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Grow Your Brand with Tik Tok in 2020

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  • In this class, we will review how you can leverage Tik Tok to grow your brand, business in 2020.
English [Auto] So why are brands marketers and businesses starting to pay attention to ticktock actually because it's surpassing the likes of Facebook YouTube Instagram. Yes the younger demographic are spending more time on the platform. Additionally from that what's happening there's a ripple effect where older generations are also becoming intrigued and downloading the app. So you might have already opened downloaded the app felt completely confused. You saw a bunch of teenager goofing around whether it's doing dance moves and do it. And personally that's how I felt when I first downloaded the app about a year ago. And the reason that I didn't necessarily pay attention to it until probably six months or so ago was the fact that I felt a little intimidated and the content creation aspect of it it felt very time consuming. And as a busy professional I asked myself well how am I going to be able to manage yet another social media platform. Now I've been playing around like I mentioned for a few months with an account for one of my e-commerce brands. And I've actually realized it's a lot easier than I originally anticipated. As you can upload different clips you can react to different video. So there's plenty of opportunities for you as a brand to come up with fun content. Now it may require some additionally brainstorming at the beginning but like any new platform it's just a matter of getting used to it and gaining some momentum. GREENE So let's get your account set up. You'll have to click on the Meet icon. I'm going to link my account with Facebook. So it's just going to ask me to continue which I'm doing now. And here we go. Weirdly enough I already have 41. Well thirty five followers I guess why I don't remember opening an account before. But actually what I want to do is edit my profile because I want to change my user name so it's consistent with all my other social media accounts so I'm going to write. Miss Luna Vega you probably want to do the following so people can find you easily across all different social media platforms. And once I'm done with the following what I want to do is actually log in and link my Instagram which I'm gonna do now. The reason you want to link your Instagram is that obviously people who discover you on tick tock you'll want to make sure that they are able to access also follow you in the other platforms. All right. So I've done that and now I actually also want to link my youtube account if you have a youtube. Go ahead and do that as well. Great. So I'm all set up so now I will have to write up my bio for the bio you only have 80 character which is actually less than Instagram. So you want to make sure that you are to the point use emojis. I personally love using emojis and then have your mission statement right front and center in my case. Digital marketing boss that crypto hustle CEO because I actually have the other tic tac account crypto hustle that's where I've been tested. And then from nine to five slaves to freedom to kind of like paint the picture of what people should be expecting on my profile. So pretty self-explanatory. So congratulation now that your profile is setup. I'm going to quickly walk you through some of the ways that you can start creating content on ticktock. So you're going to have to press the plus button as you will see while here you're going to see my lovely keyboard. There's different options here so there is 60 seconds so you can shoot a 60 second video you can shoot a 15 second video and you can also include photo templates. So this is where you're going to select different photos and it gives you kind of like different photo slide options as you can see. Great for photographers if you want to do some collage. All right. So let's go back and here on the plus. So personally what I love about tech talk is that as you can see I can record a segment and then I can pause it and then you know include like a different shot as you see cetera. As you can see I can change the speed accordingly. It also gives me timer which you can see here. So if you need time you know to set things up if you have your phone on a tripod you have either three seconds or 10 seconds and then it kind of like starts to count on for you as you can see. So one two three. There we go. And then once you're done with all that and you have shot your little mini sequence if you will you can select sounds. So you're going to click the checkmark. And then as you see here in the bottom so obviously late this is horrible but you're going to click the sound feature and then I like to click the more the reason being is that as you can see it shows you different playlists that are trending featured hip hop etc. New Releases trending is great because you have an idea of what currently is trending on ticktock. Now my recommendation for you before you shoot anything a stick. Research what other individuals in your specific niche are posting look as well as some of the music that are going viral some other soundtracks that are going viral and then implement dot within your video. So really it's like kind of more of like brainstorming session if you will. So I'm just going to include like random music here. So this is selected and there we have it. There's my little mediocre video for you. So extremely easy. Then we just press next you're gonna include a hashtag. So very similar to Instagram in that case so let's say like digital marketing. In my case. So there's already nine point five million you can allow. Do it. And for people to react I encourage you to do that as well. And you can also redirect and so meaning that you can also share this on your Instagram or you can also send it directly on a mass et cetera. Now ticktock also has an array of filters you can use much more than Instagram you could spend days going through all of them. The best way to not feel overwhelmed is to go through the list of trending filters and start saving them by pressing on the little flag in the left hand side. You can also go through your favorite videos and see which cloned are using on the top left hand side and by clicking on it. You'll see videos that have used the same kind of filter. So the best way is for you to start coming up with different ideas without really having the filters into consideration and then little by little as you refine that idea start thinking about which filter you might want to implement because otherwise I agree with you it will be definitely overwhelming. The next chapter will dive in into the different types of content that there is out there as you can start brainstorming and coming up with an editorial counter. So let's get started.