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English [Auto] Welcome to the first lecture now in this lecture we are going to talk about what is Google and words why is it important for your business. Why should you be using google adwords. So the first and foremost reason is because Google is the world's biggest search engine. It's where you go if you want to buy something if you want to know an answer to a bit of trivia. You Google it when people are stuck for an answer they Google is a dictionary term. That's how important it is and it delivers the most relevant results to a search whatever you are searching for it will find the best answer for it. Now these are some really really unbelievable statistics. Number one Google precesses 40000 searches a second. It gives you an indication of the fact that your product could be one of these things that appeals to people when they do one of these searches. Say 40000 searches are done a second 3.5 billion search is carried out on a daily basis and 1.2 trillion searches are carried out on an annual basis. This gives you an indication as to the potential traffic you've got if your ad is showing for a particular search result. So what is Adwan. Basically the way Google monetizes their business is mainly through adwords. So that was the way of advertising on the Google search platform is the most powerful online advertising platform. I mean if you look at the previous search results you can see that basically there is no comparable search engine with the amount of traffic that can be generated. Now 97 percent of Google's overall revenue comes from Google AdWords. Now when you consider a God you keep G-mail they go Google Plus they go so many companies and apps under the Google umbrella. The fact that 97 percent of revenue comes from Google Adwords just gives you an indication of how big a business it is now something which is also really really vital for you to know is that the top three ad spots on any particular search take 40 percent of all clicks. So if your product appears on page two or three or 10 you've got a much smaller chance of ever being seen yet. If you are in the top results you have the most potential to be seen. And one of them is groundbreaking statistics is that Google atwork display campaigns reach 80 percent of the Internet 80 percent of that huge ecosystem is just immense today. You can be seen virtually anywhere on the Internet as a result of having a Google Adwords campaign. Now let's have a look at some practical examples. If you went to buy diet pills on the Google search engine you will get first lady this selection of sponsored display ads. OK so these are people that they can go to show a picture of their product with the price and basically clicking on one of these will take you straight away to the actual product. And we've got prices here. So if you are looking for something cheap you probably go where the second cheapest alternative is here and you're probably going to want to face and you're more likely to get into one of these than to search through text. Ok so if you're looking through all these tax you're probably more likely to go straight to this because you've got visual representation you've got the prices you've got the description and in some cases the item is actually rated. So you know kind of what you're getting and why you should buy in the absence of that you also got these fake Desplat you've got this one that says at all if it says as it means that they are paying Google to display their ads in front of you when you search for a particular query and it doesn't have ads on there it's organic search. OK. So these other pages that will come up by the Web sites that haven't paid Google to advertise and there are many factors that go into why these appear at the top of the search engine without needing an ad. I love them and utilize keywords. A lot of them utilize credibility's gone all sorts of things that Google favors in order to rank higher on particular searches. But basically Long story short if you pay Google to show your product in front of somebody when they search for a particular query you've got a greater chance of your advert being clicked on and subsequently bought. Now there are other ways in which Google ads display in front of you. So I've just gone to matchable for instance and this is a Google ad forget that. So it's the first thing that you see when you go to Mashable which is one of the biggest Web sites on the planet. And then they've also got another ad showing here just above the actual news items. Now why are Web sites like this showing ads. The reason why is because they get a commission a percentage of every sale made it's within their interests to monetize as by displaying them especially on a very popular Web site. So they are making money out of it from the actual advertiser. So this gives you a really good explanation as to why Google ads. Because fundamentally it's the largest advertising platform in the world. It's the biggest search engine in the world. And if anybody ever wants anything they get to go. And if your product is there at the right time in the right place you have got an incredible chance of getting sales particularly if you've got a killer app which is what I am going to teach you in this schools. But this is the amazing value of Google AdWords is the visibility that you get and the ability to appear at the right time in front of somebody. The reason why I favor Google over something like Facebook is because people aren't necessarily in the buying mentality when they are on Facebook they're on Facebook see their friends face. Or when you are going on Google you are searching for information you're searching for particular something. And if your particular something is what people click on you've got a great chance of making the sale because people are already in a potential buying mood. So you just have to be in the right place at the right time. That is marketing and that is why Google Adwords appears to be the greatest marketing tool on the planet right now. So this has really helped. And then the next lectures we are going to go through how you get set up on Google and I'm going to be going through Google Adwords for beginners in the first section. So I'll see you in the next lecture.