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English [Auto] Hey guys. So after we find the trend and we are so happy that we see a thread moving forward every year. What a sunglasses. So what we have left is actually to find a method that lead us to show us what is the right sunglasses that actually sold right now. So this is where the magic came. This is where the most successful apps don't succeed have to find a good solution for that. And actually we find some. This is our secret sauce because we find an app that actually is really cheap. They have a free plan that actually help us dramatically to find our winning products. And it doesn't matter as I explained before if it's all these price eBay or Amazon because it's just a trend. This tool is actually take you two to a level that you know actually what's sold right now and you know what people is looking for right now. So if we go for example what the all express as I showed you before and you're looking for sunglasses nature for example what a meaning so if we got here. All right. So we do sell glasses. All right. So we find a lot of sunglasses and actually we don't know which one is working the best we don't know which one is actually sold the most. And as you can see this one is sold one hundred and sixty one or they're six hundred and ninety two orders. This one 500 or there's this one two thousand seven hundred orders which is crazy. It's written dramatically tons of orders. So if you don't know actually really how many orders they generate on the previous days which means like two days five days 10 days or whatever and actually if we know that we go to the trend and the products the searching for sunglasses is raising right now on Google. And if you google leads everywhere so you don't know what sunglasses working the best you don't know. So our secret sauce in these still I want to show you that right now. And before I show you that Please guys I have a request you know when you know something and when you have a knowledge base of when you find some way to find a winning products and you generate a lot of money in terms of revenue. One of the biggest things that I've learned in the here as long as I work in this business it's to keep that to yourself. Now I know it's sounds unreal. When I show you that but I'm showing you that to give you value because I think I'm in the position that I'm feeling happy to give value to a lot of people. But you if you are on the stage that you want to make money and you want to use your secret tools and everything. I. I offer you keep it to yourself. So this deal actually I will give you the link in the in the bonus section. All right. Find the tool because I think it's not searchable on Google to watch. So this is the tool actually the door. It's really amazing to know. It doesn't matter if you work with all express eBay Amazon Shopify or whatever. So the tool actually what is doing if you click on products you can see. Now it's now it's working again. You can sort by any category that you want in on Express and you can sort by any niche you can sort by any country shipping and ship from what you see here inside these tool these tool every hour is analyze all hourly Express and eBay platforms and actually take all the best selling products and give you all the information that you want. This is just just men. All right it's crazy because when we meet this app we they are what they. They were on the debate the beta and now that the new interface. I'm just in love in that. All right. And I will explain to you why this app is so crazy when you go and you click on the products. This is actually the board that they provide you and you can see that they have a lot of products on the home page. It means that this is their top products as you can see this is the top selling products of the day. It's off today which means it's crazy. No for example what I mean as you can see this product sold today total numbers of orders for it today eight under it and eight units today which means Wow. All right. So if you for example open the product that you want to show the product can all express you can go to all express and you can see that they have 70000 orders and as a show for example in the sunglasses which would meet in a second you see a lot of orders but you don't know how many orders happened today. So this one is a definite fully trending product right that actually the seller as you can see you have a tug of is dropship the product which is crazy and awesome and they have integration to Shopify. Well also where you can see you can see that trend you can see how many orders happened today all the new orders yesterday two days ago three days ago. And also you have a chart of trending. But this is not the actual our product. This is all the insides look like inside this app. And what we're looking for actually is as sunglasses and we go to that. But I'm so excited to show you that. And they know that you are. You keep it to yourself and don't tell anyone because it's really secret sauce of our company. So if for example we go to seven days or so so we can find for example the top products this wanting to seven last seven days sold eight thousand bucks it shows you that the cosmetic nature is really powerful right now. And if you scroll down you can search for example for some sunglasses. All right. Boom two dollars in business on the last seven days for this piece of sunglasses. And as you can see this is definitely a trend. This is definitely an amazing example of all what I explain you. It shows you here and you can see also the trend to date. Take a look at that. On December they sold 2000 pieces 2000 orders that can be one piece or two pieces on January three thousand five hundred on February 5000 on merch. Now let me show you right now these merge 18. This is only above three days of the middle of the months March 18 and they sold almost double from the previous month. It's crazy it's like 70 percent from the previous month. This is just the middle of the month. This is just improve you all my method off the trend that actually starts right now. So this one is in