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In this video I explain why in relationships its vital for your partner to be aboard 


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English [Auto] Rowboat effect. That's what this video is called. Guys real quick inside of financial problems and marriage and so to get into this. I use this mark here and do my best artwork for you to show you exactly what this means inside of a relationship. When it comes to money and so I have had this analogy for husband that long but just to really communicate to people exactly why they end up going in circles in their finances. As far as being in a partnership a marriage with somebody and not being on board with what's going on. So I'm going to draw this out. Will go into more details but basically familiar with what a rowboat is is going to have its front shaped kind of like this give a little bit around it back it doesn't look as as silly but in it two people robo it's going to require two people and you're going to have your two wars like that and this is the basic structure of this. I didn't find a good picture to illustrate this on lines that you're definitely going to be dealing with my best artwork here. And so the concept here is this needs to be the direction you need to go and this is the front of it. The problem is the big problem is in a robo you're going to be pulling back pulling back. And so this is how it's going to look kind of OK. And so as your feedback here and you're pulling back to pull the oars so that you can push yourself this way forward. The issue is inside of a relationship inside of money structure inside of a marriage in all of this. Kaye is you have the man. Say he's the primary source of income. Well he's over here. And so he's going ways and I go OK I need to make the money sort of pay the bills so I can support my family. So all of this right. So he is just like pushing all all he can push analysts can he think keeps thinking the more I push the further I'll get issue inside of the structure with money and a marriage and all these factors it's not as simple as pushing as hard as you can. That is the problem. So if this one or is pushing as hard as it can and this other or is not doing anything what is happening. I know it's like it's kind of silly but what's happening if one or and it takes two to propel it forward is pushing as hard as it possibly can. He's been doing this for them. He's got to push harder because they're going and dad's. She's hanging on my money. She's over here playing victim because she doesn't understand what's going on with the money. You know you almost structure you're pushing as hard as you can but even even with this structure though other issue because if you're not in the circumstance of primary income older holder because this course is and targeted only restricted to one sort form of income if both parties are doing something different with their income. If both man and woman that are married are doing something different with their income they're not working towards a common goal and the same effect is happening because even if they're both parties are pushing as hard as they can. One's pulling backwards to try to push it forward the other one's going the other way because in their head that makes sense. But there's still more momentum. So if one's doing all the work this is ends up happening that boat just goes I totally drop that one second. So this video's being very low. You guys not covered this. I'm just going to roll with this. You guys know that I'm just some person by Bill of figures that uses. Anybody can do this system. But the problem here is is if you do not have a harmonised purpose that you're both on board with money that brings you forward towards a common goal that has certain criteria for financials as a financial structure and a direction a destination an ideal outcome spelled out structured and that you're both following if you're not both on board with a common goal you're going to be going in circles you're going to be doing all kinds of weird maneuvering but you're not going to be going in the perfect direction of what you want and the only way that this works as far as to go this way is right here the small circle the cliff face now right here has to work and say that again right here has to work because to get here this is the core. This is the functioning motor drive instead of a marriage and it takes two hours to do this and in time you have one or work in way as hard as it possibly can. And the other one is not working away is not necessarily understanding it isn't always the guy girls it isn't always the guy that's driving it necessarily driving you forward it could be the girl driving the whole thing forward. Now I'm more familiar with being the the male part and rowing as hard as I can so I'm more familiar with that but that doesn't mean that's what you're. That doesn't mean that is the situation that you are dealing with. Doesn't mean it's not a female that's out there bringing in and all the money thrown away and the husband's doing something might not be onboard with what's going on there is not this this tie is relationship. So all this gets you thinking as I go more into this course and I start pulling apart and getting into more of the structures of how to get this harmonized so that one. So that a vessel now not just individuals but an actual boat with two people or more onboard. And where you get into more central factors to make this work but I like to draw this out for people because they understand why they'll understand why they're going in circles going in circles because you have a boat requires two oars to work in harmony harmony one can be faster than the other harmony to go forward so I hope you enjoyed this video look for look two words. The next video we'll get in to a lot more doubt and a lot of stuff that will challenge if you're really more new to money structure and putting a budget into effect. It will definitely challenge you if you follow the steps. I believe it will challenge you greatly but this is all essential for about where we want to be. Just keep that in mind. Look for you. Look forward to seeing you in the next video. This is Jeff and I will see the next video.