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  • How human brain activity creates what you experience in life
  • How human energy shell or aura is created
  • How human aura is created and what keeps it in balance
  • Is energy healing or chakra balancing a long term solution
  • Why the point of “here and now” is the key to stable energy flow
  • Why your date of birth is so important in understanding who you are
English [Auto] So the first question is what is a human on a cosmic scale. Is life just about being born. Going to school getting a job starting a family and then dying of the old age or just maybe there is something more. You probably have the sense of being connected to something bigger than yourself or in other words there is a bigger meaning to a human life than the material reality and social matrix going beyond the physical round leads to the search for the purpose in life and is often referred to a broad concept of spirituality. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. True spirituality however has nothing to do with religion. Spirituality is about creative self discovery and embracing your inner spirit or higher self. Human spirit which can also be described as an energy informational entity on the levels of higher consciousness still kind of needs a physical vessel in order to have a full experience including material reality. And there are two basic different approaches to how a human body comes into existence. There is a biological way which describes the nature of atoms molecules cells and other material building blocks that come together to form your body or physical form. Then there is an energy informational way which offers explanation to such natural phenomena as chakras HUMAN AURA energy flow subtle bodies on the high levels of consciousness your higher self etc. combining both biological and energy information in ways gives you a bigger picture and answers the question what role a human plays in the cosmic reality of one higher consciousness. There is even more in scientific research suggesting that we are all living in a quantum hologram reality of one consciousness the struggle to define consciousness is an ongoing process among Western scientists and philosophers alike. Many believe that each one of us has an intuitive understanding of what consciousness really is. One of the ways to explain consciousness is to embrace it as the self discovering conscious fractal or credo of everything that exists including our personal life experiences. The one higher consciousness as the chief architect of our reality has the intention for everyone to be healthy successful and beautiful Apollo's and not paradises. However when the initial plan starts is descent from the high levels of consciousness to be implemented into our material reality it meets certain resistance as a result. You get what you get in life depending on your genetic line energy informational environment of the family community and country you born into. Together with the karmic debts from the spirit's previous embodiments. Yet it is not as gloomy as it may seem. You still have one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. The choice you can choose what to do with the resources and potential you get at birth. You can make things worse for yourself and your lineage or you can make things better and become the founder of the new healthy quality for the generations to come. In order to do that you have to embrace the energy informational truth connect with your higher self and find your own unique balance of a healthy and fulfilling life of purpose. The medium that your human spirit or your Higher Self uses to connect and communicate with the physical vessel is the human brain. It works as a very complicated radar system that receives information from the higher levels of consciousness and helps to transform it into energy through the work of the human brain. You interact with the timeless energy informational field of higher consciousness and create your physical reality. You know as life or as Natalia bigoted about Russian neuroscientists and brain surgeon one said through the human brain. Time is transformed into space this quote itself is one of the pretty good causes even just to meditate on human brain activity. According to the spiritual science and for semantics can be divided into three areas spiritual social and biological in as authentic circles known as the trinity of the spirit mind and body spiritual or vertical brain activity connects the human body with the spirit and higher levels of consciousness. There are also horizontal brain activities social and biological social is responsible for the ways you are many facets in society through interaction with other people and biological brain activity is related to the functions or your physical form or body. Does the visual model of the human brain that you can see on the screen reminds you of anything. One of the universal laws states as above so below what you see in micro cosmos you can find in microcosms the picture showing the human brain activity orbitals looks very similar to the structure of an atom. In a sense a human brain is a nucleus of a conscious atom experiencing life in the vast field of Cosmos there's also another Auburn that is essential to experience life. The human heart. The importance of the heart will be explained through the emotional shell. Later in the webinar and even though it may seem that the human heart is a lot less complicated than the human brain it plays a vital role together with other organs. In creating your physical form so you can enjoy life at its fullest. The health of your body is the foundation for building your life and main goal of the biological brain activity orbital. When you are experiencing challenges with health all the other concerns become irrelevant. You can't really think straight about the goals that you might have set for yourself on how you can become