How To Create A Custom Audience On Facebook

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How To Create A Custom Audience On Facebook

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The first step is to create a custom audience. This is how you can do it.

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A case and this video will show how you can upload your data off your customers to Facebook. The first step in the process is to log into your Facebook account. It should look exactly like this. And the first step is to click on Tools and on audiences can you see that just click here. Then click on Create audience and then cast an audience. Perfect as you can see there are three different options to choose from. There is the customer list option meaning we can upload emails phone numbers Facebook user IDs our mobile advertiser IDs to Facebook. Then there is the option Web site traffic meaning we can create a list of people who visit your website or view specific web pages. This is something we'll focus on later down the road. This option or this feature is also referred to as retargeting or remarketing. And then you can even create a list of people who have taken a specific action in your app or game. In this video we will focus on the customer list option. So just go ahead and click on this tap. And again three options so we can choose from. We can either upload a file so upload a data file that contains e-mails phone numbers Facebook user IDs or mobile advertising or IDs there and then there's the option to copy and paste her custom list and you can import even your customer data from MailChimp. So if you're a service provider your auto responder provider is MailChimp. Just go ahead and use this option but 99 percent of the cases you will just have to upload your customer list manually. OK. So just go ahead and click on upload a fun. So the next step is to basically select the data type as you can see here. So what you want to upload what we have re-emitted customers do you have e-mails do you have data about your users if you're just basically running an app so you can upload your app users. Do you have the phone numbers of your customers or just mobile advertiser IDs. So and 90 percent of the cases you'll most likely upload the e-mails. That's what you probably have from your customers. And by the way if you've got other phone numbers or if you're running an app then just use this option. Bet again 90 percent of the cases you will probably have the e-mails your customers. So what you have to do is to upload a text or see as the file. Now how do you get that fine. When you use e-mails then most likely you will have an account registered with a auto responder provider that's a provider where you can basically send e-mails to your customers. OK. And you have that e-mails on file. So just go to your other responder and just download a file with the e-mails from your customers upload downloaded in a see as VIF. That is something you can select and then just go ahead and upload the file select the file and click on Create audience and great things for creating a custom audience. And now it's it will take up to 30 minutes for the audience to have it ready for use. We'll notify you when your audience is ready you can also check status in audience manager. So it's pretty pretty easy to do if you're done with that if your file gets uploaded. Just click on next and then Facebook is asking you to either create an ad using the audience or just expand your audience. It's completely up to you what you want to do next but how do you create an ad using an audience is something will focus on the next video. The purpose of this video is just to show you how you can actually create a custom audience so just follow these steps and take action now.