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This video will show you the secret method that huge celebs use to grow. I also show you proof of them using the methods and then give you brief understanding of how you can set it up too. The later sections in this course will teach you how to set up all of the profiles properly to get the maximum amount of growth for your Instagram. 

In the next few sections I will also discuss how to properly get the software, set it up and start running it in minutes.

Im going to show you How To Get Famous On Instagram using the tricks that people with MILLIONS of followers use to grow by thousands of followers a day. Im even going to show you proof of people like this using the tricks  

And you can use the tricks to grow your instagram too 
I watched every video on how to get famous on instagram and instagram tips... No one shares this information because they don't know it or they don't want you to know it. 

Not just tips... tricks that million dollar companies use to build profiles to MILLIONS of followers. I was never going to share this but to be honest... we all deserve a chance to grow followers on instagram. So... who uses this tactic? How about these people

Your problem is... you want to learn how to grow your Instagram followers faster... I'm gonna help you with that. I'm Rob Level and this is my 10 Video Instagram Series to help you learn EVERYTHING to grow your fanbase. 

It's hard to know how to get more followers on instagram if you're just coming up. It seems like the bigger people have all the advantages, they can shout for shout, they have money to buy shout outs and social media help....I'm going to give you their secret today make sure you watch the whole video so you understand HOW they do it and how you can replicate their formula 

Here is how million dollar marketing companies help people learn how to get more followers on instagram. Let me show you something. See this page? 

You'll notice there are a BUNCH of people with millions of follows on it. These million dollar social media marketing  companies are paid by the models to be set up in TONS of fake profiles that posts the best pictures of the person on the profiles.

Then the social media marketing company automates the profiles through the software I'm going to show you at the end of this video, in order to get peoples attention which results in thousands of new followers a day for the profiles.

Now, why does this work to gain thousands of Instagram followers a day? 
Well because they are pushing literally THOUSANDS of people PER DAY to these profiles. Then people click to the other profiles. 

How can you use this for yourself? EASY.
Heres the step by step guide 

1) Create 4 additional profiles aside from the profile you have right now.  you can have up to 5 on your same phone number so you can create 5 yourself.

2) Name all of the pages your name, then add fans to the end, such as JessicasFans1, JessicaFans2

3) On each of those profiles you put your BEST pictures. YOu then TAG yourself in the caption of the picture and then also ON the picture itself. So anyone who comes to the profile can click over to your main profile when they think "Hmmm, who is this?!" 


5) Now is where the secret comes in. You use the software I provide in the link below. 

Million dollar companies this software to do this same exact method. What you are going to do is you are going to use the 3 user version or 5 user version of this software.

All of your profiles you made have all of your best pictures on it, the software is going to like around 3,000-5,000 pictures a day and follow about 2,500 people total. That is almost 7,500 eye balls on those profiles a day.

When 7,500 people hit those profiles, a percentage will wonder who the person in the pictures is since they are great instagram pictures.
They then click the tags and move to your MAIN profile.

Now from here, they decide whether or not to follow you. If those 750 people hit your profile and decide to follow you, you could be gaining 250-750 follows PER DAY if you profile looks enticing enough to follow.

Check out my video in this playlist for Instagram BIo tricks to make people stick.

 If you are a hot girl, you'll grow twice as fast. If you are an attractive male or have a really cool talent, such as music, you will grow VERY fast.


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How I Got Famous On Instagram In Just A Few Months!

Gain 100's of REAL Instagram Followers A DAY using secrets that celebrities and influencers use to gain MILLIONS of fans

