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Identify your target audience so that you know who you can most cost-effectively target with your Google AdWords campaigns. Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to thinking through your customer demographics and psychographics and how to translate that info into real AdWords campaigns.

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English [Auto] Let's talk now about identifying the target audience and I'm excited to talk about this because this is really vital to you in order to run successful adverts campaigns. You need to understand who you're targeting what they're looking for and then base your decisions your ad copy decisions your landing page decisions upon that information. So let's take a look at two categories of what your target audience is made up of. First of all we have demographic so just physically what gender is your target audience what age range are they and where do they live in the country and also where do you ship to in the country where do you service if you're a local business. So say maybe you're in Charleston South Carolina. Ad do you want to target people in Charleston. Can you go after a 50 mile radius around Charleston. That information is going to translate directly into your campaigns that you create and your location targeting settings. Let's also take a look at Sika graphics now I apologize for the big word really Sika graphics is a little different than demographics. Demographics is more about who your customers physically are and generationally who they are. Second graphics are more about what they believe or what their outlook on life is or how they interact with other people. So that could include things like what spending style they have. Are they looking at every penny they're going to spend. Are they looking for the best deals or do they want to go for the highest price possible luxury products. Also what is their attitude towards life and that's something that goes really well into what type of ad copy and what type of landing pages you write. Someone who is maybe on the edgy side or looking for one type of experience whereas someone who is more sophisticated or more highbrow might be looking for a very different kind of ad and Lenny page experience. So you need to understand who your audience is or if you have multiple audience types you need to segment them and send them to different places on your Web site so that you can best convert them into money. And also obviously are you targeting consumers or businesses because those two segments are going to be paid very differently in the way that they search and purchase. Why does it all matter. Well your audience like we already said is going to dictate what keywords you target it's going to dictate what ad copy you write and what's best going to connect with your audience. It's also going to dictate how you create your landing pages what colors you use what mix of text and video and images you use. It's also going to dictate what offers you offer on your website. So maybe your visitors are more interested in free shipping or maybe you have a type of audience who is going to be more interested in free estimate for roof repairs or plumbing. You need to understand what people are looking for and what matters the most to them and then structure offers and everything else based on that. Now let's look at a real life example of how we could do this in a real average campaign. Let's say that we are going to have a website that sells umbrellas across the country lots of different types of umbrellas. So let's take a look at some of the most important demographics and psycho graphics data and just figure out who our target audience is. So first of all gender. Well men and women both need umbrellas. It's pretty obvious. So we're going to target both male and female What age range. Well probably not a lot of nine year olds are out purchasing umbrellas online and probably not that many teenagers either. So let's say 20 year old is our minimum. That's the bottom of our age bracket 20 year olds. And then for the purpose of this let's say that not many people over the age of 65 are purchasing umbrellas online. So it's good for 20 to 65. Now remember we are not picking out or deciding who in the world ever in any instance might purchase your product. We're identifying your target audience people most likely to purchase your product. Those are the people you can most cost effectively reach with your ads. So let's look at location. We say we can ship across the U.S.. So let's go after the United States. Anybody living there. Now let's look at spending style. Really as we think about it and we think about the products that we sell it could be a couple of different spending styles that people have coming to the Web site. We sell a lot of inexpensive umbrellas. So we'd be a very attractive option for someone looking like a value or a cost conscious shopper looking for the best price possible. Get umbrellas they don't get wet tomorrow or however long it takes for them to get the product. Or you might have someone looking for a niche umbrella. So for example let's say we sell those umbrellas that you see in pictures of Hawaii that has really nice beach umbrellas and you've got multimillionaires looking for those beach umbrellas for their poolside table. So we just identified two different segments two types of people that we want to target separately because they'll be searching for different keywords and we want to give them a different experience. We've got value and luxury shoppers. Next let's talk about attitude. Now those cost conscious shoppers probably just want a really fast experience. They want to get the cheapest umbrella possible and get it right now and move on. There'll be an in and out type of experience whereas the luxury shoppers Well they might want to know a little bit about the story behind the product. Maybe they want to know about the quality of the materials in the umbrella or maybe they want to know about what type of exotic wood you're using in the umbrella pole. So we've got two types of browsing experiences right there in and out and linger. Then retargeting consumers or businesses. Well we just remembered hey we have our own manufacturing plant. We would love to sell these umbrellas to businesses so we're going to target both. And that would actually change again the way we target because people who are looking for bulk purchases of umbrellas bulk quantities of umbrellas are going to search for things differently than someone looking for the cheapest umbrella out there. So let's take what we just figured out about our target audience and translate that into campaigns that we could run in Edwards. We didn't fight a couple of different types of audience segments but let's just look at two of them right now. So value shoppers shoppers looking for the best price out there. Well the kind of keywords that we could target for them would be things related to cheap umbrellas or inexpensive umbrellas affordable umbrellas things that obviously communicate that they're looking for the best price possible. And in the ad copy we want to emphasize price we have the best price that we have cheap umbrellas on the landing page will offer a variety of colors. I emphasize low cost maybe offer free shipping really go after that that cost conscious person looking for an umbrella. On your Web site then let's look at campaign number two for businesses. Well some businesses might also be looking for the cheap umbrella and it might be worthwhile testing some ads in de-value shoppers campaign about wholesale umbrella's just to see if you get an attraction from that. But most businesses would search for something like umbrella's wholesale or pulque umbrella's and you want to focus on those specific keywords and the ad copy you can do the same thing you want to emphasize that you sell wholesale umbrella's or bulk umbrella's you want your ad copy to match their search intent. And then on the landing page once again you want to craft experience that is specific to the type of customer that you're sending to that page. In this instance you can show discounts for quite large quantities. You could specify that you accept purchase orders and tax ideas and really those are just a couple examples of how you can segment your audience what you want to do with that data is up to you. But this concept applies to basically every vertical out there whether you're a plumber a roofer you're an Fondation repair or you're an e-commerce site. You need to understand that your customers are what they want and how many different segments of customers you have. So you can craft the best adverts campaigns accordingly and hopefully make as much money as possible.