How to Create a Digital TV Network Overview - YouTube Marketing

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YouTube Marketing: Become a Digital TV Star in Your Niche

YouTube Marketing: You can create/produce your own TV network on YouTube-Engage your community with Video

01:17:13 of on-demand video • Updated November 2020

  • Start your own professional TV newscast on YouTube
  • Know how to look comfortable on camera
  • Determine an editorial mix and calendar
  • Figure out monetization strategies
English [Auto] Hi I'm T.J. Walker this is a 10 part series on how to create your own video news channel. This is specifically for subject matter experts PR consultants people who own PR firms run PR firms or in PR firms or part of the corporate communications department. For organizations this is for you it's about how not to influence the news or how to get bookings and placements in the news but how to actually create your own TV news channel in a digital format. I'm talking about videos that you're creating for YouTube for your web site for other online distribution points. Traditionally PR people communications people even subject matter experts said you know what I'll try to get in the media and if I create my own media it will be newsletters blogs text articles I can't do video because it's too expensive it's too difficult it's too time consuming it's requires too many resources and I'm here to tell you those days are over. There is simply no rational reason for you not to create your own news network. Now if you're a PR firm you could do two or three videos each week highlighting the specialty whatever the news is from your clients. If you are a large corporation anything you put a press release out all you can do a video for that. If you are a subject matter expert you can comment provide commentary on your perspective of something in the news or it's evergreen content and put it out there. Now the other thing I do beyond media training and training people how to do things like this is I do political news news commentary the same sorts of things you would see on CNN MSNBC or talk radio I provide commentary on the news. So I simply look at 10 stories a day summarize it briefly and give commentary and let me tell you what this is not for. These videos are not for people who want to be viral sensations on YouTube. This is not for people who want to get rich quick with some new marketing scheme of videos to get money out of people. That's not what it's about. It's not about how to create a funny entertainment video and have 10 million views. It's not about how to be the next Justin Bieber. This is for people who can comment and analyze and deliver news doesn't have to be the same news that's on the front page of The New York Times. The home page of The Wall Street Journal it does have to be about you either delivering new information or commentary or analysis of new stuff. The reason that's significant is you're not going to have things go viral. In most cases people forget the average video on YouTube has about three views. Some people say oh let's create a viral video. It shows they really don't know what they're talking about. Now I've had videos get more than 100000 views but most don't. Most get far fewer than that. But if you are putting out information on a regular basis and you have an audience that likes your stuff need your stuff. Once you're stuck it won't matter. You're not doing one entertainment videos if it were a movie and polishing it and working on it for two years. You're providing regular content on the news. So the other thing I'd worry about. Be careful of people trying to sell you expensive webinars expertise on how to be viral video hits with your news videos. First thing I would do what I always do when I see someone delivering a webinars seminar or workshop on treating Internet video first thing I do and I would urge you to do it right now go to their YouTube channel click on the About Us section it will tell you how many views that person has. Being totally transparent I have close to three million views on my YouTube channel. Every time I ever look at another so-called YouTube news video expert I look at that and they typically have a couple thousand views. So you've got to be aware of a lot of phoneys out there who really don't know what they're talking about. I'm not the expert on how to be the next Justin Bieber or entertainment guru with millions of years when I am an expert on is how you can create your own news channel create content quickly inexpensively almost for nothing on a regular basis and develop an audience. That's what this series is about. You probably thinking about this a while you've probably seen other people and you just don't quite know where to start. Well I'm here to tell you exactly what to do. Step by step. So look at the other videos in this sequence and we'll walk you through it.