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Once you've completed the video download the action steps PDF. Your goal will be to register as a freelancer on UpWork and start getting familiar with the platform. 

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English [Auto] Say my name is John Shane I just want you to welcome me to this course inside this course what we're going to be talking about is how to go out there and utilize a platform called upward. If you're not familiar with Abwehr basically it's a platform that anybody can go and sign up on 100 percent for free and you can start using your own skills as a freelancer to start getting work again. A lot of the work that you're going to be able to find you could pretty much do just about anything you want on up. What are going to be focusing on in this course is how you can go out there and utilize your skills as a search engine optimization expert start winning jobs and basically earning your first thousand dollars. I've actually now in well over $10000 on up work and I wanted to teach you everything that I've learned about the platform and how you can go out there and earn your first thousand dollars by just following the advice I'm going to be sharing with you inside this course. So we're going to be talking about this video. Basically what the public platform is how to navigate it. And we're going to be able to walk through everything that you need to know to get started with the platform in video too. I'm going to walk you through everything that you need to know about optimizing your profile and how to do things like such as taking up more tests optimizing your profile with case studies testimonials different things about the work that you've done in the past. And then in video 3 I'm going to show you an awesome unique proposal method that I actually utilize when I send out all my proposals. I utilize a very unique method for doing this so I can stand out from everyone else. And that works really really well and it gets a lot of attention and allows me to land a lot more jobs on upward. So I'm going to be walking through that entire process and how I do that. And then a video of four I'm going to walk you through more or less of everything that we've learned just kind of recap everything so you can go out there and start taking action. Before we dive into today's video I just really wanted to kind of emphasize on something and share a little bit of a story. So I actually originally paid. I believe it was about $300 for a course on how to go out there and more or less do all this stuff. I'm going to be teaching you inside the same recourse. I then went out there and actually created my profile. I started doing some stuff on on a couple of freelance sites at the time I was using freelancers dot com. And at the time of work was actually known as oDesk and I was using these platforms to try to start getting some work. And what ended up happening was I wasn't getting any work and I gave up. I simply gave up and I asked for a refund on the course and I said you know this isn't really working. I'm just going to give up on it. But you know what I end up doing later on was I actually decided to hire someone. I paid them. Not even joking I paid them $2500 for one on one coaching and more or less the coaching was the exact same thing that was in that same course. It was how to go out there and work and utilize all the same things so I said to myself you know what. I've spent $2500. I need to make this thing work. So I went out there and I started sending out lots of job proposals. And I just continued with it. I stayed consistent. I decided that I was going to send five proposals a day and I did this until I finally started getting some results. It may have taken two or three weeks to really start getting things moving. But I took a Google spreadsheet and I said to myself for every single day I'm going to go out there and start sending proposals. And I'm just going to go out there and get the work done. So this is exactly what I did and eventually I actually ended up winning a client for twenty five hundred dollars a month off of them as CEO services and I closed them for twenty five hundred dollars a month. So I literally made all my money back and then some. So I just wanted to kind of point this out to you even though I'm going to be sharing this information with you for free inside this course. I want you to go out there and take action. There's a lot of things that you know are going on in today's world in your online marketing space. But the point being is that if you pick one thing and you decide to focus on that one thing and you just spend a little bit of time on each and every day you know in this case let's say you really want to pursue up where you can go out there and just spend at least five minutes a day five to ten minutes a day going out there and sending a few proposals and eventually something is going to happen where you're going to get someone to actually say yes and you're going to be able to complete that work for them and as you build your profile and get more feedback more positive reviews on your profile. People who are going to certain biting you to jobs and you're not even in a need to go out there and send proposals because you're going to get so many job invites that you're going to have enough work that you will be consumed with new work. And that's exactly what's happened to me. I get new job invites all the time now because I actually went out there and put a little bit of time and effort