Effectiveness vs. Efficiency Matrix

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To make the effective vs. efficient difference clear, I'll present you this matrix and give you four examples

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English [Auto] In this video we're going to look into the effective efficient quadrant horsecollar effective efficient metrics. Just before with go into it. Though I want to quickly review what both terms are again. Effectiveness was to do the right things. Now they were doing the right things. If he was to performant ask whether it's important or not in the most economical manner possible it's important to be both effective and efficient. But if you have to be one you should be effective. It's very important to do the right things. But now looking into the matrix that's what comes up now. And on the horizontal axis you have efficiency on the vertical axis you have effectiveness. Obviously the place where you want to be the place where you should try to be on the place where you strive to make your work be is on the top right. That's where both effectiveness and efficiency are at the maximum level possible. And that's where the high performance incorporations on our plate. So what type of situations would you be both effective and efficient. It's the cases where you are rapidly completing your lead dominos and all these tasks that if you do them directly impact the most of the work. Yes. For example perhaps your sense guy and you are doing a lot of calls but when you close when you call berried customers with a tailored pitch and a lot of them and they all close the sale very close to very close to closing a sale then you know you're in a very strong position. So are both effective and efficient in the same line. You are both effective yet effective but not so efficient when you look the same type of work. You know politically dominant tasks but you just take a little bit more time or you just don't do as much of them. Let's put it this way. You know on the first case in both effective and efficient you closed 10 sales you closed the most important sales and you do it now masing way you are effective when you just close perhaps free sales by those sales of all the sales are the most important are the deals that make the most buy the company so as not just a gun play in those two quadrants as much as you can on the right but if not always are well that's not all of course based off to be efficient but what is it to be both highly efficient and not so effective. For example when you have e-books you that's when you are like a superman or woman or you spend your time on tasks that are not so important. You know it's good to have him actually hero. Absolutely if you can have it but if you're having Basuto and you're a sales guy and you're not doing all your sales or you're not doing all your calls on your inbox zero no way of escaping of your many important tasks then is not good. You need to of course try to move up in the matrix the worst place to be is when you're no efficient and low effectiveness and the case that I would like to point out the most in this in this part of the quadrant is when you spend a lot of time on meetings meetings at a big time sink and there is a lot of people that just had then a lot of them. And the reality is at the end of the meetings are a waste of time especially if you book open ended meetings without an agenda. Wow. That's the worst. And that's the pinnacle of low effectiveness low efficiency. Whatever the case boy that all means possible to play in that part of the world. So as I mentioned in the last video it's better to be effective than efficient. However it trumps all when you are both. That's where the magic is and that's where real high performers work.