The Modern Physics Behind How Energy Moves Around the Body

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Qigong is a system of breathing exercises, body postures and movements, and mental concentration, intended to maintain good health and control the flow of vital energy. The term Qi (氣) means "energy" and the term Gong (功) means "to cultivate". Qigong means the cultivation of life energy! View this lecture to learn more!

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English [Auto] Our bodies have two polarities and the way that we move energy throughout our bodies is through something called potential difference. I've created several illustrations to help explain what potential difference is by using the example of a waterfall. Please follow along. Potential difference can be explained simply think of a waterfall versus a stagnant pool of water a waterfall is full of energy it's vibrant and it moves from one location to another a stagnant pool of water just sits there and doesn't move at all. Why. The difference is all about energy. The reason there is no water flow and a stagnant pool of water is because there is no energy difference in the water in the pool. For water to flow there needs to be a difference in energy between one area and another. If there is a variation in the way that the water is positioned it will flow from an area of high energy to an area with low energy in order to create balance. In the case of a waterfall this energy is supplied by elevating one segment of the water. The elevated water has more energy due to gravity than the water at the base and this makes it flow. In the case of a waterfall it is gravity that defines the energy involved and the higher the elevation of water the higher the potential energy it has using water tanks as an example. The higher tank of water has more potential energy than the lower tank as the water flows down into the lower reservoir. It loses potential energy because the what the tank at the bottom has less gravity once it reaches the lower reservoir entirely. It has lower potential energy than the water in the higher reservoir. Once the higher reservoir is completely empty water won't flow back upward on its own. This is because water cannot flow from an area of low potential energy to an area with high potential energy at least not without help. For the same reason if you just connected a pipe from the lower reservoir to the higher reservoir the water won't go back up into the higher reservoir. If we want our water to keep flowing we need to make it return to the higher reservoir for this we need to provide a boost to the system. This is possible with a water pump water in the higher reservoir has a higher energy. As explained before and it flows downward. Keep in mind that when it moves it's losing energy in the process. This is because it loses the potential force of gravity by losing elevation a pump can provide extra energy to drive the system by taking the water with low potential energy and pumping it to the higher reservoir. The water that has reached the higher reservoir now has a high potential energy and is able to flow down again repeating the cycle over and over. This is how our Achi channels and meridians work our bodies create energy in the elixir fields or Don Tien and send it throughout the various energy channels or meridians of the body with acupuncture points serving as the water pump used in the previous illustration. This is how the cheap energy of the body continues to flow. This is also how the cells of our body create energy. Our bodies have two poles top and bottom and they're connected by the spinal cord the spinal cord is called the Chiang Mai in traditional Chinese medicine Chong translates roughly as to rush through the same way that an electrical cord moves energy through a potential difference at lightning speed. The upper and lower polarities you can call them Don 10 refer to the two brains of the body one in our head and the other in our gut. For more information on this fascinating subject see the book. The second brain by Michael Gershon. It outlines the remarkable discovery of the enteric or gut nervous system. So now we know how we move energy around through our our bodies so we take energy from high potentials and we circulated into areas of low potentials. And so now we know how that works. How is it that we create energy.