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English [Auto] And this video I will explain to you guys what software testing is. Simple and easy words. Let's go over testing first individually. What does it mean to test something. What comes to your mind. Testing is done to simply evaluate observe and figure out how well something performs. Making sure something works or not. We all do testing in our daily lives without even realizing. Let's look at a couple examples. In schools teachers give us exams in order to make sure that we we're really learning something from the class. In other words teachers test our knowledge by giving us exams. If they don't test our knowledge they would not know if we're learning something or not. Another example when we purchase a new car we do not just go to the dealership and purchase it. First we take the car for test drive and then decide whether we like it or not. We make sure we like to drive. We like the feel of it. We test the speed we test the brakes and then come to a decision. So it's all about testing things making sure something works or not. Now let's move on to Soffer. Although software sounds intimidating it's really not guys trust me it's just a general term that describes computer programs. It's a program that enables a computer to perform a specific task. We all use software on a daily basis from the Microsoft Excel that you have downloaded on your computer to the anti-virus that you have. All of these are examples of software as matter of fact the program that you're using to look at this video right now is actually a software. Now let's look at a couple examples. The operating system of your computer is an example of a software. Rather be Windows XP or using an Apple computer. All of these are examples of software that performs and actions Linux. Windows Vista Windows 2000. All of these are software. So yes we all use software on a daily basis. If we use the computer. Another example is the internet browser that we use to browse or surf the Internet whether it be Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome or Safari on an Apple computer. All of these are examples of software as now. Let's look at software testing together. And these we're just combining software and testing together. It's a simple concept in software testing. You're not testing anything else you're testing the software to make sure it works. And that is it. You're testing the software to make sure whether it works or not. You're finding issues in the software or you're just passing the software. You're saying it works or it doesn't work. And that is all you're doing in software testing. I'll show you how to actually test software and the later videos. But for now you've get the concept go back if you don't get it. This is pretty simple guys software testing is making sure our software works or not. I'll see you guys in the next videos. Thank you.