financially independent or have satisfying personal relationship as well as realize your creative essence. You spend all your energy on trying to figure out how to get back to your health. Most people tried to resolve their issues with health by delegating this solution to the workers of the medical industry without taking real responsibility for their own state of well-being. Doctors can only cure sickness. Being healthy is everyone's own responsibility. Don't get me wrong some cases do require medical intervention. However there is so many things that you can prevent from happening to your physical body or recover from a sickness without the use of drugs or sometimes even a surgery. As an example you can look at different approaches to health itself in the modern Western and in the eastern traditions. It seems that the main goal of the Western medicine today's dealing with the symptoms by means of either surgery or medical drugs and in the east. The goal is to prevent sickness through all kinds of natural herbs acupuncture energy balancing exercises and homeopathic treatment. If you want your state of good health to have long lasting results then fixing just the symptoms of your physical body is not enough. You need to know the real cause of a sickness which lies on the higher levels of consciousness and you probably also want to know how to prevent it from having a negative effect on your body in the future. As Albert Einstein once said no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. The knowledge of the Energy Information will field its laws and going beyond material reality allows you to establish a better communication channel with the chief architect so you can manifest the initial healthy blueprint fixing a certain problem with your own bodies of higher consciousness initiates natural process that can help you resolve the true cause of a health problem. There is a metaphysical explanation pretty much to any issue with health and energy informational tools to fix it. Each case however is unique and needs to be looked at separately seen a bigger picture and synchronizing the work of your physical body with the subtle bodies that group present you on the higher levels of consciousness also allow you to become a lot more intuitive and you know essentially wise. Let's say that you have eaten something that made you sick. Well if you had been in good contact with your energy bodies your intuition would have warned you of the danger and you would be able to avoid eating the food that can potentially harm your physical body. There are also times when everything is fine with the food but it is charged with the energy of the person cooking it. And if the cook is in a very bad place that energy is passed to the food he or she is preparing. It doesn't mean however that you now need to run around and conduct energy cleansing on all the food that you're about to eat. Become vegetarian or vegan. What it means is that you should be more conscious of what you eat as well as about the energy of people who make the food. It is no secret that there is a huge difference between a microwave dinner consisting of processed foods and a homemade meal prepared by a person who really loves you. Your physical as well as energy immune systems are initially built to handle a lot of damage. But why allow harm to your bodies when you can avoid it. The more energy you are able to save during your everyday life the more stable is the energy flow and the more energy you can direct towards improving the quality of your life script in order to experience life. Having just a physical body is not enough. You still need to interact with other people and establish your presence with the outside world which is the purpose of the social brain activity. The bottom line is people need people. One of the historical experiments even though cruel that gives proof to the need for social interaction was allegedly conducted by Holy Emperor Frederick the second in the 13th century A.D. he wanted to discover the true national language Some historians claim that he wanted to discover what language was given to Adam and Eve by God. Frederick ordered a group of foster mothers and nurses to take care of the children without speaking to them. He thought that this way the first words that children would speak would be of the true first language of the humans. His experiment however did not bring desired results. All infants withered and so died in order to live children as well as adults need interaction and communication. Just food and sleep is not enough social contact is a vital element of a human life. Everyone is having their own unique journey while being a part of a collective consciousness discovering your inner talents and investing your energy into society gives you a chance to get the resources you need including money for building the life you desire to reach financial independence. You need to learn the skills that could benefit others so that you can exchange your wallet your work for proper financial reward the quality of your social life also depends on your ability to build long lasting relationships with others and finding a partner that you can build a family with and share you experience. The key is starting with yourself especially if you're looking for an affectionate connection based on true love. In order to receive love you need to give love. You need to truly love yourself in order to attract the partner you desire. It has nothing to do with being selfish or egotistic egoism is actually making other people live their life the way you want to. It is not Iggy's stick to leave your life as you consciously choose to loving yourself is about becoming the best version of yourself so you can meet those who can become the catalysts for your own inner growth and ultimately help you discover happiness reach and harmony in your relationships with your loved one. Family friends and business partners grace the social foundation