Installing Git (macOS)

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  • Integrate Git in their daily projects.
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  • Execute basic commands in the command line (Terminal for Mac Users, and Git Bash for Windows Users).
English [Auto] Before we can start using get we're going to need to install it. So let's go ahead and open up our favorite browser and navigate to the following link. Hyphen SVM dot com forward slash downloads click on Mac OS X if your download doesn't start automatically. Click on the hyperlink. Click here to download manually. And we wait once this disk image file is ready to be installed. Go ahead and click on it. Attempt to open the package but you may not be able to. What's this. You may be familiar with this message but it's basically trying to protect you from installing malicious software. Click OK right click on this package open with installer open it anyway since we know it's just to get something in the background may have popped up that you didn't notice. Click on it. The set up is pretty easy. What I'm going to walk you through it. But continue if you prefer to change the installation location. Click on change and saw location. I'm going to install it and the recommended place into your credentials and then install the software the installation was successful. That's great. Click close. If you're prompted to move this to the trash go ahead and do so. You can also close out of this window unless you want to read the read me directx file. Now that we've been sold get we're ready to get the ball rolling in the next video. We're going to do some one time set up for it so that it can identify who you are.