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English [Auto] This still over here guys it's Google Trends and I think that's my opinion of course. This is one of the strongest to ever. Now Google Trends is released by Google years ago. But the value that this tool is actually gives you it gives you to look exactly what people are looking for. And Google trends if you after you find a winning product you can actually see the trend and where you can catch the trend before everyone is right on it. So let me go through and after we find our winning product I just want to walk through and give you my overview and our look of those things on how to how to know when the product is going to be searchable and where we can take the product forward. So let me leave you guys with Google Trends and let's go step by step. This is Don Page as you can see trends dot google dot com and let's find let's say for example you find your winning product let's say for example we looking for iPhone case. All right. So just to make gives you an overview of some general product and let's go even further to iPhone 7 case right now as you can see this is the trend. This is what people are looking for and on what time. Now to be much more to go to much more relevant area of dates when you can't publish your product and when you can start your campaigns it's actually look on a wide range of dates. Now let's say when we look here on the best 12 month you can see where the trend is starts. So if we got a change here for example to testify here's so let's start. All right. So what we can find here that actually there is no trend on these dates okay until August 28 2016 which is the date that actually iPhone 7 was released and the event of Apple as was on this date. Now this is how we can see a trend that actually is big huge spike. Now let's say for example the event of Google was here. So think about it when you have a product in your hand and you're going to advertise your product three four or even a week before the trend so it's so powerful that actually everyone who looking this search term can go to your Web site and actually purchase your product. Now let's go even further. Let's go to products that actually without any of those spike trends since they release on these dates. OK. Let's go for example to the product of let's think about you know what. What I like to do by the time is go to Amazon the biggest online platform in the world. OK. And that's big for example some niche. All right. Let's go for example two deals right. Let's go to the apartments. All right. This is the deals. Let's go to accessories electronics. All right. And let's say for example you know I like the second view which is this. All right let's. It's all right. I have a better idea. OK. What I like to do also it's to go to Amazon on your list right. Your list. This is new products actually released to Amazon. And let's go for example to automotive again. Here you can see really good products that actually released to Amazon and you can follow after them and you can test them on your store. But let me be just one product. Let me take some general product. I see this one twice here. Okay. This one is on the seat back seat back protector All right. Let's try this product in our Google trends right. When we look at the past five years we can see that there is no trend actually here. All right. So let's go to some niche. Let's go for there and let's go to a niche. OK. So if we go for example to fashion you know what let's go do the fashion fashion. When I think about fashion. Actually I have an idea. Let's go to some general category OK. Sunglasses OK. Boom. This is what I like to see. All right. So for example if you take if you find a winning product let's say a sunglasses or let's say something that actually relate to some broad niche like I don't know fishing the electronics of the world the fashion I wear in this situation for example we take from the eyewear broad collection which is sunglasses. And as you can see here guys this is an amazing trend. This is an amazing trend that happen every year. All right and what you can actually figure out that if you find your product on this time it means it's not so good. Why. Because you're not on the trend. OK. But what you can do you can save it you can plane your your next move when the product is actually available for sale. Now let's say for example you find sunglasses here but you can see that a trend actually starts on January. All right. So if we see in January 2015 this is the start of the trend. And if we go here you can find that actually General bar is repeat after sell after that. Again and again every year we. Which means it's awesome. Now this day today for example it's February 2019 and as you can see the trend is actually starts. People are start to looking for sunglasses. OK. So this is actually the the charts that I am I I like to see because I know the diff. I want to blame my plane my my my store to the future and I have a plan on Google trends for the wall year. So I you know do my products do my winning products. I know what to looking for. So if I want to make a research for some category or some collection so I know I'll go to Google Trends and make sure that I'm not going to look for product that actually no one is looking for. And here this one is to give you a reason to search to the right product for the right season and the right time. OK. So this kind of search and this kind of method actually no one is showing you that but with this method actually you can find yourself chase after the winning product before the trend and you can find yourself get out of the trend after everyone is actually finished the trend. Now what. All the traders actually right now is doing they see ads and they copy other advertiser ads and they catch the trend them this way. And here they spend a lot of money with not a lot of profit. And when this trend is started to hand actually on the end of the summer. So they just closed the ads. So actually what's going on. You know that if you have the sunglasses threatened here. So you know do plan yourself on January or even on December to find the best sunglasses that actually works on the previous year. All right. This one to give you give you a benefit the huge benefit that puts you behind the scenes working on products for the future for the future off of the next one 2 month that actually give you the ability to be much more profitable and catch the world trend. OK. So this is one of the powerful tools that actually I use all the time even if I find myself on the end of the trend looking for sunglasses for example. So I just it's better to and though notifications on some calendar or something because you want to prepare yourself to find a winning products. Winning suppliers that actually give you good offers for their products like flex let's say on Express. You know Amazon or people that you're working with and start to communicate with them on these dates to be prepared to upload your product and start your advertising actually here. So this is why I think this stool is so powerful and you can take it to the next step because I think no one is showing this tool and the benefit of this tool is huge that you can't imagine. So just go ahead and play with the search terms and play with of one product that actually you you find on on other apps or something like that because here you can find tons of value. OK. Thank you guys.