How to use the "OR" logical operator

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You'll learn about how the "OR" logical operator works, and how to use it properly.

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English [Auto] Welcome to the late term the OR operator or operator is a binary operator takes to Prince Edward Richard results containing one of the two prints or both of them. For example if you wanted results containing dog or cat who would turn results containing dog results containing cat and results containing dog and cat. If you want to implement the OR operator error right or in capital letters you can use a vertical bar. It's going to do exactly the same thing. Remember because Google ignores parenthesis the R operator will apply to its clauses neighboring friends. So for example if you have two words between parenthesis are words is going to apply R to the last two words. You can use multiple operators in a row and it's going to work as usual it will apply to the right hand side and left hand side operands. Thanks for having watched this lecture on the operator. As you can see it's a bit less restrictive than to an operator and you may use it when you want results containing one of the two options or both of them.