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In this lesson we learn how to draw the torso muscles, which include the love handles.

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English [Auto] In this lesson we're going to add the ABS and add their torso muscles like the old leaks and then part of the blades. It's called the love handles and then the ceteris switches its muscle comes down right here. Usually can't see it much in front of you. Let's just try our first of the front view. So first thing is you have this division line coming down here now where you had the blue button which is a little bit below the elbows and elbows actually come in further. We'll draw our muscles on a little bit but the first thing is you had this first set of ab muscles that actually connect and actually they actually go up and under the pecs but we're going to see these little partially and they usually they look like thin ones as people thought drawn definitely some people actually will will draw these muscles coming way out like this all the way to where you're going to start to see sat tourist MUSCLES AND STUFF COMING TOGETHER YOU MIGHT HAVE LIKE LIKE THIS RIGHT HERE AND THEN THIS RIGHT HERE ISN'T come down like that you'll have another one that connects and comes down but usually not going to see those there usually no way out here to the side so anything they come like this and then down like this and dynamite seats a couple of them on the side Mongo usually doesn't all those so but this this is kind of a cool look and you can handle this shadowing underneath and you don't want to do is draw your abs together just like you know boring rectangles. This is just like that's very boring. So we're gonna have a little bit just to make a mongo look a little bit cooler. And so now you want to have that you have to add a muscle so you kind of just do a halfway dividing Mark before you get to the belly button and then the belly button. We're going to kind of draw as well. Keep in mind it's like a round hole in here. And so that's a pretty large play button. So we'll make it a bit smaller. It's like a round hole like that I kind of do a little plus sign like this. And for these muscles I like to kind of come in they come up and down and then come to the side. I don't like to draw the full lines in there and you can actually add a little bit of shadow. Keep in mind the abs are are rather flat. They're not they don't stick out very much not very bulky so if you shade them wrong you'll make them look too bulky so don't don't treat them like spheres or anything like that. You like more like this like that come up over and down so if anything you're in and treat them like an object like this. So they're more like Square the flat like a small skateboard ramp and they're kind of more flat on top. Next when we're in a kind of shape at the same way you guys shape it around the belly button a little bit. So come out. I like to connect lines all the way. This is a technique that's often used to mongo where they don't connect lines all together and it adds a kind of greater sense of energy. And then for this we might just draw a little lines right here for these last muscles usually can't see right. That's a major AB ab muscles as you see from the front of you. Next we're and draw them from the side view and again when I want you to do is before you continue on one I want you drawing along with me because if you're not drawing along with me again that's like watching piano lessons on YouTube and not practicing what you just learned. What's the point of that. And I can get better piano is about watching someone play piano or teach teach piano. I mean I mean you make a little bit better but you're not going to get better and they actually practice it into practice. Right. So the first thing is I'm a scientist and I was I want you drawing along with me and practicing even after where you do it kind of draw a the coming in like this. And then coming out here to the pelvic region like this for the guy and I meant to draw all this in black. So I made the I decided to change the color of the under drawing to blue like blue pencil. That way it's easier distinguish the muscles from the skeletal syllables just Scott skeleton underneath. That's it's a guideline right there. So you can kind of evasive. Oh wait what the hell. Wrong wrong brush. OK. So this is a guy I would actually add more detail to that. So the first thing is you have this upper muscle here the rib muscle and we're in a kind of come in like this and we're going to kind of pull it elsewhere to keep it thinner than that when I kind of put off the side here it's a little bit like this next one is this larger muscle here and we're gonna kind of pull it down and still we want to keep that kind of cool shape to it. We don't actually go that far into that one because we're we're on the side of you so willing I see a little bit of it like this. And then what we're gonna do is have this kind of shape here of each of these other muscles that kind of come in like this and this where we're gonna continue coming down and then the love handles will come on here. We'll see part of them like this here mice will go ahead and cover this. Now from the side that kind of comes up like this and it kind of has a shape like right in here like that then it gets really thin and comes down like this to the pelvic region. And it can have it's called factor so you can see how how much cooler this looks and maybe even a lot of monkey you've looked at maybe monkeys should take some monk artisan animators to take more tips from from something like this so that they have I think looking longer bodies you know Dragonball zis like really just kind of square and sometimes just looks really bland and plain and it doesn't take much more much longer to you know shape them groups. Right now the square is a little bit faster but hey you have to draw a little bit longer but you have a cooler product in the end right. So there's the muscles from the side you that is the ab muscles by button against right here right before that last muscle comes down here to the crotch area and we'll do it from the three fourths beauty which is very similar to different view that's let's to first pull out here. Dip in a little bit and then pull back out like this. This is kind of the general shape we want to see kind of see from the side view so we want to kind of translate that into the front view. So first thing I do is I want to I want to add this cool kind of almost rib cage type ab muscle here it gets for short on that side. It's not quite as big. Make sure that you keep an angle so you can see that the restaurant angle makes sure these abs also stay on that same angle. So we don't have to draw them going to grapple with elbows make the belly button right in that dip area and we have to have two muscles in between here to that angle that last