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Mint is both energizing and calming at the same time making it more than just a great tasting herb.

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English Peppermint and spearmint are two of my favorite herbal flavors. They are also some of my favorite herbal medicine. And when the two occur at the same time it's really quite a gift. I drink mint tea just about every day. I could either just plunk in a bag of prepackaged tea but I do grow and harvest and dry my own mints. I just put it in a tea ball and to make it, I just put it right in the cup and throw some boiling water over the top. Mint does have a lot of volatile oils in it so it's good to keep that covered up while it steeps. Those volatile oils can release into the air and you loose a lot of your good medicine. So it's good to just cover it up while it steeps. I have one of these little covers but you could just put a plate right over your tea. I'm going to let that just steep for a few minutes and in the meantime I would like to talk about some of the medicinal qualities of mints. Outside of being refreshing, it's also nutritious with a lot of vitamin C in it. We don't often think of mint tea having those kind of nutrients but it also has a lot of beta carotene and chlorophyll. It has a lot of calcium, potassium and magnesium. So it's really quite nutritious. But my favorite medicinal feature of mint is sort of an odd combination of medicinal effects. First it's really stimulating to the mind. I usually have a cup first thing in the morning instead of coffee. Works great for me, really helps me to be more alert, awake and aware But also at the same time, mint is very calming and relaxing. It's great for reducing stress, anxiety so it sounds like an odd combination. You might wonder how would the two occur at the same time and I wondered that for years. A friend of mine explained it to me saying It's like getting a massage. It's very energizing by stimulating the blood flow and yet at the same time it has this underlying sense of relaxation. So that makes sense to me. In addition, the other medicinal qualities are antispasmodic for indigestion. So those with irritable bowel syndrome will benefit from drinking mint tea. I would also combine it with a chamomile tea. You can buy them prepackaged in bags and just plunk them both together right in the same cup. I think you'll find that over time that will help ease some of the symptoms. Also next to ginger, mint is one of the best for nausea. It's great. I always put it in my travel pack when I'm traveling out of the country. It's also good for children that have tummy aches. In terms of finding mint in food, it's not used all that often but it is still used in jellies that are put on top of pork chops. There's mint ice cream and candies. We'll be adding to the course a wonderful cucumber mint salad. It's delicious with mint and cilantro and it's very refreshing. You can also find mint drinks. There's mint juleps, gin gimlets, even peppermint schnapps that are also real refreshing. We're going to be making a toothpaste. It's very simple. There's only four ingredients. I have kaolin clay here. It's a quarter cup. Kaolin clay is a white clay. It's used in cosmetics quite a bit. It has a number of different purposes but it's wonderful for a base for making the toothpaste. I'm going to put that into a mixing jar and add a couple of other ingredients here. I have a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of baking soda which are ingredients that a lot of people have on hand. You may not have the peppermint essential oil but it's easy to find it at the health food store, co-op even your grocery store. It's pretty common. You only need a few drops. It's really strong so I'm just going to put four drops in. Comes out really fast, so it's good to be careful. I'm going to cover that up and shake it up really well. I've only made a little bit here. I can sure smell that mint. That's just really amazing. Shake that up really good. To use it, I'm going to just mix it with water to make a nice paste for using as toothpaste. You don't want to make up more than about a week's worth because it just won't last all that long. This is a wonderful way to brush your teeth with very healthy wonderful ingredients. In the meantime, I'm just going to sip my mint tea and I'll see you in the next lesson.