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Discover why French is such a popular and loved language despite its complicated grammar and conjugation ! Here are some of the facts from the video :

  1. French is the largest donor of foreign words in English with about 30% of common vocabulary.
  2. French is spoken as a native language in almost 30 countries on 5 continents.
  3. French is one of the most common native language in the world, with 220 million native speakers worldwide.
  4. French is the second most frequently used language on the internet.
  5. Last but not least, French is ranked the 2nd most influential language in the world.

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English [Auto] In if you are a native English speaker one of the great reason on to learn French Rubin to understand your own language even though English is the German language we need to remember that French has had a tremendous impact on the French is actually the largest word dawn for English. We have incommensurate English and French have in common. About 30 percent of works ok. About 130. That's quite a lot. So try to remember this. Anyway it seemed that knowing English can really be an advantage when it comes to learning French. Now I would like to share with you some interesting and some surprising facts about the French language. First of all French is spoken as a native language. In about 30 countries on the five continents and these present two hundred and twenty million people. Secondly French shares with the English the distinction of being told as foreign language in Mostel educational system around the world. As a matter of fact French is the second most widely taught language with about 500000 teachers and 120 million students. French is very important when it comes to the international sporting life. Being one of the official languages of the International Olympic Committee and therefore the Olympic Games when it comes to international institutions such as the United Nations. French is one of the working languages. It is also one of the working languages for the Red Cross the unicycle the and UNICEF when it comes to business. French is a very influential language. The U.S. were the leading investor in France and there are about 2400 U.S. companies generating 240000 jobs. Examples of U.S. companies involved are IBM Motorola Coca-Cola Hewlett-Packard. Johnson and Johnson with regard to the use of the Internet. French has been ranked as the second most frequently used language and last but not least French has been ranked as the second most influential language in the world. So now you are aware of all those facts you know that learning French is definitely the right choice.