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  • By the end of this course you will know how to set up side Instagram profiles to promote your main Instagram profile. This will get 20,000 eye balls on your profile a week.
  • You will learn how to get 5 times the Instagram comments on every post
  • You will learn how to get 3 times the likes on every Instagram post
  • You will learn how to quadruple your Instagram views on every post
English [Auto] A job today we're going to talk about how to get more followers on Instagram using the tricks that people with millions and millions of followers use. OK. Now here's an example of some of people using the tricks of proven and using the tricks in this video. You use the same tricks that they use to go thousands of hours a day. You use for yourselves. You can go on mission step by step process everything. This video I'm telling you is going to blow your mind. Everything will be on YouTube. How do you get famous on Instagram and how to do or Instagram tricks and stuff like this. Here's what's going on here. Either people don't know this trick or they don't want to tell you the truth. OK. I'm sorry for those problems. I want to turn and show you how they do how they hire people. Agencies it will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to set this up. Start to see how you can do it on yourself to grow out of followers. Now these are just tips and tricks or the strategies that million dollar social media marketing companies use to grow your people to millions and millions of followers. The problem is you don't have the money to pay when the social media marketing companies do for your profile to show you how you set out to grow your business and grow your engagement level and this is one of the videos in my series about 10 videos on Instagram. The recent tips you can check out the link below as well as a play list at the end of video and more links out. I want to get you with their secret say that they don't want people knowing. OK I'll stick with a show proof that they are using these tactics to grow their pages and will help you figure out how to get it going. OK. Make sure you watch this entire video because the information does not and it just keeps going and you need to know every bit of this information to do it right as well as make sure that you don't miss something that is essential inside of this for you that you're basically replicating one that I want to show. They're already using two programs for a start off like this. Let me show you this page. OK. This is a page on Instagram. Now if you notice you may not know any of these people on this page a lot of people do know these people these days. All of these people had started this Instagram page just one page. All these people a million followers these people millions and millions of followers pay Social Media Marketing companies thousands of dollars to send these fake profiles these fake profiles only post pictures of these people millions of followers that the social media marketing agency makes these profiles to market on the content on people's pages like people's pictures follow people so that people go to this profile and see the people with millions of followers. Therefore increasing the brand awareness to their page therefore increasing their followers is when people see like this. Oh she's pretty clear that they go to the page that you follow. But this has happened thousands and thousands of times. They with me I'm going to show you more for you. First let's go round works. I'll show you this. What was that process that they used to say they I'm going to show later today how you can do the same things for yourself without having to pay these people thousands. Now number one sort of e-marketing disease creates a whole bunch of fake profiles. Number two they get the best pictures of all these people who have to follow these fake patients. Number three they then set up the automated software that I'm going to get you in this video the profiles and then set out to comment on people's pictures all day long across the hashtags across Instagram to bring awareness to that page itself. Now I'm wondering who this profile was the larger picture comments that were followed you then click to the profile nationally because you want to know who it is. And you see all these pictures of the girls then click it. They're taking pictures you go Jose. They click to those pages. Now what it is worth again thousands of hours a day because you have so not just one of these people out there writing thousands of pictures and 500 people commenting to 500 people that's 2000 2000 people total that is reaching because he's putting notifications into two dozen people. This is crazy. OK. It's 2000 notifications of potential people time now a profile that they have set up and they have done things to 20 30 40 set up just running through different hashtags all day 2000 per profile. Two dozen times they asked 1000 potential people coming to these people pages a day. That's how they get hundreds thousands of followers. What it seems organically like today might show you the software to sell that of first takeover. The was a process of how you can set up for yourself so you can start confounders know what most people don't know is that one phone one phone call home and you can actually make up to five using the same phone number on Instagram to use all of these profiles. So aside from your normal profile you can create for additional profiles if your name is my name my name is Rob. I make a bunch of pages like Rob Lowe fans of all fans too next on each one of those profiles you can put your best pictures where if your business your picture best price on this page so there any time this software is running and is one of these pages anybody who clicks over to go Who is this I want to say and then are to click in they're going to see that you have action. All of these pictures to your real main profile. You know this as we go in the video show before there's no leak and there's no real. When you add weight to the profile that's going to be running on issues like that at that level you don't want to have to wait because it's going to look like span like is more to this or to even click through to make sure they don't put them in the bar. But there's no problem tagging yourself no pictures of people on your profile. Now here's to see who comes in you're you really use that tactic and then use the software that output a little