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English [Auto] Hi everyone. Green here and I'm back to show you some more strategy that I use in Facebook groups to get leads and actually this strategy was huge because I got two loyal customers who actually are high paying customers and who have bought two reports from me already. So this actually worked out really well and I think I really established myself in this group as being a go to astrologers. So I want to show this to you and this post I'm talking about Venus retrograde and I first start off with how are you enjoying this Venus retrograde so far it's always good to start with the question. I found that that worked really well for me. And then I'd go ahead and give a little insight on how I operate under a reader's retrograde as an astrologer. And then I give some you know a list of themes that you can find that show up there during a Venus retrograde and then on top of that I assign give a little blurb for every sign this post got one hundred forty five lights and 33 comments. So it's a really good post a very effective one. People say hey do you do natal charts. Then I'll friend them and we'll we'll start the conversation in the messages. This is another one. This is the one that really worked well. Hey Soul Sisters I'm an astrologer and I've been interacting since I joined but now I want to be useful. Any questions you have on astrology let me know. I'll be sure to answer or do another post on the topic. Right. So this one I straight up said look I want to answer all of your questions that you have about astrology. And I did. I went through every single comment I got thirty eight comments. Another astrologer hopped on helped me which is absolutely OK because you're showing that you're part of a community right. I got so many good friends out of this comment so I added a bunch of people everyone that I responded to. I did have a friend request so that now they're in my eco system of when I post normally on my personal page. Right. And I did do this through my personal page and then I can continue to convert them from my personal to my business page now that I have them in my eco system. Right. So the oh the overall idea is to get people to the business page right. But through Facebook groups I really found that it works very well for me to interact through my personal page. And then people responded and then I had two people a few people asked me if I did nail charged and I reached out to them and I actually got one lead or booking. So this is something that I would also recommend to add to daily work or at least do this you know twice or three times a week. And maybe it took me about an hour to post it and to answer everyone's questions and two awesome message to people who were four interested. It's an overall great strategy. I found that it worked for me and I really do think it will work for you make sure that you find a group that has over 10000 or more people in the group and that it's very active at least three to five posts a day. This group has even more than that. So that's really important when you're looking for a group to get really great results out of. I hope this is helpful for you. I'll see you guys in the next video.