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English [Auto] All right. So first thing what I'm going to do is I'm going to select the colors which we are going to use in our output. So let's start from here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to create the rectangle. So I select the rectangle tool in here and this place a rectangle. And for this one we are going to apply a color here into the field. So we don't need a stroke. So we go to the stroke in here and just select none from here. All right again we go back to the film. Let's apply a color. Select this one. Double click. And I already to some colors with this artwork. So I have like five colors right now and I'm going to apply the color code in here. You can follow the same or you can choose different color if you want. Okay. All right. So the first color well you will be 3 1 by 9 3 if this will be a nice green color. All right. Okay. So we already choose one color so we can copy this one again and repeat the same process to copy an object in it be deeper just select this one. Press the all key option key in Mac. Just drag while you are pressing the old key. Then it will place a copy. Exactly same as this one. All right. So for this one we are going to apply a different color value so select these will back to the full double click on the field which will open up this color picker. So again for this one I'm going to say 7 1 7 3 3 0. OK. All right. So this is the color I want. We can move this one a bit here. All right. So again I'm going to do the same. All in black is will copy this. This one again select this double click on the field. And this time I'm going to say F to E F C two and. OK. All right. All right. So we copy one more copy to more and select all of them. Let's go to online tool as I was saying guys in the earlier review this one is my custom settings. You can set whatever the way you like whatever the tools you won. So if you don't find the aligned tool in here go to Windows and select this online tool. And best ones that when you see the picture it will apply on your screen. All right. OK. So for now with this one so go to online tool and press on what to call alignment. And then again press on the audience until distribution to the center which will nicely place all of them with the same distance which will look nicer. That's the only reason for doing this. All right. Again select this one or two the colors double click on the feel and this time I'm going to apply if to be be a server. OK. And for this one I'm going to apply it to 9 4 9 4. All right guys. OK. So now our colors for the artworks are ready. You don't have to follow exactly the same way as me. You can choose your own color and also these colors will be of a primary color for our artwork but we will be using some sheets from each and every color to just have a contrast based on our artwork. All right. OK so now the colors are chosen. So this select all of them you can go to site just and create a new site and add these colors there or you can just simply select all of them and make it smaller and bring it here somewhere in the artwork so we can use these colors in a bit. All right. OK. So let's play it here now. Let's start work on our artwork. Let's start with a background layer. First we go to layers in here. As you guys can see we already have one layer in here. So double click on this one. Let's name this one as beachy which is for background. OK. The first thing where I'm going to do is I'm going to apply a background color for this artwork OK so I'm going to select this rectangle tool again and this time I'm just going to click on this ad board which will open up this rectangle dialog box. Basically you can select the width and height here and say oh okay. We already know that within height of power output with this the HD size. So I'm going to apply those within 18 here to 1 9 2 0 and the height will be 1 0 8 8 0. OK. Which will place a rectangle like this but it's out of our artwork. Is a line this rectangle to the artwork itself. Easy just go to online tool in here. Make sure you align mine to a select to add board and then press once in the office until alignment and place ones in the vertical alignment which will bring the rectangle to exact center of the art book synthesizes same. It will cover the entire output. OK. So now we go back to that Alex election tool. You can go to the tools and select from here or you can just press re on your keyboard which will brings up the selection tool. OK. Because we selected this color last time it does apply the same color to this rectangle as well. But for our background we don't need this color. We need to apply this color in here. To do that you can just go to select the Eyedropper tool in here or you can press on a in your keyboard which will brings up the able to. And go to this color and press once which will apply this color to the selection. OK. So the background color is already applied. So now the next step what I'm going to do is I'm going to draw the clouds to draw the clouds. I'm going to go to the tools and this time I'm going to select the ellipse too. OK. Now let's draw some ellipse in here. We can draw on top of the output but since our color scheme it won't be visible so easier where you can change the color of the color of the cloud is going to be different anyway or you can simply press the spacebar and just move the ad bought a bit like this and you can draw outside of yard but then bring back to the output so since our right. So since our rectangle is selected in here just draw one circle like this. Okay all the ship key. To get the perfect circle. If you don't hold the key you will see the circle will be more with you a moment of the mouse so. All right. So for this one. Yes once all the sympathy draw a big circle like this and just bring you in to the center of the smaller circle like this. Okay this looks better. Yeah. Again I'm going to copy one more circle from this circle select circle. Presto. All key and drag this circle to here. And you can make this one little bit bigger than the circle be selected from. But make sure to hold the ship key which will place a perfect rectangle like this. Now one what we need to do is we need to select all of these and make these as one object. You can use two different ways to do that. The first way I'm going to show you guys now is using the ship builder to use the ship builder to say look all of these and go to your tool box select this ship in the tool which is this one. Select this one. And now to combine all these circle all you need to do is start from one side. And just like this until all the objects are selected. Once you select all the objects just release the mouse. Now all of these will become one object. Okay. Part of our cloud is completed but I only want the top portion of this cloud. I don't want the bottom portion so we can easily do that. But what I want to do is I want to divide this into two pieces and use both of them in