below where you can go to the Smart wrapper dot com slash half a million dollar marketing companies use this software to do the same exact thing I'm showing you what you're going to do is go to the lake and you're going to see that there's options not just one one individual which you can actually do in three years or five years you're going to start with a three or five. And this means that you're going to me already which is going to bring direct attention to your actual profile and to site fan page profiles that are more of you as well. When you have all this set up the profile of the lagging hundreds thousands of pictures a day commenting following people and asking certain when you organically by hundreds of thousands of hours a day and then you're going to gain momentum will become your main profile yourself. I have another video on how to make a good Instagram make people stick to your profile. That is going to be at the of this video. Real quick basic math let's say you have two additional family of US for yourself so say that only a hundred people clicked through your profile. Even for those people to sign of follow you read a hundred extra hours a day a hundred a day is 3000 a month. I guess this is the lowest level. This is a low level of debating numbers of what's possible never need to produce the magic five full set of 10 profiles. I'd like to because if you're a hot girl you wrote twice as fast if you're an attractive male you're somebody like a musician with a great talent or a business. That's really cool product in a really cool branding on the page. You're going to grow much faster once you gain momentum you're going to grow substantially faster because of what's known as social proof. It shows that people are following this person. Probably the reason for me to evolve is Person of the fall. OK. And once you get them. That's the reason that these profiles of millions of followers grow even faster. Right because the way was this they let somebody off of them. You reach that level eventually but you got to start somewhere. So start now. Start today a marketing or anything about anything in the entertainment industry in general. The only way you are going to grow is if you get eyeballs on your products on your profile on whatever you have. That's why advertising companies spend so much money just trying to make sure you see tied to Turkey or make sure that you see the dominance just sort of sticks in your mind you're not being seen. No one thinks about this right. They use these tactics to drive traffic to these pages because even if people don't follow you you now. What's considered brand awareness. OK. The problem they see now is when your other profiles are running they may come across your profile two or three more times and be like oh this person is growing. Now have all this person you can't live on the phone today. It doesn't matter. You got people to your profile. That's a big deal. I got it literally sent me that you thank me for showing this off with you guys today. My name is Giuseppi. I am personally reaching out to you because I wanted to thank you for the amazing content that you're putting out there because I never would've thought that I'd be able to grow my Instagram the way that I've done in less than a month and he just using the software to follow with my people on his own profile with what I do with this video to use the site profiles. That's just his own profile. Now here's the thing. You may feel like oh I don't want to set it up where I am at the time to set it up. Look you can do it is super easy. You get tutorials on it that shows you every single step of how to do it. You'll be glad you go but if you feel like you have the time to do it. I have. This is the reason I know this. I own and run a social media marketing agency. I get paid to do this stuff right. If you want to and it's not going to be cheap I'm not going to. But if you want me to do it have my team set it up for you. He can set it up for you. Have three profiles in 10 profiles with ever again it's not going to be cheap. Do you email me but I know that you can do it yourself. You should just go set up an. Don't be lazy just make it happen to the star. The more people push you up every day that this is set up what you want is another day that you are going to be grown organically imagine this right now. Are profound. Every single day this is not all day every day this is not running you're losing that you're possibly losing five people. Think about that. He's with me. Thirty five hundred potential. You don't that going to pay. All right as well as right now the software does follow the guidelines and the Terms of Service of Instagram use uses while it exists before they change anything. OK so they're going now before it's too late. Now before I made this video I was like I know that this can be difficult for some people to be able to do. I actually reached out to the software company who said look I was on the sweatily help these people so it's easy for them to get their hands on this. OK. So I them then they than you the same percent coupon. And I was like that's not in the least 20 percent of the people nobody to do anything help themselves for 10 percent. That. So they need a 20 percent coupon that you can use. So when you go kids. Are you in love. That's the name OK a 20 percent off as well as you get seven days free to test it to watch it right. And you're in a row seven days make sure you watch. You actually set it up properly. Don't be lazy. You want to grow. So I don't know what I'm talking about. I know my Instagram friends 20000 followers 130000 followers in less than 12 months. Oh good. Randi I also did a lot of tactics. I know a lot of the rest of the stuff that I show you in other videos actually check out this video. Plus I do things like this. Another one of the names is one of the day is innervated. It's called something to lose his vitality to fatigue something make it tired like three hours of sleep and getting a night is not enough. It's leaving me very near. That's right. People are worried every single day. They have reason to say follow me I'm educating. I'm helping bring value to people's lives and inspired me because my primary reason for everything I do is to inspire people to. Wrap it up flash. If you want to go over and see this offer from top or click the links below it'll bring you right over there and over you to use the coupon code Rollo to get 20 percent or more. I know that part.