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English [Auto] Okay welcome to lecture too if you're watching this it's probably because you've either never used Google ads before or you still don't feel very comfortable with the basics. That's totally fine. We're going to walk through all of the basics here in the section. So lecture 2 is all about. What is Google ads. Google ads is the name of Google's advertising platform. You might be familiar with its old name google adwords. The most common type of Google ad appears in the Google search network. I think it's safe to bet that every single person watching this has come across a search out at some point in their life. The vast majority of them are text ads which looks like these. There's also another type of search ad called shopping ads which look like these these are common amongst retailers with lots of different products. When a search that appears on a search results page that's called an impression and advertiser does not pay for an impression. They only pay if their ad is clicked on by the person search and the amount they'll pay for that click is called The actual cost per click or CPC for short. That's why search advertising is often referred to as pay per click advertising a.k.a. PPC advertising PPC is a really important facet of digital advertising. If you run a television ad you have no idea how engaged someone was when that ad aired they might have been watching closely or maybe they weren't even in the room. Either way you paid for that ad with PPC advertising. You only pay when someone engages with your ad by clicking on it. Google ads can show up in other places in addition to Google search. The two other popular spots are within the Google Display network and YouTube. Let me quickly explain both of those the Google Display network aka GBN is a collection of web sites all around the Internet that allow Google to show ads on them. Sometimes these ads appear as text ads similar to search. However usually you'll see them appear as image ads. Here are a couple of examples. Web sites opt into the Gidi and through a program called Addisons allowing Google to run ads on their Web site is a way that these Web sites make money. GDNF ads are also usually paid for on a CPC basis but can sometimes be paid for on an impression basis. This is called cost per thousand impressions aka CPM. Now I'm pretty confident everyone taking this course has heard of YouTube. But you might not have known that it's actually been owned by Google since 2006. YouTube is also a place where you can run ads through the google ads platform. The vast majority of these ads are what are called in stream ads. These are the video ads that show before video you're trying to watch. Most of these stream ads are skippable after the first five seconds. Here's an example instead of paying for these on a CPC basis they're usually paid for on a cost per view basis. Aka CPV of view as designated as someone watch in 30 seconds or more of the ad before skipping or watching the entire ad. If it's less than 30 seconds another type of YouTube ad is called Video discovery ads. These ads appear on YouTube search results pages and are paid for on a CPC basis. Search GBN and YouTube are the three main properties you can target through Google ads. However there are also G-mail ads ads inside of Mobile apps and more. Please check out the attached resources if you'd like to learn about anything we discuss in this lecture in greater detail. Through the process of consulting. Over 600 small businesses it became abundantly clear to me that 90 percent of them search ads were really the most important Google Ads tool that they should be using. Sadly the majority of them really struggled when it came to building successful search campaigns. That's why in the next lecture we're going to focus on walking through the fundamentals of how search ads work. I'll see you there.