muscle there if you don't do that angle you'll make almost thick. I just did there. So got to make sure we stay in that three point perspective and that's how you do it was with those angled lines and they follow all this follow each other than the knees once higher than the other can I like to come down like this with this muscle since all the bottom line stuff and all the top lines or the side lines all the way maybe a little bit from the top like that I love the challenge if you want to actually have this muscle flying this kind of hint that these muscles here right. Of course from the back view we're not going to go see the abs so we want to call them next we want to come in and add in some of the love handles and side muscles here. And this is all to you how you want to draw these particular side muscles so we had the lats that come down here well we will get into joining the lats a little bit more detail from the back to where they attach right now we're just focusing on the love handles and abs so this whole oblique area and at muscles we come up here they kind of they attach on this top of the iliac crest here and they come off like this they come up to her just a little bit like that and then they kind of come in from the front view kind of thing like this and they come down and they come like kind of a shape like this. Right we're not going to draw those lines it looks looks weird but you might draw something like that and you might kind of hint at this line here. And this is all stylish and stylistic choices. You know what you choose to add in all this area here. That's the love handles and you have a little bit of skin here before you get into the lats and then you have a couple muscles that you might want to draw or not draw sometimes you'll have what appears to be like little almost round his muscles right here there's usually about three of them. You can draw them or not draw them it's up to you. Other ways to do it would be to have those muscles kind of come up like this and this is how they chew they kind of look but sometimes they because on the rib way they're on the rib they kind of form with shadow they form this little ball right there. But typically looks really cool and stylistic and you kind of come up with them like this. And then the set towards muscles come off almost horizontally like that. And usually you see a little bit of those maybe one more and that's it. So again come up like this from each edge of the AB You're coming up with these lines and then you come across like this for your ceteris muscles and it kind of adds that kind of cool effect. That's kind of what you're looking for there and you can kind of come up and round these a little bit if you want to. Right. That's the basic ness of the torso from the front view. Now we look at it a little more detail from the side you adding in the rest of the muscles right. So you can have the tourist muscles which come in horizontally right here. So first you have the muscles that come off these corners like this and you have the support muscles it's kind of come off like this and really these come at a pretty big angle and then you kind of have towards choice muscles like that you don't have to draw very many of them because you can't see much of them anyway even on the most like office above. People but hey this. This is manga and anime right. So we can really just make this as crazy as we want. There's really no rules know when it comes to stylized versions of characters like that the buttocks are going to fit in here I'm going to just draw them in there and they're kind of from the side of you to kind of come like this will show kind of in the back view where they attach we get into that section that's going to finish off this. The views here on this side here were not willing to see anything we might see a couple of these muscles coming up like this and that's all we're going to see those side muscles they're coming up and that's it. And then you going to make this ability a little bit up the love handle right here as it comes up into the side of you like this and then you might you know saw a little bit of that part of the love handles coming coming down right here or kind of come this way if you want to I might just hint at it like that with a line next is the love handles here and so here we're gonna see a lot more of the love handle on the side and the main bulk of love handles like this it kind of comes like that comes across like this comes around and wraps all around the body we'll see where it ends up in the back and then kind of comes like that. That's like the main shape but it also continues with a thinner part of its muscle coming down here like that. However we're not gonna draw it like this because doesn't look that cool. So well I just a little bit of lines to hint at that muscle. It's a really key part of character creation and both joining characters in both the manga style and in comic book style. Is that there's like this minimalistic approach where you don't draw every part of every line that you might see in a photograph. You know you. Of course you don't want to look up for Garcia said from the beginning what's going to add the lats and there now actually squared and come up skinnier first and then kind of had the lots like this but normal noticed right now I'm not using a very stylized body. It's kind of a very basic body to learn anatomy because muscles are the same when you apply them just like you know apply them to a to a body like this and by like this and they get long gated or stretch forever but want to learn muscles and how they appear naturally first right. So we're gonna continue the love handles into the back side of the body because they do appear there so you can see a little bit of them from the back here from the side and going to kind of come up in like this and then they're going to stop right in here. This is like the overall shape of them like that they kind of look like this but we're not control that we'll find out all about that that maybe hint at this line right here that's how we're going. We don't want it to look all these different ways of drama but we'll draw the other spying line in here as well for now eyes look get that in there and why we're here in the back with a quick I'm just going to kind of add in the buttocks the buttocks extend down this is the crotch line the buttocks actually stand down extend on further in the crotch line they come like this on the buttocks to the kind of like this and attached to that to that bone but that's not how they look when they're on the body they kind of look like this here and we'll give him a nice set of buttocks where he has a pretty rounded set of muscles maybe we can show the indent right here how that muscle looks that kind of goes like that then we'll get more into these like muscles later a little bit. Right. That's it for the torso muscles.