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Learn to edit videos in MAGIX Vegas 16 by setting up a template, slicing, editing, adjusting voice and music levels, overdubbing a screw-up in your recording, and exporting high quality videos in Vegas!  Also learn how to get better performance out of Vegas pro.

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English [Auto] Okay. And so in this section of videos I'm going to be showing you how to actually edit your videos. So as you can see this is Vegas 16 so it used to be sony vegas. Sony got bought out by a company called magics. OK now something I have kind of learned over the years is when you start to work with a video editing software I recommend sticking with that software. OK so sometimes it's like how do you know for you to like it. I think sometimes they offer a trials so you know download it try it and see what you like. The reason why I say that is because as you progress you know if you ever want to go back to a video or whatever and open it up it's like it's always the same software you know. You don't have to always have like multiple softwares and with that said like I don't always upgrade. So for example I think I bought Vegas maybe 13 and then I allowed 14 15 and then 16 came out and I was this and it had some features that I liked. So I was like OK well I'm going to pay the upgrade fee to get the new version. So that's just something to think about when you are getting your video editing software. What what do you like and all those ones like Final Cut Pro. I think that's only like a Mac based one. But you guys can kind of do some research I decided on Vegas by no means is this like the perfect video editing software. There are some quirks about it but at the end of the day it does work quite well. And it allows me to get high quality results. It is expensive too. So and that's the thing I want to talk to you about in this video is sometimes there's temp files so temporary files and I just want to introduce you to those. So we're going to click off of one here. We're going to drag it in and it's just going to say do you want to match the project settings to the media that I just added in. I'm gonna say yes. So now if I go back to the folder you're going to see that it created these temporary files. Now Vegas creates these. So that your software loads faster the next time. So you're safe to delete them if you want but just remember that the next time you open up that project file it's going to recreate these files for you so you know if you're going to open up that file again tomorrow to work on don't delete them because you know it's going to have to recreate those files anyways which is going to take you know a couple of seconds. So just one thing I want to share with you because before I start to get into video editing I was like What are all these kind of temporary files. OK. So that's everything I want to say in this video it was more just a little introduction to you know what we're gonna be covering. Good to show you how to set up Vegas here. I'm going to show you how to create a template going to show you how to slice edit do fades and just prepare your course for release. OK.