Introduction: What Is Freelance And How Does It Work?

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A short introduction to the course and the wonderful world of freelance.

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English [Auto] Hey everybody likes to Ville here I am your fabulously Bauld instructor here for your first lesson on freelancing. So today we're just going to talk a little bit about what is freelancing How does it work. Some things like that just to kind of give you an overview before we get into this course. And my goal with this course is to I don't want this to be one of those courses where it's just me delivering the same repeat crap value that other people are delivering. I want you to actually get something from this course and to that end I wanted to let you know actually I just wanted to thank you for joining this course. Thank you for joining this course. First of all and for being here that makes you awesome. And just for giving me a chance. And second of all I want you to know that I've taught this material and taught it to thousands of people. Help them go from working full time jobs to quitting their jobs and making real money as a freelancer making full time pay as freelancers and some of those people earning as high as 20000 per month. So I'm not here to tell you that you will make that much. I'm not here to say that this is going to be an easy path. I'm not that guy who's going to B.S. you into any of those things. What I will say is that you're you have a challenging road ahead but if you stick with it you can make money you can make money or first week you can start to get paid. You can start to change your life. So let's talk about what is freelancing freelancing is kind of like working a job. Whatever you do right now if you if you work a full time job just imagine doing whatever it is you do for multiple clients. Usually usually you're going to do less than what you would do at a regular full time job you're going to do less you're going to narrow it down to like one or two skills. And whatever those one or two skills are that's what you're going to help clients with. And you're going to work with more than one person so you may have more than one boss at any given time. I don't like to call them bosses you'll find that out about me as we go. But you're just working with more than one company more than one business more than one entrepreneur. That's what freelances and you do that from your home you can work from anywhere in the world really you can work from your laptop on the beach. I don't do that. I work from a studio that is in my home but other people work from all over the place they work from Starbucks they work from the mountainside they work from Fiji wherever you know you can work wherever you want and that's kind of the cool thing about this because once you get going it allows you to escape corporate prison and to take back control of your income to some extent. Now it's not passive. There is a work effort you have to put in work effort. But I will show you ways that you can make it more and more passive as you grow so that you can start to for your time from your income and start to have more free time for yourself and get back to living life. Because in the end that's kind of all we've got. And that's why we're doing this list that's why I'm doing it. I want to live life so just a little bit about me. I do this I don't want to say full time because I do like part time work but I earn full time pay and I've been doing it for the last several years I do not work a job outside of just freelancing for my clients. So freelancing you are going to be working with multiple people at any given time you're going to have clients coming to you. But usually they only need like one or two things for me. For instance I'm a copywriter so I'm not a I'm not a full blown digital marketer and if I was working for an agency or traditional job I'd be doing all kinds of stuff I might be doing email marketing I might be done sales calls I might be filming videos. But as a copywriter a freelance copywriter I'm only going to be writing copy. That's my main function and that's what is really cool about this you're not a go to person for everything getting paid $10 an hour. You can be someone who is making a lot of money and just doing one thing. So we'll get into that in this course. But I just wanted to give you an introduction welcome you in say thanks for being here. You guys are awesome as far as how freelance works. We'll talk about some different ways to freelance moving forward that's part of this course how you can freelance the best platforms. We'll talk about what to do if you can't get onto the platforms or if that's not an option for you. And we're just going to go over everything you need to know to get up and get earning as quickly as possible so if that's what you're ready for go ahead and continue to the next lesson. And let me know how I can make these courses more valuable for you moving forward in the future. Thanks a lot everyone. See you later.