Creating Azure Cosmos DB with Table API

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This example is a walk through for creating a Cosmos DB account and using Azure Table API and Git repository to create and update entities to the Cosmos DB account using Azure portal.

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English [Auto] Hello and but as your post must be or is says are getting started tutorial for as your customers D-B the API. So I will be creating a costless TV account and I will be adding a table that will be a day or more off your table API. So I'm using that and I also use of get the boss of say so I use that phone and get to pause in the code and be adding more and ease to the data and really see how and the data being added later. As soon as the Connect is your account the code will start. I'm going to create an Anjana cosmos G-B by the king on this the address so as buttons on my hotel and I select it Hobbes's from under your marketplace and scroll down and Lygon course nasty and give this a name Garlett outsmarts me. We and as select as you are in those far as the FBI for example I create new source you're going to give it to me. PRESS MOS or are the Frenette and they create validating these values. And now it started the department. I can see from the notification section as well as from my application on the dashboard. But once this is deployed they go ahead with creating even prizes is being deployed. I'm going to open my gift Bash. It's a command line tool that is free and it can be searched and downloaded. And I have to check the which I've created in my C drive that I will be owning. Get to the. So it's just a block. And I'm great. Go run. Come on. Make haste. And I'm in that directory and I use this command button basically get my girl on the get the again during Well OK. So this error because I have already downloaded this repository and that's all. And so it cannot copy that it's that already exist. But if it in your case you are doing it the first time it will not and it won't show again. Unfortunately it's going to get depositary as some and when you go inside. This is a visual studio solution and this opens up and midway through 2017. So you can download a community a nation of 22:17 and make sure to download as as John meant it letting you install have any. So you can double can solution and it opens up a virtual studio solution which is great. That's what and then think on the program find it chose to go that. Basically it's adding entities to the so I'm sure you the text generated going to insert from foot in certain days and it leaves and. Speak and then it also places a particular field in the day with a different number say in place the phone number with new value and then it also deletes the devil. So for our kids I'm going to come in this house so that we can see the entities that are actually in the event. And I also it I didn't come in and surround it and show it to you. It's going to come in it's for now. David and I go back and see Vance. OK. So this is deployed. And my last call is running the current day exploded from the left menu by going to load up the tables from my account. And currently I have none. Because it's new day. And I give it an Sam for him. And I use the seats or reach capacity and I just use the 500. And I think OK. So the devil is added. No I'm going to act standards that clicking on the last arrow and it and to do is to add and you gave the sticker. So when you add NTD and I add a value of c or smoked maybe and that's the bribe the Chinkie and the Rocchi is is over something. And then I add. And did you get the bottom. And I have my entity in here. Now I'm going to go a connection training action down here and copy this primary connection say on a comeback here. Under my config file I have this cost must be storage connections bring some is this value to run that and just copy in between these are additional locks. I placed a new value and I saved and I need standard storage connections as it is close it's and now we have also commended our identity the code. So I'm going to build. Right click on this and I'm going to build my application and a chosen bottom that it's being built and when it's done you get a message it's succeeded and now I'm trying to get control F5 retraining of this console application and gives study day thoughts as you see it creating the table and not running the entity running in into the angry because this video until this finishes to unwind read it and go back to our application in the portal to check as you see this has run through and it has inserted the greedy against secondary index for the three on the hundred inserts and it has replaced for the value for the number ranking for all 100 entities. Now I'm going to go back my application and it's like that on Google and could go on indexed slower and see I have this second entity called deeper which create created under my name. And now it's knowling up to date some that are among two hundred eighty loading of data on one of these rows showing up to the values in the table. And if you run the same thing again. Right. The leading by commending of this league table region is going to the end. And they'll have an empty this won't be at the table. The papers would there. It would pick on and hour later underdose. So I'm going to leave the set at and you can play around with this and the code more as you launch but suspending much and a sample to show how you can attach and create basically KOS-MOS to the table and work with anybody with all kinds of stuff. And even right here in the open. Just go back one more time to the detax glorified and then it opens up any entity you can do all kinds of stuff it like a grand builder. He directs the league than 30 some years and so on and so forth. So I hope he got a good overview of what it be and it was a quick example of how to create and use what they believe and also had some input into how to use it and get cash. So please write back to me and I'll be putting the good positive thing you are in in the comments section below. So thank you very much and I will connect with you.