amazing sunglasses to publish and do as many videos as you can. Images as you can because see these sunglasses just crazy also how you can recognize more if you go to all express to the product. OK let me show you the second secret source of all the time that we check our suppliers as you can see this is like 21000 orders 21000 orders which means that if on the previous eight now and the previous seven days it's sold two thousand pieces it's definitely a new product. OK. So if you open the product and you go to all express. This is the sunglasses you go down or you can click on the orders. They can look at that March 18. This is actually today. And if you scroll down you can see that there is tons of orders of March 18 all the Express provide the information and told you to purchase today who purchased yesterday. So this is a really valuable. Take a look at customer purchase three pieces four pieces so it's really valuable information that you can use to check even other products. And also the images here it's just amazing you can publish that on any platform as as you want it's this product is a winner. Everyone just grab this product again. So this is actually the app that we use as I told you a video link on the bottom section because I don't want you to meet I don't give you the option to say the names of apps or something on the video. So I just I'm going to give you the link. No problem. OK. So this is just the threat. As you can see this is a trend that actually starts on February. And it's working amazing. And as you can see the trend goes up as long as we go. You can see that platform by date and you can see by top countries you purchased the product top drop shooters that purchased the product and you can follow their stores and something like that. You have tons of volume tons of information. But let's focus on our niche. All right. So actually we can go up can go to products and we can go for example do some glasses and I guess that our sunglasses would be the first yeah but today they sold one hundred and ninety six pieces. Second one one hundred and seventy seven business. They get to take a look at that total number of orders for today. Total number of the wall orders to the twelve thousand one hundred seventy seven. But if you want to recognize the trend right now as I told you open the app go down as you can see. This one is a trend. All right. March catch boost OK. So this one it was slippy for three months and they see that this one is really good potential. Maybe the sellers see they see that. I don't know on google or search platform or something and actually they activated on March and as you can see the results is amazing. It looks like if they sold them on the wall March 700 basis I believe that this analysis is on Dear on all these press for no more than four or five days or something like bad and so on and so on. Also you can take results from the previous seven days you can take results from the previous 30 days and then you'll see better results as you can see two thousand pieces sold 1000 pieces. You will get for example better results if you go further on the on the date. So it's just an amazing tool you have pools of features if you want to see for example products not above 10 bucks or something you have to filter for that if you want to see products that actually which is crazy and we use that all the time that actually shipping buy it back at or are unexpressed under shipping if you want cheap fraud. All right you promise actually the one that we use all the time. All right. Don't tell anyone this app is the only one app that we see it actually takes. You know there is a dream that no one wants to do drop shipping from China. I know it's disgusting. It's not good it's not fun. Exactly. If you have an eBay store here you can sort all the suppliers that actually sold their product from the United States so I know if I have an eBay store and they want to send my product really fast and send it really fast so you can see that they have the United States that states option which is amazing. Okay so guys this app is just crazy and I hope you save it for yourself. Also as you can see in all express you have the option to do votes or something like that. As you can see by votes and you can see you can do some wish list see where is the wish list. We don't use that mostly yet. This is the wish list so we don't use that but what looks interesting is the votes. If I go to the voting I want 1000 votes. It means like reviews all right. So I go to product and I want to go for example two thousand reviews and above. Give me only these products so that these warnings that amazing products that sold with five stars. Okay. There is also a lot of good gadgets here yeah. It's definitely good read. Take a look at that. Oh my God. It's like 20000 pieces a month. Take a look at that. Now watch. Catch a trend crazy trend. Which means it's really power for product. Three bucks for this product. I think it's a joke. Also they provide a medium okay. This is just amazing images also. So guys you have tons of value inside this app you can use that. Let me know and if you have any question you can shoot me a message and I will try to help you guys but this is definitely what you're looking for. This is definitely what you're looking for. Also if you have a Shopify store and you want to track and spy everyone who will sell this product. This is the most valuable tip that you can get from this up. All right. You can just go down and you have the option to go to the shopify store that actually sold these product. Take a look at that. It shows you all the stores that sell these products and also shows you their Shopify stores that actually sold these products. All right. This one actually maybe they shut down or something. Also the second one. Let's see this one. Let's see this one. This is all express a competitor. It's like a similar product. Okay. This one actually is closed at our store. But if you go to more products I believe you can find tons of Shopify stores here because I see a lot. All right guys let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much.