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  • Installing Google Analytics Tracking Code on your Website
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English [Auto] Hello that thing I'm going to show how rigid my stereo and Sally go live to technical Neo-Tech correctly. And were they talking up. Right. So what you can simply click on the website with three click and free corn. So we big swords here. So it will take you to this and just go and and see whether the dragon Gordy's and strand here or you can just click on it soon or you can see here the dragon with the analytics lady ladies present yet you can just click and control and see whether the is shown here. All right. So now you can see the and all the address I can go down the stuff right here. So that is one way of checking the code. Or you can just meet the two of they call it Greg Sword. This don't quote and so just go ahead and call me. You are off to your Web site and it should be called on yet and click on look up. So it doesn't all the tracking go down all the information on the Web site Idel one place so you can see that what I can do is present on your website. Two weeks ago for mapping but with we're tracking for Wlad words the rule was I dug and the blogging begins. So you going see that from what's the it's like what was it's made up a page liked. Well if you see my swing and other stuff like the Kundan mathematician. So the big press is the kind of analysis and I glad to say. All right. So this is one Alpha notation. So you can either do these are the previous method of a choice is the Fiamma move to the side you can get all these leaders in one place so little of them is very good but they do all this stuff and putting whether these signs that it's working properly you need to play for you I just get into the I don't want to hear Phalangist going to be all analytics or not. CONAN And so you may that my tracking what is dragging the button. Right. Just me for it on. So all he gets he does know what's in there and I say what it is. I just recently let's say you made him a waveform and see whether it exists spiking my music you know that's I mean I'm hoping that playing my more webforum Yes the replay is loading mode one this time minute. Now you can see what I'm saying. And then I would say to myself one day you can get distracted. The one Anslinger does real time. So here I I'm from India and my is sitting in his chair. That's going to check whether it's tracking the new device but still just what locations you know that for me or I. So is this scenario and exactly the CD-ROM from the Robert Francis swing. So let's go ahead and do one kind of the checkup with the proxy. And Mike what is dragon the dragon you know the messages from Jose are countries that just go to me I will use a proxy so one rose from another country and check whether the dragon is tracking the location properly. So you can see from USA and all that the bill is going here. And let's go to well I just I check whether it's striking the location how we can do this is right when it's me. And then the next is the that you use. Let's go and check the location of that. What is a world view was USA. So were there. And let's go and check with that swing. Check out the as many districts are showing up so you can also unlaced the traffic so with all the traffic you're getting the real thing. So this is going our way. I always thought that it be the normal way and it's doing as full as DeGraff. And next just deposits are what we always had that means the website and it is showing us the full traffic. So you can check whether your vote is saved. You know what it is in fact can working off. So that is what I would see in the next one.