What is a VPS & why do you need one?

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VPS for Forex Trading - Protect Your Forex Robots

Forex: A step-by-step guide to setting up your VPS & MetaTrader 4 for reliable Algorithmic Trading in Forex

02:13:43 of on-demand video • Updated September 2020

  • My goal is to help you save your account from unnecessary losses you would regret
  • Select the best Virtual Private Server which is Right for YOU and your algorithmic trading systems
  • Setup 1-click access to your VPS
  • Avoid inadvertent duplication of trades on your server
  • Ensure uninterrupted connection between your MetaTrader 4 and the trade server
  • Test the reliability of your VPS by simulating a Disaster on your server!
English [Auto] Hello this is curial from for about dot com. And welcome to the first tutorial in the course on setting up your virtual browser for reliable forex trading. I'm very excited to have you on this course and I truly believe in what I want to teach in this course. I think it can make your trading more reliable and safe and prevent substantial losses. I'm very happy to share this information with you. So we will start this course by discussing what is a virtual private server and if you've never even considered or using a virtual server before then not a not a worry. Have a look at this Tauriel and possibly this will convince you that a virtual private server is the way to go with algorithmic forex trading. So what is a virtual private server. Let's look at the basic scenario where you have a computer and you using your Forex robots to trade through your broker on the forex market. And obviously you're earning some profits from this activity and maybe you've purchased some for X robots or maybe you always had a strategy and you just implemented it or had somebody else implemented for you as a 4 x robot and now you've you started using this expert advisor in Ameritrade for terminal. So what a virtual browser it is. It's it's basically a computer another computer somewhere else in the world that can be in next to you it can be on the other side of the world in different country. But essentially it's in our computer somewhere else which you can hire which you can rent out for a fee. For example it can be $20 a month can be $150 a month depending on your setup you would use this computer to set up your Forex robots and miniature terminals on that virtual private server. And for them to trade from there and the dash line or presents you just basically doing the initial set up and taking in once in a while to see how you folks robots are going to orange lines show that you're for robots. Just continue training on the forex market without you even having to bother about them. And that's the essence of the PPA is to take you out of the equation for you to be completely free and for your computer to be free the same time for the trading to continue and for you to keep turning a profit. So what. Why would you use a virtual processor. What are the advantages. Well there are some obvious advantage of using a virtual private server. First of all it works 24/7. So it's always hard to keep your computer on 24/7 might be noisy. It might overheat. It might. You might be concerned leaving it on when you're going away because you never know if something might malfunction on the computer while it's at home especially now. And nowadays a lot of people have laptops. They are very compact and they're easy to carry around but they're much harder to keep on all the time because if you're taking it with you somewhere then you have to switch it off or at least put it to sleep or if you want to leave it on. And I try this. Believe me if you want to live on for weeks and weeks then it will start overheating because it's everything so small there and the cooling system isn't as great as in big computers. So what else. You know virtual proud sir will free up your personal computer so you'll be able to not only switch it off when you like but you also be able to use the full resources of your personal computer. And when Ameritrade or for terminal has some advisers running in it it can use up substantial resources like approximately 200 300 megabytes per terminal when there's quite a few expert advisors trading in it. So you get you get those resources back and do your you know video editing or just leisure activities and don't have to worry about the Metro for terminals anymore. For forks. PBS is accessible from anywhere. So you can access it from work if you want to you can access it from your laptop you can access it from a friend's home and in this course you you'll see how easy it is to quickly set up access to your GPS and basically you can monitor your Robers wherever you are. Unlike with a home computer you can only do that when you get home and you're sitting in front of the computer. And also a virtual private server has a reliable power supply and connection to the Internet. Basically this means that your virtual server provider will do everything they can to make sure your computer is always has electricity. So it's working and it always has a connection to the Internet. Statistically it's more likely for you to have a power disruption or an Internet connection failure at home than it is on your provider's side. Having said that providers do sometimes have make maintenance which will warn you about that it will cause the restart of your server. But that's something that we address in this course and we learn how to deal with those little prices that you have to pay for having such a convenient tool as a virtual server. And finally a virtual processor is easily scalable to need so if you have a computer at home it might have a limited amount of RAM or physical memory or bandwidth for Sibiu power. But if you hire out a virtual processor for your first training then you can always adjust that. And if you decide to deploy more robots or increase the number of accounts you're trading on then you can always request your virtual private server to be allocated more resources and that can be done even without switching off your virtual private server. It is a very simple process that your provider can do for you. Those are the main reasons for using a virtual private server for your Forex trading and from personal experience since I started using a VPN. I've never looked back and it's definitely been a major game changer for me. Let me know if you have any questions. And I look forward to seeing the next tutorial. Until then happy training.