into of work each and every day. So without further ado let's dive into today's video. We're going to really just dig right into actually getting started with the opera platform and everything you need to know about it. Again thank you for taking the time to be here. OK so here we are on the Ford home page. And basically what I've done is I've logged the platform so I can just show you the home page and we're going to log in and I'm going to really just kind of give you a rundown of what to expect from this platform and this particular video. Tomorrow we're going to get into the real nuts and bolts of optimizing the profile and everything that we can be doing there. So here if you head over to work originally this platform was called oDesk and there was also another platform called Elance and they actually have begun you know really a full on merger and up work is in my opinion the go to place as of right now to go and either hire freelancers or become a freelancer. So in this case we're actually going to be becoming a freelancer and I'm going to walk you through some of the basics of you know what you can expect once you've signed up. If you go through the home page here you can see that you know there's really pretty much any type of freelancer who you can hire web developers virtual assistants customer service design sales and marketing writing accounting consulting. And then again you've also got a couple of different service options so depending on what you're doing you know you could be you know signing up as either someone that's going to be hiring people or someone that is also going to be you know freelancing and as a freelancer you can also upgrade your account. The basic one is about 10 bucks a month and that's going to give the ability to apply for a lot more jobs and things like that. So we'll be going over a few of those different things here you can kind of compare some of the different stuff that they have on the home page so I would just take a few minutes browse around the up work e-commerce site learn a little bit about what it's all about and how how this is something that's going to benefit you as a freelancer. You can see they've got all kinds of different testimonials things like that you can browse some of the different skills you can see SEO experts and one of the things I love about this and that has always been one of the reasons I love work is that there's a lot of people on the internet searching for you know specialty people in these types of industries. You know if I'm someone that's looking for someone to do graphics or develop an Iowa application there's a pretty good chance that up work is running a paid advertising to capture these kinds of markets. And that's why there's so many people coming to work to find you know people that can do as know people that can do social media people they can design web sites all of these different things it's becoming very widely known. So in the sense of you coming on here to become a freelancer you don't have to spend all that advertising money to be able to get you know get your potential prospects in front of in front of you and your skills. So it's going to be one of the biggest advantages to work in my opinion over going. You know pretty much versus any other type of marketing you know doing direct mail cold calling using some of these other services like a thumbtack for example where are you going to spend like 10 dollars just to you know apply for a position. Things like that. That's really where work has a lot of the upside versus many other ways you can go out there and start getting SEO clients. So why don't we get logged in. I'll show you some of the basics and we'll go from there. Do log in and typically once you're logged in as well if you decided to ever hire people you can have multiple accounts. You can see here I am logged in as my back and I'll just kind of give you a gist of really what to expect at the very top here. You've got the fine work area which is the default. Once you log in this is basically kind of like the hub of where you're going to be able to look for work and then you can see current jobs working on any reports like where you might have bills money that you've made. Anything like that how many people are viewing your profile and then you get your messages you can browse messages and see you know go back and forth it's got a very good interface for chatting with potential prospects things like that save jobs if you favorite a job. You know I could mark like a little heart here. Favorite the job and save it. And then any proposals that you've made you can see those here all within a nice dashboard your profile your stats and different tests that you've taken. So I figure we'll start out in this video by just walking you through some of the basic categories. And again before we dive into some of the categories here I'll show you if I had this edit button. There's actually a whole range of categories that you can pick from. See I want to pick the best categories that fit your skill level and in the end of this video one of the action steps that are going to have you take is once you set up your profile you're going to want to pick some of these categories and I'm going to leave a list of the categories that I've actually I'm using myself that most relate to what I do. So generally I'm mostly in the sales and marketing here you can see I'm doing like display advertising email marketing Legion marketing strategy public relations SCMP and NASA Social Media Marketing s.m.m and other. So I'm