How to define and translate word expressions

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You'll learn how the definition and translation specifiers work, and how to use them properly.

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English [Auto] Welcome to the section on to define and translates PCF hires a defined specifier is a generous specifier. It takes one opera in and it returns a definition according to Google dictionary. A colon is optional and it can be replaced by a blank space. So for example if you want to define say two word love you can try to define color in love or you can try to define blank space. Love remember to define shortcuts only works with English words. You cannot use logical operators when you use a defined shortcut. Either way it's going to break its functionality is when you use a defined shortcut is going to provide you with more information about the word. You also can get additional information about the words such as it's steam old vehicle rule and it's requirements of that time on Google that translates PCF higher is a binary specifier takes to upturns the word words you want to translate into target language. Kalani is optional and can be replaced by a blank space. For example you can write translate blank space. Love blank space. French is going to translate live in French like a defined specifier you cannot apply logical operators to translate into brackets functionalities. Remember that the translator is based on Google space AP eyes which has the same limitations. Thanks for having watched this lecture on the deifying translates specifiers. I hope that you see there are useful shortcuts to get a definition. Urgence lation.