How to Pass the Google Adwords Exam in 1 Day! (Timetable)

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English [Auto] So in this video I'm going to show you how to become Google Ads certified in just one day. I'm going to really break down the timetable and these steps for you to become Google Ads certified. So the first thing to understand is that you only need to pass one exam to become Google Ads certified and not so long ago you needed to pass two exams. It's actually become a lot easier in recent times to become Google as certified. You do have a choice of different Google Ads certifications to get does the Google ads display a certification. Google Ads search certification videos certification shopping and certification measurement certification etc. But in this course what we're going to focus on is the Google search certification. It is the probably easiest one to get because it is the simplest but also it's probably the one that's going to be in the biggest demand because search ads are really the most popular format of ads on four Google ads. So if you don't know what a search ad it is it's really when you type something into Google and a pop the search results are not the top of these search results you see you have these text ads which are known as Search Ads. Sometimes they can also appeared in the sidebar here. So that's really what we're focusing on in this cause and for this certification. Say you fully understand how these work and all the different components of them. So there's only one exam to become certified and as I said and we're going to be focusing on the search exam. So the high level exam strategy is really for you to watch the fundamentals training. So that's the first step in our process and then use the practice questions to game ify the learning process and really pinpoint what you don't know. I'll explain that a little bit more detail on that as we go through these steps. So this can definitely be done in one day. And the first step for you to do is watch the fundamentals training. This is a training that I have put together myself. It's about 48 minutes long. So underneath an hour you can pull although it's a long video you can pause this and return to it anytime that you want. The great thing about this is that I have included slides here of everything that we're going to be going through so you can take these away download them and review them if you want. So this fundamentals training is really for people who have no background in Google ads or even if you do you want a refresher. And this is really lay the foundation before you even start to practice the practice questions you're going to need to have some background and understanding of Google ads. What's all about and this fundamentals training is going to get you up to speed extremely quickly and once you have watched that fundamentals training it's going to take about an hour. The next step is to answer the one hundred practice questions that I've included in the course and they look like this. They're going to be quite similar even in the the way that they work. So you can see that there's a question what are the core principles you just select the answer and then you can move on to the next question. So some of these questions you won't probably know the answers right away but there'll be some explanations there to help you figure those out. And I think the fastest way to really prepare for this exam is not just by watching videos but also to to really game ify that learning process and that the best way to do that is just by answering questions that's really going to engage your mind. I've just noticed a spelling mistake there. So that should say fundamentals please excuse that. Now after that we're going to watch the detailed exam overview so just your understand how many questions How much time you have etc. and then the finals while the fourth step is going to be to take take the Google search advertising exam. So I'm going to give you all the details on that. And then the final step is to promote your certifications you can get hired and earn more. And I'm going to show you how to add these certifications to your LinkedIn profile and so it appears here. And also he can link off to this certificate irrigation from say freelancing platforms so you can really show tangible evidence of your skill so in summary it's gonna take six hours to become certified if you follow all the steps you can do this at your own pace if you want and take a week or whatever you want. But I just did want to show that you can get it in one day and you know it's only going to take six hours. So is one hundred practice questions in total there's 50 questions on the actual exam so you're reading on to be well prepared. And so that wraps up really an overview of how to become certified in one day we're obviously going to be going through all in all the steps and a lot more detail but I did want to give you the overview before we get started.