not interested in telemarketing marketing customer research that might actually not be a bad one but I do happen to have a lot of idea and networking so I decided to include that as well that's another area I have quite a bit of experience. So I hit cancel and then next you know really a lot of what you're going to be able to do is setting up your profile and going in making sure that you're going to be getting this to 100 percent. We're going to talk a lot about that in the video tomorrow. And just really up to my optimizing all of this and making sure everything is fully set up the way you want it to be. But why don't we do find work and I'll just give you a very quick example of what you can expect if you're searching around in enough work for a particular position. So let's start with the SEO Search Engine Optimization category. What we're basically going to find is jobs based on the newest I could sort this by relevance or how much people are spending their rating on the client but I usually just sort buy the newest. Obviously there is some advantage to being one of the first people to bid on a job. You can see that this was posted only an hour ago so here someone need a SEO expert for web site have a newly launched Web site I'm looking for an SCA expert help improve Google search results strictly by the Googles publicly post the webmaster best practices search results. My web sites targeted only for India. So you know they're telling you OK we've got a $200 budget and this is what I'm looking for in my opinion this is pretty low in terms of what you should be looking for in terms of work. Again another thing you do have to keep in mind is that a lot of these jobs will have people from foreign countries applying to them and they're going to bid extremely low rates. People from India and things like that. So you're in somewhat of a competition you know there's going to be a lot of people coming to work that are looking for the cheap route. You know they're looking to hire people that are going they can pay five bucks an hour. But then there's also people that realize that that's not going to get them what they need. It's very common. I just had someone sign up with me that you know has basically hired team in India working on it for months and there's no action. And it just kind of sitting stagnant nothing's happening. So they basically hired me to fix the problem and make make that work actually happen. So are we talking about that a little bit more tomorrow. But generally what you're going to get here is you've got all kinds of different jobs you know. This looks like maybe you go to an NCO consultation long term collaborate collaboration Skype require real teamwork missing communication will stop the contracts like they're looking for someone full on they've spent over $25000. That means they've got some money to spend. Sounds pretty serious. People here looking for blog outreach blog placement niche relevant authority sites for effecting long lasting Osseo. You know this might be a pretty good one someone's clearly they know what they want. Sometimes that can be good and bad but generally you'll want to skim through these you know take some time to get signed up on a work start looking through these jobs and getting an idea how the platform works you can play around with some of these filters. You can sort by hourly rate fixed price whether or not it's entry intermedia or expert level. You can see is a pretty good wide range of a little bit of everything the client history whether or not they've ever hired people or if they've hired a lot of people you can sort by previous clients if their payment method is varify that's obviously good because you want to make sure someone hires you that they can pay you. You can filter by budget. So maybe if I only want people that are willing to spend over $500 on a project I can filter for that. So you get a lot of ideas here and then I could even take off hourly if I wanted. So really it kind of narrows things down and I'm still only in the CEO category. So we've got some people. Yeah this guy's paying $50 a post for outreach and willing to spend up to $1000. That might be an opportunity there. Improve Web site rankings you know willing to spend eight hundred dollars. So it's a really good opportunity here to kind of dig around play with some of the search filters. You can do specific searches to do you know in quotes maybe like local Allessio Sometimes I'll get people specifically looking for that. Here's one I applied to a couple of days ago local Osseo exper wanted like Allessio optimization need an audit local Osseo need citations updated. You can also see if you've applied to something you will get this applied. I believe that's actually pretty new. So it kind of gives you an idea of what to expect. I'm going to go through in this video what I really want you to do at the end of this to take action. Take a look at the PTF that I've included and I want you to get signed up on up work. Play around which just kind of looking through the platform and getting a feel for it. Make sure to sign up as a freelancer you don't want to sign up as necessarily a client. Here I have my voice as a marketing client profile. You want to sign up as a freelancer and start playing around with some of the stuff you can start working on your profile and getting a basic idea of where you are going to want to be filling out there. But we're going to go get more into this in the video tomorrow. Again thanks for watching and I'll see you in the in the next video.