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Quality score is key to success in adwords marketing and we will see how it impacts your ranking in google's second price auction methodology.

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English [Auto] Hagar's and discourse we are going to go all quality school quality school is very important. It will influence influence your campaign's performance it will influence your campaigns cost and it will influence your campaigns are wide. So that is why it's very important to pay attention to quality schools. Now to begin with you can not determine how or rather what kind of quality school you will get. So you're going to start your video campaign you can add keywords and then in some time Google will evaluate multiple factors and assign a quality score and then you can see that in your dashboard. So go to your keywords and here you will see that it will show quality scores. Now quality score to begin with is not was not displayed by default for me. So if you don't find quality school call them don't we simply click on disburden it will give you option to modify columns and once you go there you'll have all these options and you can modify the display. So after adding them you can also drag and you know change the positions as per your requirements so now we have a quality score here. OK. So now if you see Google has assigned all these schools to these keywords one for three and you can understand the higher the score out of 10. It's good. So if the score is higher then for same keyword I will be able to gain ranking at a lower rate. And if your quality school is slow you will have to pay a higher amount to rank for that particular keyword. So always try to focus on two factors and those factors are settling or rather let's look at this study in this document and then I will as we will talk. All right. So you will have a better idea what we are talking about. So let's say there are these four breeders and they are breeding for the keyword. And this is let's say it's digital marketing now not digital marketing is the key word for these four guys have outbreeding Ten nine eight seven. Now Google follow auction methodology which is scored second price auction. So basically you don't have to be the. You don't have to pay the exact building amount. You just have to be the highest or higher ranking. So basically in second place the options system everybody will pay the second highest bid amount. So if you are willing then this guy is getting nine then you have to pay nine or nine point for something like an amount which is enough to beat this guy and same will be applicable for this guy so this guy is not going to be in nine. This guy will be eight or eight point one or something like that. Now this doesn't end the story. This is the matter in which Google applies for deciding the breeding amount to begin with but after getting this value they will assign quality school to the keyword. So we were looking at these quality school here. Now if your bid amount is low but the quality of school is high then you will and will be ranked higher than the guy with higher value. So that is why I am next in this case the quality or school of Scollard. Q S is 10 and this guy here. Is for in this case these guys being only seven rather building only seven this guy will outrank this highest bidder because of this quality score. So that is why it's very important to pay important or you know pay attention to this school. And for this what Google does is that when you create an ad it will index your landing page. So on that landing page Google will perform certain evaluation. They will see if your website is optimized for more viral phones or not. Now let's say your website is not optimized but I am searching for this keyword on a mobile phone so Google knows that this interaction is not going to be good. This user experience is not going to be good. So in that case Google will assign me a lower rank and if my website is optimized Well it is in fact better than other competing websites for that keyword. Then I will get a higher quality score. So you have to keep these kind of factors in mind. You have to work on your landing. Beej So there are two concepts landing page and before you come on the landing page is expected around rather end disappeared. Click through. So Google is basically trying to gorge estimate how the click through click through rates. So in that case if say Google expect build on these schools that chances are someone will click on your ad or hire. Chances are that they will click on your ad instead of someone else. Then you will get a higher quality score of thinking and things like that too. It's about expected click through rate. You need to work on the expected to read and to improve will to that. You need to work on your Airds text landing page and the overall experience. For example let's say your landing page you have chosen the keyword and digital marketing but this digital marketing is not mentioned on your landing page. You are using something like say search marketing see you said mom Diom anything but not digital marketing now and that is that this difference in landing. And the key word or the end. So that is why you should not have these kind of discrepancies. You should create a good landing landing page first. So and then create a good ad campaign so your entire process should be step one create a landing page. Now to create this landing page keep the focus on the targeted keywords. If you know that you are going to run campaigns for digital marketing because these are cheaper or better. The words are you know they are having more value for you. You need to create a landing page targeting that keyword. It should be optimized as a concept of say keywords. These are basically more of frequency say semantics keywords so for example if you use X as a digital marketing in your landing page then that means there's a concept of keyword density that means that the keyword density for that particular keyword is high. And a lot of people used to do that the abused keyword density and then it was a few years back when Google has not rolled out some of the algorithm update and penalized to the Web site. So now you need to have an optimum keyword density. It could be anything no. 1 2 5 percent and you shouldn't have a very high IQ or density. I think 2 to 3 percent is very good now. But how do you improve the content of the rather quality of the can. And by using these LSI keywords so what you will do you will have to do 3 percent of digital marketing keywords and then you will have additional keywords which are relevant to this industry. You can use something like let's say advertising or I see you social media marketing things like that. So these are helping your content in creating a context. So because look at any conversation look at an article look at any blog post when we are talking about a topic any topic we are not just using one term we are using multiple items multiple related items. If you are talking about cardiovascular diseases we are going to talk about. We will use terms like myocardial infarction which is used in case of cardio cardiac issues and we will talk about it we will use terms like pulmonary diseases again which relates to lung. So these kind of terms if you're talking about newspaper then we will use terms like media houses news publications and you know balloon keywords. These are usually LSA keywords you should always target them. And the best way to find them is come to this tool. And now you have to use keywords tool to find them. I am using this now. Let's run a digital marketing now it will give me all these options. So if you see all these options now are social media marketing online marketing. All these are the psych words which are connected to this field this domain this industry and they will be helpful in creating the context. So I should first use all of this information to create a good landing page. It is my word to use and then I will create my campaigns and ads and always use the keywords in your ads so if you are creating. And you should use if you are using digital marketing then you should use digital marketing in your act. So that's how if your landing page your ads are aligned in terms of keywords if your landing page and the quality is good right on the page load speed and our full website is very slow then you need to change your vote you need to work on those kind of things because you have to remember at the end of the day Google is a business. It's a company. Now if they are driving traffic to the slow and bad quality website it's bad for their business. We are not going to use them anymore. So that is why it's very important for Google to maintain the quality of their traffic and that is why they are only the first to drive traffic to the websites which are better in terms of content quality performance and or on user experience. And then they look at the money part. So here that is why. I mean you can still manage the money party if you can focus the quality and or quality school of your keywords. Sometimes it's as a matter of fact you won't get good ranking by that word. You will still like to target that you can manage that but he has largely tried to have keywords where you can you know score well those keywords will appear higher. So it's like if you look at this keyword for me and this keyword will be cheaper and it will be easier for me to rank for this one if I'm going to target it. So always keep quality school landing page in the overall performance of your website in mind. And if you're not in your campaign if you want to you know planning to write or rather create a landing page or clear a paused you can come here and use keyword planner to find keywords and Elisei keywords so let's go to this page and into the free we can use this keyword planner to to find all these relevant keywords and you know which are which can help us in creating the context. So if you have any question on the site keyword or they know quality score let me know I'll try it on Sunday. Thank you.