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How To Draw a Realistic Glass in Adobe Illustrator CC

Learn advanced skills you need to create a realistic vector illustrations using Adobe Illustrator CC

04:17:15 of on-demand video • Updated November 2019

  • Making a Realistic Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Lighting & Shading an Vector Artwork
  • Using Basic & Advanced Tools in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Using Filters & Grain Effect in Adobe Illustrator CC
English [Auto] Welcome back guys. Before we start with our tutorial I want to give you some explanation about my tutorial to make things easier. I have divided this glass portion into six places A1 A2 P1 B2C and c1 c2 A1 is the topmost portion of the class which is the inside portion of the class which you see on the screen A2 is and again inside portion of the class. But in here you will be seeing these lines. But this part you will be seeing without any interference. Next portion is P1 topmost portion in here. This part you will be seeing the surface since this is a glass you will be seeing inside objects and in here we will be drawing reflections and reflections of the eight side objects as well. After B1 we will be covering the B2 which is the long glass portion with lines in here. This surplus is bit tricky is not going to be a solid surface. There will be lines there and there will be a lot of reflections and reflections and there will be also transparency. So we will be covering all these parts in. In this video portion next one is C one which is the bottom surface of the glass. This one is entirely a C through portion and we will be joining the C proportions with the reflection light reflection and also I will be doing the glass labelled mockup of a glass label which you will typically see in the glass. Basically a manufactured label last portion is the solid glass part underneath the glass. This portion is going to be entirely glass in here. Also we will be drawing reflection and reflections as well. All right. And in each episode I will be drawing one of these sections so we will start from A1 and finish it off with c 2. Basically you will be learning how material will react with light specially a material with a lot of transparency reflection and reflection. And based on that how we can adjust and mimic the real world scenario inside Adobe Illustrator. That's the most important portion of this tutorial. All right guys hopefully you guys will enjoy this tutorial. So in the next section we will be setting up the scene. From then onwards we will start drawing section by section.