different places so we can do that very easily. Again go to the tool box and select the line segment. Now draw a line covering your entire are all the city and draw a line like this. Now go back to selection tool or place on we select both of these objects. Again go back to the ship builder tool and select this happy little. This time we are not combining them this time we are going to divide them into two to do that. Just bring the shape in the two on top of these one of these objects as you guys can see when I move. It's the selection is changing and the color is changing. So you just need to do one thing press once in here place one thing here because our line didn't have a feel it applied that to this object as well don't worry. But anyway our object as being divided into two now here one of these in here and one of these in here. Sometimes when you choose simple the door there will be leftover portions. So select these late leftover portion and Didi which is coming from the line. All right. Okay. So now we select these two objects placed on I go back to these color and select the color from here. All right. So now we have two objects like this to make this one also like a cloud just select this quarter the rotation tool you can use the rotation tool to rotate under then 80 degrees or you can press and hold which will brings up more tools in here. Now select that reflect reflect all and double click on the reflect tool and select the orders until reflection and say okay which will reflect the selected object like this. All right. Perfect. So as I was telling you guys earlier we are not only going to use these color these are going to be our primary sort of colors. We will be using some sheets from these colors as well. So to make this one a different color just select both of them. Double click on the field object and let's bring this to closer to white. Somewhere around here maybe this one looks fine as you guys can see the values are 2 5 2 2 5 2. Let's make this on those two by two. If you make it to Phi Phi it will be the perfect white. But we stick to these colors and let's say Okay okay so now let's select most of them. Make them smaller so you guys can see you when I make them smaller the proportion of the proportion of these clouds are changing. So just press on the shift key which will bring back the proportion. Same as now. Okay. So just suppress the shift key and released this one. All right. So let's keep this one here for now. Let's make some more clouds at this time and go back to the Ellipse tool and let's draw one circle like this again I will draw a bigger circle. And again I will draw one more because I collect this. All right. If you want. You can select all of them and align to what they call this will align everything like this. But let's stick to random say something along these lines. All right. OK. Again what I'm going to do is I'm going to select a line two and draw a line like this and we can bring it up. So as you remember earlier when we tried to use the ship build tool because there was no full color in to the line it became color less. So we can await that step by just select this one place on I. Which will bring the Eyedropper Tool and select the field same as this object but you will see nothing happening here because this line don't have a feel. You just have a stroke. That's why you don't see the fill. But as you can see in here data will attach to this light. So when you use the shared builder tool we won't get that error. Now OK just select only these three circles. And now go to the ship builder tool and just track until you select all of these sections. Now you can see it converted this into one object. We can select all of these with the line all back to the ship builder tool just press once on top. Now you can see there's nothing change. It just divided. Select this and bring it here and make it smaller while holding your shift key and keep it in here. Also like all of these and really. All right. Maybe let's have one more cloud last one. I'm going back in here. Will you use the ellipse tool. And when you draw one circle like this this time I'm only going to have two circles like this which is a small crowd this time also we can use the same here builder tool or maybe it stay with a different tool. Again you select both of them go to Pathfinder if you don't see Pathfinder find a new screen or the windows and select Pathfinder from here. All right. Select both of them. And this time on the ship would select this one unite. So you can just click on this one. Now you see both of these objects are united to one optic. All right. And we can do the same shape with the two or if you want to cut out this but we can again use the Pathfinder tool this time I'm going to select a rectangle that's going to place in here placed the rectangle where you want to cut out from this ship. So I want to cut out from here. Now select both of them go back to Pathfinder. Go to the second tool which will minus the front in our case. This is our friend is our back. If it's not in your family again this. Make sure they click or two at age. Bring it the fun. So this front portion will be minus all from the back portion. So we have to select both objects for the Pathfinder Press on the icon. Now you can see the part which we don't need and already deleted. Select this one all the shift key. Make it somewhere similar to the about ISIS. And yes bring it in here. All right. Just make this smaller. So we keep this one here for now. All right. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to draw the sun. Sandy is going to be really easy. Just go in here select the ellipse tool and just draw ellipse like this. Make sure to hold you a simple key. This will have same size everywhere. So this is going to be a perfect circle. Just a list. This one this time I'm going to apply the color from here. Plus the eye on your keyboard or select died opportune from here. And select the color design. Okay now again we just leave this one here for now. Later we can adjust. Or maybe you can bring it in here before I draw the mountains. I wanted to explain it to you guys. One thing we are going to divide our layers in here into three sections. If we go to our final artwork you will see we only have three sections in here. We will have the background layer where we will place all these mountains in the background layer like this and the lake layer which is going to be this layer with all these houses and stuff like that and we will have the fun mountain layer which is going to be this area with this bleach and stuff. All right. So we will divide them into three. Then we will draw and place our object in to each of these layers. All right guys so let's close this one. Let's start finishing this part. All right so let's place these objects here for now. Later we will place them in proper places. So the next step what I'm going to do is I'm going to draw the mountains. So in our next episode let's start drawing other mountains.