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English [Auto] How do you make your video feel like a finished product. Well background music is one of the easiest things you can do to create the professional vibe of a finished product. So what I like to use for background music is a free service called Band lab and band lab is a chemical light version of a dollar that is a MDI interface. Now for those you guys who don't know those terms don't even worry about it. It's basically a bunch of digital instruments and free loops and kits that make different types of electronic and digital sounds to create music right. So here we are in band lab and it's really simple. Just go to Man Lab calm register sign in click create music and go to use premade loops and bam. Here you are. You can pick from all the different loops and kits that fit whatever sound you're looking for. So let's say you're looking for a k pop real fun sound. Let's go down to say something different and let's look for electronic Emerald pack. It's not fair so most of the fun it might come about. And then you can keep on going and you can find like rock. That's kind of cool or generic but kind of cool. Then we can go to like Bollywood that's got a really cool vibe. And there's tons of different options in here for finding whatever it is that you're looking for cinematic stuff. So everything from pop to indie elevator music whatever it may be. You know you are going to know what you're trying to move towards in terms of the vibe for a year your video. Right. So go through here find something that fits you. I dig this indie stuff so let's click on that. So most of the stuff in the indie genre is 120 beats per second. So whether or not we pick something from the indie section it's all gonna be 120 beats per second and that's a really simple rule to work with. Anytime you're trying to build music and band lab. So let's just go through here and let's listen and see if we find anything that we really like. I really make these bass tracks. I just don't know my life was not fine. I'm done with my dying five. I'm not dragging me. On drop it. So there's five hanging out so it's fine. Yeah you need more than just bass that's five of other stuff. A one on the guitar let's move on to drums 3 and 1 and 3 related ones. And then our last song Sam if that's what we're going for. So here we have a couple different sample tracks let's play playing not terrible not great but not terrible. So what we will look for is when we go back to loot packs you know I mean we want to go back to all loops we want to get rid of you know the the indie stuff and we'll look at everything it's 120 beats per second. So here we have a bunch of like 19 years about server cells really cool reception stuff sounds really good. That's really fine. But does it fit with answers. The answer is No. So what are some of those kind of like. Well maybe a little Poppy. We'll all Rocky. Yeah. Somewhere in there. So we're just going to kind of dance around and find the thing that really kind of fits or looking for zero. That sounds so let's keep looking. Nobody else. That sounds pretty cool. So now that we have something we like how do we make it sound right in. You know it's kind of the weird things about sound right. So you may have a much as sounds that you know they individually sound good maybe collectively they sound OK. But how do you master it to make everything mix well. And those are some key terms in the learn mastering mixing so forth and so on. A lot of that has to do the audio right you know. So how much noise is applied to each track. So we have our harmony let's meet everything that's gonna make our high zine and then we have our drums and so really low kind of crunchy side do we have some piano guitar that's kind of like our middle they may have some base and some really really guttural sound right. So how do we make all those jive together. Well the easiest thing to do is to just simply adjust the volumes first thing we do is we need to expand this track out to match all of the tracks. And then I think our base is good. I think we should drop our guitar down a little bit. Maybe we'll just pack everything in zero and see how that feels we're not going to have exact zero. We're just going to kind of get in the ballpark. Point five is fine and this will readily add zero. So obviously that just sounds like noise right. So we need to drop everything down more. Let's go down to point five and even on a really low base stuff let's go down to at least three and a half. Yeah. So now we're getting way too much of the strings right. So I know we need to bring some other stuff up so let's bring the guitar up to three and a half. Strings are way too loud so it's dropped them down to three and half as well. That's gonna sound cool. You know I think if we keep working on this you'll find something really kind of fun. Let's just go play with it. Let's draw the strings all the way down. Do you see what we create there when we dropped the strings down and kind of had the middles kind of stand a little bit you had a very different feel. So let's let's keep working with that. Let's bring the middles back up maybe to just under zero that feels better right. So it's start the mills we urge you to drop the highs way down and that sounds like you're really kind of classic background music. So anytime you're building anything in band lab you get to ask yourself what you're going for are you on for background music you for foreground music are you going for some type of mainline intro music all those different things are going to require different pieces put together to create something that sounds great but for generic background music you know I feel pretty good about this.