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Teas are compact for the kit, easy to use and many have multiple uses.

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Herbalism :: Essential Herbal Medicine Favorites

A brief introduction to great herbal medicine remedies that you can easily make at home.

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  • Know which teas and essential oils to have on hand for first aid situations.
  • Prepare ginger and garlic recipes for medicine and healing of a variety of ailments.
  • Make two amazing recipes for colds and flu.
  • Make an amazing recipe for energy and longevity.
English I always like to have plenty of different kinds of tea and my first aid kit. They taste great. They're really compact and easy to take with you. I definitely always put them in my travel first aid kits. One of my favorite that always goes with me is mint it can be spearmint or peppermint. It tastes so good. I actually do drink this almost every day . it is good for times of nausea or digestive upset. One of my favorite uses for mint tea is that it's very energizing and it helps with clear thinking. So it's interesting combination that it's that energizing Plus it's also calming. It is a really nice remedy that you carry with you or keep right in your kit . Next tea that I have here is chamomile So chamomile is also calming and it's a nice tea to drink before bed. It can help with insomnia. It's just a really mild sedative. Also really good for stomach pain , it's an anti-spasmodic for digestive issues. iI's one of the famous remedies for colic and very safe for children. Excellent for children's colic. I've used it also. For eyestrain or sore red irritated eyes simply moisten a bag of chamomile and place that right over the eye. Sit there and relax for about 15 minutes or so. Nice excuse to just sit and relax. I also always carry some smooth move. This is for constipation. It's a company called Traditional Medicinals. I'm not an affiliate. My dear teacher, friend and mentor Rosemary Gladstar was the founder of this company . She's no longer with the company. They still use her old recipes which are very effective. She always said that she was going to be remembered by her smooth move. One cup of smooth move should do the trick. Wait about four hours and if you need to, you can do a second one. That's really good for travel specially after airplane travel. A few other teas that I haveare also Traditional Medicinals And these are both for colds. One is Breathe Easy. So nice for respiratory issues. And the other is Throat Coat. I really like this one for sore throat. Very soothing. Has that slippery elm and licorice in it. And so it's excellent for the red raw. Irritated throat .It tastes really good. The final tea is in my first aid kit is an Elder Flower, Yarrow Flower and Peppermint Tea and this is one that I made up myself. I can either order these herbs online through the resources that I've provided or you can just simply purchase them at your co-op or also at an herb store. Let's take a look at this tea in the next lesson and then we will learn how to make a tea.