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English [Auto] Now some of you guys might have already seen a sales funnel before but this actually is not a traditional sales funnel because normally sales funnels are you know traffic on the first one and then to e-mail or to opt in to email lists to opt in. Etc. etc. so it's all about actually getting converting people to an initial customer. But this is actually a sales letter which I've turned into a funnel because it's easier to visualize. So this is actually a sales ladder now a sales ladder is a combination of products so similar to how you have people go from trafficked to your in page to your email list to your your your offer for webinars to you know whatever it goes through that through the gambit of big to small. You can also do that with your products. You start with a low end product that addresses a wider audience in your market and then you give the offer for a higher end product that has more value as a higher price point. And then you do the same thing again. They do the same thing again and always there's some percentage of people that go on to the next level and that is how you dramatically grow your business by increasing the average value of one customer. Because if you only got the first tier of products if you only got one ebook they are selling for say twenty nine ninety nine. Well guess what your average customer value is basically just going to be that same number. But if you've got a series of products that go up to nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars and it starts with that $29 ebook Well then your average customer value is going to be so much higher. So again this is one of the reasons why we're picking a perfect customer to work with a perfect market to work with because we're going to be creating a series of products that builds out an entire business that serves the same market because not same products can work for everybody. Now we're going be talking a lot more about this later. But let me quickly show you how this works. I'm currently using this with my own business. So going in to the final you've got traffic you've got e-mail lists you've got partners that you're dealing with you've got webinars stuff you've got all kinds of things going on organic traffic et cetera guest posts whatever. And it goes in and my low end offering is my book. Then from there I have a low end courses I've got premium courses I've got coaching I've got done for Youth Services where I work with high end clients and then traditionally go above that is something like a three day and person workshop that's really really high end I don't actually have something like that now but things like that are in the works and all of these products service the same market it services your peer group here and the monetised your expertise program. So that's the example of my sales letter. And again this is the whole point of me bringing up that up right now because we'll be actually talking about it in depth and how to build it step by step later. But the point of bringing that up is to help you understand why we're really doing this the right way we're really going deep and not I'm not just showing you a quick way to pump out a crappy book. I'm not just showing you a way to just pump out some courses because if you want to be a true expert if you want to be a leader in your industry you've got to have something more comprehensive. So that was the example of my sales letter but also one of the things I want to bring up is my mistake and one of these mistakes that I'm actually kind of actively fixing now. And I'm also trying to help you avoid. So we're going to be picking our perfect customer to work with in our perfect market right to work in. And one of the things you're going to want to use that for is to structure your product. The mistake I made is that the top tier my book is actually not super well geared towards my ideal client. Right. It actually kind of is targeted at different market that on average will not end up becoming my ideal client. It's called break the system and it typically resonates with a different type of person at a different stage of their business. And that's not going to end up being sold into one of my high end clients. And so that's why we're creating this perfect customer avatar this perfect market so that we can create that entire funnel that's always targeted at that ideal client. Right. So for example you can create tons of products to target business owners. So you're trying to target local business owners and you want to create an ebook that helps all local business owners find newspaper advertising and you want to also have high end clients that pay you a certain amount and work with you in a certain way. Well you're going to have to kind of start with that in mind because if you're low end the e-book does not resonate with that high end client. Well then it's going to be really difficult to end up getting people to go through your funnel. So again that was really high end abstract kind of stuff. Don't worry about it if it went over your head. Are you going to be diving in way deep. I'm just kind of trying to give you the methodology to give you a little bit of some seeds to plant in your in your head and your Moundsville garden as we go through this. So some of the stuff hopefully it makes a little bit more sense so that you understand why you're doing things because personally in school I always hated that way they always just told you to do things and you never really told you why. Why does X equal three B plus a year or whatever. You know.