I'm broke. All right. You know and this site as you see to it has some quite expensive items. It's a cool idea of fake money you know very popular for some people. You know on the we are not afraid of that right. We know that we can generate. We already know from the previous site we can generate more revenue on less volume. Right. So not necessarily scary thing if we see that a more expensive item as long as the Hutch as long as they proved to be selling very well let's just you because I had one item on this site that I we can we can browse deal here. This actually is a site connected to Amazon and let's see list grow for a second. So you can see what kind of items they have on obvious because they have plenty. Let's look. Because I had one item and somebody told me about this item. Let's look at this and see if we can find something yeah. This is expensive item but now they're not afraid of this so you noticed that right away we've been taking to Amazon. Same as in the site before that shut up and take my money. We've been reading out at Thomas on again and we see very high quality handbag that definitely is in this category the risk looking at this site and this particular product. I know there is essential keywords. There is a very precise keywords in in in this niche say oh I can target females that interest in Harley Davidson a very popular motorcycle brand here in America and all over the world. Or I would target people that like to all kind of things you can actually go to Facebook research audience but we know this bag sold for a hundred dollars and with high a high selling high priced item like that would might or might not always find seats. Same item on Alex press but just for the fun. Why not. Why not try it right. So we go and we type as it's called handbag right. That's what it is. See if we can find Yeah issue enough we have we have a couple. Right. We have one here here. You know this is like I don't want to spend too much time on this on this Web site. I just give you an idea about this site. This is not like number one or number two site that I go to. Those would be Amazon those would be eBay and Pinterest and my p dot Hamas. Right. But every once in a while I do go to those. So now we have this item we'll look at you know the feedback and we see it's the highest feedback possible. We don't have a single in fact ladies and gentlemen or have a single person that gave it four stars. All guys girls gals mostly I assume that purchase this bag and 17 orders you not too many. Right. Not too many but they all gave five stars and you can kind of looking at pictures you can see that this is yeah. This is kind of high quality. So now compare it with a site with a with the same handbag we've seen on Amazon 400 dollars. This is a roughly 50 percent. And again you're not going to double or triple your money with the expensive item like that. So you're going to make say you're going to make 30 dollars on this bag and depending on volume this is something you can think. Right so we you know we are done with that. We know that this is this is actually our second site you know we went to Amazon on Amazon anymore and we have one you know one more site actually to take a look. Right. And that would be right here dude. I won that dot com right. Very strange name again very good site. Some people like it a lot. And today on this site for some reason that Missy Das Goldman there is always it's easy to make an error right. So this is the site. Let's crawl into a bit. We're not going to look for any particular item but obviously this is like reminiscent item of previous era of 20 century we have like Walkman Sony Walkman and they have again they have very very cool items. You can actually go and look by category let's say you in out a niche. Right. You're going to have some very expensive. I mean think. I mean it's 19 millions for Bugatti of course. You know I know it's probably got advertising. I mean it's obviously not everybody in this niche that expensive but you can look at how many that cost 4000 dollars. Right. I mean it is expensive. You need. You see there another helmet that is six hundred dollars just about six hundred or less expensive tools. So let's go to a couple different categories because let's go to fitness. Not all of them are going to be that expensive but nevertheless some are going to be says a special will for your back if you have a bad back exercise your back see. Hundred dollars you might find something or you're gonna go to Alex press at this time but you might get the idea. This is not primary site primarily site. Like I said for finding your first and second and third items. But you know this site will give you ideas. And once again ladies and gentlemen this site that might give you idea and help you to develop a proof of concept and keep you kind of posted on developments in any niche depends of course on your knees but you can sort by any category. So this three sites is right here and I hope you're going to use this time too. And I wish you well in your business endeavors.