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English [Auto] So the next one is about a fish and self-management it's about getting to know yourself on a deeper level. I mean obviously we all know ourselves the very best because we spend 24/7 with ourselves we are on this commitment and so yeah you know yourself you know who you are hopefully. However what I'm talking about has to really becoming self which you really understand what I exchanged what I weaknesses what I think to like today. Sometimes we are pretty good at stuff but you just don't enjoy doing a very I mean very good stuff. We also like to do so in the areas where we might procrastinate with the areas that you might just don't have any motivation to accomplish that might be the area where you also might not be that good at. So it's really about figuring out what kind of task the enjoy doing what kind of task or easy for you to do so that you can maybe do them first thing in the morning to accomplish quick wins are made to do them later on in between. Then you get a bit more tired and your imagination your focus is maybe harder to keep up with. So it's really about structuring the day in a way that is best for you. So for example you could also try to buddy up with someone who has the opposite strengths as you do. So there is a task you just don't like to do it so why would you force yourself into this task and rather just sort it out. So maybe you could if you for example hate doing bookkeeping or whatever and you have someone in your team who loves doing that but this post might not like to call the Clyde or whatever so you can just like Buddy up and just accomplish yourselves with each other like with the strength of each other. So it's more about like stop improving your weaknesses too much and trying to become perfect in what you can do or don't like to do. I just like doing art. Yeah I just don't feel like doing but rather be blind to your own strengths and find ways to maybe out of the other bits. You can't outsource them. I mean obviously then you have to roll with them and you don't wait for motivation just keep going and just do them anyways. But in the long run it's really fair to play into your strengths and do you really well. Where am I good at. And also what kind of. How does my behavior change when I might be under pressure. So even like normal things can be fixed up or over us when you get on a pressure. When you're like just stressed out and you freak out. So it might be that you have these kind of moments either do your strings and your originally strengths might turn into weaknesses so for example if you are a cautious person in general which is a good thing so you might consider it before you take any and stuff like that. So it's a good thing in general. However if you are becoming cautious when you're stressed then it might be like kind of a do you rate. So I can really do random progress in like taking actually because you're too getting too scared to really go for what and first rate. So it's really for you to understand when I'm a pro press in writing what kind of task am I'm procrastinating What do I like doing which kind of task which task I just don't like today. So really understand that and also what time of the day is the best for you to maybe do the more complicated stuff of the day would you maybe be better at just like working the stuff that is easy to be done. So you can structure very efficiently and also maybe even your days of the week maybe or on Mondays and the Menomonee take just take a bit longer to get into the habit of just accomplishing things. So maybe you want to start then with your events are do the thinking it's like later on in the afternoon if you are more like a late night person. So yeah get to know yourself on a really deeper level and you can also Johna and Brad Dhanam how you felt and what happened and what kind of triggers make you feel like the way you did. Yes. Good luck with that and I think like being self-aware is an awesome awesome awesome awesome way to improve yourself not only for like becoming more efficient and more productive but also to be just like more successful in your everyday life not in the interaction with others. If you know how you roll then you are. Yeah just easy for you to understand your point of view as a child and accept other people's point of view.