allowing you to evolve and become an example to others. So we all can grow as a collective consciousness like in the current society or quote unquote social matrix could seem as a challenge and there are people who strongly believe that we live in a very cruel world. However in order to grow we do need challenges in life. Neuropsychologist in the University of California have done neuroplasticity studies on how strong and environment influences brain they were able to show that challenges stimulate brain growth at a cellular level. The experiment on rodents revealed that those who live in Golden quote enriched environments with a stimulating interactive tasks performed better at learning activities than those in passive conditions. The scientists took mice that were born on the same day from the same parents and fed them the same food as well. They put the mice in three different cages the first cage was spacious full of different objects that mice could play with. It also had all kinds of fitness quote unquote equipment wheels bars ladders and swings. This cage had many mice and they had to interact with each other sometimes even fight to get access to a certain object. It was a game for them. The second cage was a little bit smaller. It was empty but it had plenty of food. The cage did not have as many mice as the first one. It didn't have as many objects of attraction and mice could just relax and rest. The third cage was tight and it had only one mouse. The mouse was fed very well and the mouse could see other mice. There were a small hole in the wall of the cage. It was like watching TV or constantly watching youtube videos. After one month mice from the first cage were much faster than the other ones in running through labyrinth and recognizing certain pictures. Cerebral cortex of mice from the first stage was 6 percent heavier than those in the second cage and much heavier when compared to the one in the third cage analysing their brain on the microscope revealed that the number of the neuron cells was the same. However each neuron became about 30 percent longer their nervous system became more complex and they had more sound sleep than the others. The experiment shows that capacity of the brain can grow only when it is used and it gets depreciated. If you only observe how others do it when you interact with others in surrounding the world you improve the work of your brain. When you overcome a certain challenge you get the feeling of accomplishment and it gives you strength to take on the next one. It is not an accident that to be a hero of your own lives scraped you have to deal with many different hardships. The main question is how to do it effectively without losing too much energy and be able to stay on the wave of success and harmonious energy flow while evading falling into egoistic wishes often imposed by the social matrix in order to discover your purpose and have the answers on how you can achieve your goals in the most energy efficient and harmonious way you use your spiritual brain activity. It connects you with your inner or higher self and serves as the guide for your mind and body on how to interact with the outside world. Your spirit wants to experience life at its fullest when you have a clear connection with your true self which some people simply call intuition. You know what your next step should be on your everlasting path of self discovery. After all life is about the journey and not the destination. Meditation and other spiritual practices help you establish distortion free communication channel with your true self or spirit. You also need to ask the right questions and be ready to hear the answers. It is very important to know how to phrase your questions correctly and be able to intuitively differentiate the answer. Your Higher Self is giving you from the negative mental programs that lead to destruction. Learn how to improve your intuitive or transcendental abilities might take some time and practice but it is something that everyone can actually learn. Here is just one of the insights discovered through my only known work that I often share during personal consultations and life workshops. Your inner voice or the voice of your higher self is never loud. It never tries to argue with you or prove you anything it is just there. If you're ready to listen. It doesn't need the proof of its existence or to impose dogmatic reasons why you should do or not do something. The voice is often very quiet and only gives you a certain course without giving you a direct answer. It respects your freedom and gives you a chance to exercise your own will in creating your own reality. Your spirit holds the information on what is your purpose and what can truly make you happy in life. Thus if you embrace that happiness is being guided by your higher self your following your purpose or as Dalai Lama said the purpose of human life is to be happy. If your life is bitter you are constantly dealing with major problems with health finances or personal relationships. The real source of those challenges is the distortion in the communication channel with your higher self. You also have to remember that it is not just being ardently happy and careless about everything that is going on in your life. Some people mistake 2 spirituality for escaping the real world and finding refugee in the illusionary world of woo woo stuff where everything is shiny happy people dancing and laughing or as the Chinese proverb says it is easy to be spiritually enlightened while sitting on top of John Shan mountains. But it is much harder to stay spiritual sitting at the market. The balanced work of your biological social as well as spiritual brain activity help you deal with the material reality without escaping challenges that the outside world might throw your way. The spiritual brain activity gives you access to the creative forces of the universe so you can manifest the wishes of your mind and body.